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One day, a pizza named Peppy met a breadstick named Bosco and accidentally ran into each other at the park. A salad named Kale showed up and was jealous of this trist, so kale went up to peppy and confronted her about how they should get back together. Bosco didn't want this to happen so he threw some punches at kale. Since Kale was made of many small pieces, he got ripped up very easily. Peppy was very angry at Bosco for doing this so she decided to take out a gun and shoot him. But since Bosco is a breadstick nothing happened to him. So they both went home and cried a lot. Larry came to breadsticks house because he looked quite tasty. Peppy told him to eat Bosco. As Bosco opened the door, he noticed this very big human. He immeasurably slammed the door in his face, but since Bosco house was so tiny compared to Larrys, he just kicked right open. Larry ran in and ate Bosco. He was very delicious. After he finished eating him, Larry went to peppys house. As peppy opened the door, Larry realized how hungry he still was. He immeadietly ate peppy, and she was much more tasty than Bosco. As Kale heard the news of their two deaths, he just laughed because they always made fun of him. He got his reconstructed surgery and met a soup named Wonton. and they lived happily ever after.

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