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Blair and Serena have spent their summer living it up in the belly of the beast: Paris, France. But where there's Paris there's bound to be boutiques, Balenciaga, and of course, boy trouble. Unaware of Chuck's shooting in Prague, Blair struggles to forget him; things take a turn, however, when Chuck mysteriously shows up in Paris with a new blonde in town. Meanwhile Serena contemplates which of her long-time beaus could be the one for her: Dan or Nate.

On the Upper East Side, Dan has his own drama to figure out with Georgina...who could be the mother of his baby son Milo. Nate's been sleeping the summer away with Chuck's Little Black Book until he meets a fellow Columbia student, the intriguing Juliet.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Dan: Sorry, I'm so tired lately, Milo's been really colicky.
Vanessa: The fact that you even know what that means is scary.
Dan: You'd be shocked at what I know about breast milk, baby poop, and episiotomies.
Vanessa: Wow, do not mention her Geor-gina.

Lily: It's from France. Hello? Yes this is she. Oh my god, is it Serena? Is she okay? Okay, I will.
Rufus: What? What is it?
Lily: A body washed up in Paris, shot, the identification they found says it's Charles Bass.

Blair: As much as I'm going to miss you while you're in Providence, having separate lives ensures no competition, which means no high school pettiness!

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Music Edit

  • The Sky's The Limit by Jason Derulo
  • Until It's Gone by Grand Atlantic
  • L'heure Avait Sonne by Joyce Jonathan
  • Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
  • Petite Pute by Austine
  • I Know What I Am by Band Of Skulls
  • Decalquee by Austine
  • I Can't Hear You by The Dead Weather

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