Beth Buckley is the sister of PJ Buckley and the cousin of Bree Buckley, as well as the ex fiancee of Carter Baizen.

Novel Series Edit

Beth Buckley is not a part of the Gossip Girl series of novels.

Television Series Edit

Season Three Edit

In The Lost Boy, Bree tracks down Carter, and informs him that she's headed home to Texas to make amends with her family and is going use Carter's location as a leg up, as they want to find him after what he did to Beth.

In Rufus Getting Married, Carter explains to Serena that he ran up a very high gambling debt before he met Beth, and when he found out she came from money, he asked her to marry him so the Buckley's would pay it off. On the day of their wedding, he left her at the altar. After he reveals this to her, he turns himself in to Bree and Beth's brothers who are waiting to escort him to work on one of the family oil rigs. In Enough About Eve, Serena and Nate play for Carter's debt at a poker game with PJ. They ultimately lose, and Carter leaves to work for them.

Trivia Edit

  • Beth is described as sweet and shy.
  • Bree considers her to be like her sister.
  • PJ says that after Carter left her, she became very depressed and gained thirty pounds.