Bass Industries also known as Bass Industries Inc or Bass Industries Ltd. is a international real estate and construction company founded by the late Bart Bass.

Background Edit

Bart turned his first real estate profit when he was 22 years old, setting a precedent for a successful future. Bass Industries has properties within the United States (namely New York City), Monaco, Shanghai, Australia, and Beijing. The company is publicly traded on the NYSE and the majority shareholder was, until his death in 2009, Bart, who owned 51% of the company; after which the majority was left to his son, Chuck Bass. Lily van der Woodsen, Bart's widowed wife, holds a 20% stake and the company board holds a 29% stake.

The company is worth of a billion dollars but suffered after Bart's death and again a few years after. Due to the uncertainty of the company, Lily debated selling it but the deal did not pan out. After Bart's resurrection, he took over day to day operations of the company again, as well as the CEO position.

Leadership Edit

Leads Edit

  • Chuck Bass - Current CEO and Majority Shareholder
  • Jack Bass - CEO of Bass Industries, Australia (former CEO of Bass Industries)

Board Edit

  • Lily van der Woodsen - 20% Stakeholder
  • Bruce Caplan - Bass Business Manager
  • Pete Holmberg - Bass Board Member
  • Alice Cashman - Bass Board Member

Other Edit

  • Pauletta Cho - Head of Publicity

Trivia Edit

  • Bass Industries is possible based on a real life estate construction company led by Donald Trump.

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