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Beatrice Grimaldi (formally Princess Beatrice of Monaco) is the only daughter of Sophie Grimaldi and the younger sister of Louis Grimaldi. As a member of the Grimaldi family, Beatrice is also a princess of Monaco. She is portrayed by Roxane Mesquida.

Television seriesEdit

Season 5Edit

When she first showed up, (Beauty and the Feast) Blair was sick with morning sickness. Beatrice's perfume wasn't helping matters. Beatrice wanted to spend the whole day with Blair before she and Louis leave for a Feast in Monaco. They go shopping - as Beatrice says that actually she's fine with not being the reigning sibling - but when Beatrice suggests a snack Blair has to rush off to be sick again.When they get back home, Blair again heads off to the bathroom and Beatrice announces to Dorota that she knows Blair is bulimic.

Beatrice ended up calling Louis and ominously saying that they need to talk straight away. She claims Blair has bulimia, but Louis refuses to believe it. Beatrice has a plan to prove it, though. By the way, Beatrice is supposed to be all loving and caring, but she's just as scheming as Blair in her own way. Blair's in bed trying to get over her morning sickness when Louis and Beatrice turn up and announce that they've had the Feast moved from Monaco to New York just so that she can attend.

At the feast, Beatrice forces her to eat something filled with pumpkin, spices and butter. Beatrice then found out that Blair was pregnant and covered for Blair with Louis. She explained that Blair had a plan - to invite the homeless to their Feast.

It turns out she's quite keen to make her mother see that she's the right choice for the crown, way more than Louis. She was working with Father Cavalia to get the crown for herself. Later it is discovered in "Father and the Bride", that Beatrice was doing this for Father Cavalia's affection and she called off their alliance. Father Cavlia told Sophie Grimaldi that Beatrice is back to her old ways to get back at Beatrice for betraying him. He tells Sophie Grimaldi that she should be sent to a missionary in East Africa to work on herself. Beatrice then retaliates by saying she will tell her mother that they slept together, but Father Cavalia says "And whos word do you think she will accept? Her scheming daughter or her loyal, loving, priest". And now she is currently in East Africa.



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