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Blair Cornelia Waldorf is a main character of the TV series Gossip Girl and the book series of the same name. Blair has ties to nearly every major player, including a friendship with Serena van der Woodsen, a rivalry with Georgina Sparks and later on Jenny Humphrey, and romances with Nate Archibald, Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey. The role is portrayed by Leighton Meester in the television series.


Born to New York's elite, Blair is the Queen Bee of Manhattan's social scene. As a result, Blair's actions and relations are under constant scrutiny from the mysterious Gossip Girl, a popular and almost omniscient blogger. Despite her status, Blair becomes dedicated to earning her academic achievements through hard work and occasionally connections, often proving that she can build a future without turning to her resources for assistance.

Throughout a good deal of the story, Blair feels a recurring sense of insecurity regarding her status. This tends to make her an overachiever at times, creating flaws and complexities in her character, leading to various matters that factor into her development as she overcomes them. One notable trait of Blair's is an apparent sense of superiority. However, it is suggested that this is mainly part of her attempt to maintain social prominence, as it often gives way to a more compassionate, good-natured personality within.On occasion, she is led to feel a sense of competition with her best friend Serena—the former Queen Bee known for her beauty. Ironically, among many observers, Blair may be more popular and beautiful than Serena, though Blair herself may be slow to realize this, constantly defending what needs no defense. Due to her dramatic irony and other complexities, the character is among the most critically acclaimed.

As the series progresses, Blair's major romantic interests include Nate Archibald, Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey, three young men who she bonds with in largely different ways. However, whenever she encounters friction with them, she is not afraid to play dirty, scheme or lie to get what she wants. Blair was engaged to be married to Louis Grimaldi, the Prince of Monaco, who was the father of her child that was lost in a car accident that harmed both Blair and Chuck when she was planning to no longer marry Louis. She had a relationship with Dan after the dowry was paid by Chuck and they had a long relationship but Blair didn't tell Dan she loved him. She decided that she needs to be together with Chuck so she ran back to him. Chuck said that he didn't want her but this time she didn't give up she decided to fight for him.

Novel series

Blair Waldorf was born into high society on Manhattan's exclusive Upper East Side. Her father, Harold, is a successful lawyer, while her mother, Eleanor, is a New York City hostess. She has a younger sibling named Tyler Waldorf. After her mother's marriage to Cyrus Rose, she gained a step sibling named Aaron Rose, an alternative vegan, and a half-sister, Yale Rose. Blair's father lives in France with his partner, Giles. Blair grew up with "It-Girl" Serena van der Woodsen and long-time boyfriend Nate Archibald. She is described to be 5'4" and slender, with brilliant blue eyes, long brunette hair (which she later has cut into a pixie-style), and a fox-like face. Her two allies, after former best friend Serena left for her New Hampshire boarding school, are Kati Farkas and Isabel Coates.


Starting at a dinner party at the Waldorf Penthouse for future stepfather Cyrus Rose, former best friend Serena, described as the most gorgeous girl in all of New York City, returns from her boarding school Hanover Academy in Hanover, New Hampshire. Blair, from the start, doesn't want to give up her spotlight as being the "most happening" girl in the room just yet. She and boyfriend Nate who have dated for about a year are in the middle of a passionate scene when Serena shows up, and entertains all the guests with stories about her wild summer adventures and what it was like to be at boarding school, kicking Blair out of the spotlight again.Blair starts nasty rumors about Serena and turns her into a school outcast. Eventually, Blair finds out boyfriend Nate Archibald had sex with Serena right after sophomore year, hence why Serena felt the need to escape to boarding school and not come back for a year before she was kicked out for returning late in the beginning of the school year.

When Jenny Humphrey, a freshman with a hearty bosom steals Nate away from her on her birthday, which is also the day that her then pregnant mother marries Cyrus Rose, Serena and Blair make up once again and go back to being the best of friends, while ignoring Nate and his new girlfriend.

When Blair's mother marries Cyrus Rose, she meets her new step brother, Aaron Rose (a vegan with an endless supply of herbal cigarettes and an unrequited crush on Blair), comes the day Blair has been waiting for all her life—her Yale interview.Blair messes up her college interview at Yale by telling her interviewer about the train wreck her life has become, and then kissing him on the cheek upon dismissal. Blair's father donates a multi-million dollar vineyard to Yale, but it is still not enough to clear her mistakes, and she is wait-listed at Yale. She's turned down by Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Tufts, and Wesleyan and is only accepted into Georgetown University, her safety, despite being one of the best girls in the senior class.

However, Serena, a below-average student, was accepted into all of these schools.She is known to move out of her home frequently, first trying to live at Serena's penthouse before they left for Sun Valley, then taking a suite at The Plaza Hotel (to the chagrin of Constance Billard's headmistress), moving into Brooklyn with her shaven-haired classmate Vanessa Abrams, living with Serena at the original apartment where Breakfast at Tiffany's was shot, and moving into designer Bailey Winter's East Hampton home as a muse.

She also lived in the Yale Club of New York City for a short time, where she held her high school graduation bash.After Nate, her relationships with other men have been quite rocky. She started a brief fling with her Yale alumni interviewer, only to end it when she finds out that he was married and has a daughter also studying at Constance. She also had a romantic relationship with Serena's older brother, Erik van der Woodsen, while they were skiing at Sun Valley for spring break. After another messy break-up with Nate, she starts a brief affair with a British lord she met at the Yale Club, however, this was ended upon learning of his relationship with his second-cousin.Blair is eventually accepted into Yale. She and Nate go on a month-long boat trip around the world over the summer and return a week before college starts, only to discover Serena waiting. Nate realizes he also loves Serena, but not wanting to hurt Blair he chooses neither of them. At the end of the final book,(pre- college years) Blair and Serena make up after Nate leaves them both to sail across the world with his father's Navy mentor, Captain Chips White, to figure his life out.

Television series

Season 1

Blair is introduced as Manhattan's queen bee of Constance Billard School for Girls. After a year at boarding school, Serena van der Woodsen (Blair's ex-best friend and former It Girl of the Upper East Side's social scene) returns to Manhattan and the two girls attempt to repair their friendship.
This is quickly ruined once Blair discovers the reason behind Serena's departure—she had a drunken one-night stand with Blair's boyfriend Nate Archibald. For several episodes the girls stay in a catty rivalry, until the end of Poison Ivy. Serena confesses that she came back to town because her younger brother Eric attempted to kill himself. Blair reveals a letter she never sent to Serena while she was away. Their mercurial friendship is once again stable.
Blair's mother Eleanor (whom Blair has always suspected of favoring Serena over her) has her own fashion line. When Serena is chosen over Blair to be the face of Waldorf Designs, Blair believes that Serena is going to take everything away from her once again. Blair has a brief heart-to-heart with Dan Humphrey at the end of Bad News Blair, even though the two usually can't stand each other, especially as Dan, a Brooklyn outsider, is dating Serena.
Nate, behind Blair's back, continues to frequently seek out Serena, who is uninterested in his advances. This causes a frustrated and hurt Blair to reach her breaking point, and after ending her already strained relationship with Nate, she heads to Victrola, the burlesque club recently opened by Chuck Bass. When Chuck, Nate's best friend, challenges Blair to dance on stage, she accepts.
At the end of the episode, Blair loses her virginity to Chuck in the back of his limo. Blair then convinces herself that this was a complete lapse in judgement, which fuels her desire to get back with Nate. She also warns Chuck to stay quiet about what happened between them. On the night of Blair's seventeenth birthday, she sets out to reconcile her relationship with Nate, which Chuck deems impossible. Jenny Humphrey and Nate have a conversation that leads to them hugging, and the photo is sent around by Gossip Girl, implying that Nate and the 'mystery girl' did a lot more than hug.
When everyone at the party receives this message, Blair is humiliated and finally confesses that she and Nate broke up days before. Chuck reveals that he has butterflies in his stomach when it comes to Blair, due to his genuine feelings for her, something he is confused by; Blair freaks out, but later on accepts from him an expensive diamond necklace that she had put on hold for her birthday.
The two then begin a secret affair. Blair and Nate reconcile at the Constance Billard Debutante Ball, after he gets into fight over her while jealous. Chuck worries about losing Blair to Nate again, and manipulates the events in the hopes that Blair and Nate would have a fight. However, the plan backfires, and has the opposite effect. Chuck sees Blair and Nate kissing while slipping out of the ballroom, and a miserable Chuck leaves New York briefly, presumably on vacation. After Chuck threatens to expose his affair with Blair, she breaks up with Nate so there won't be any point in Chuck's doing so. However, when Nate takes the fall for Blair at school (thinking he's sparing her from getting expelled due to a wild pool party that took place on school grounds) their relationship is mended. Upon discovering this, Chuck plans his revenge.
He sends a tip to Gossip Girl saying that Blair slept with two guys in one week. Tired of being socially shunned by Blair, Jenny confirms this to Nate. The boys then proceed to fistfight in front of the school, which results in Nate cutting ties with both Blair and Chuck. Now an outcast and subject of mockery, Blair prepares to flee to France to live with her father. Serena manages to stop Blair in time, persuading her that they can get through this together.Blair returns to Constance Billard as a social outcast and laughing stock. Taking Serena's advice, Blair makes an attempt to put the entire mess behind her.
However, when the group of Mean Girls bail on a dinner date with Blair, the brunette plots revenge on Jenny and prepares to reclaim her throne as Queen B of Constance. She does this by inviting the group to the Humphrey loft on Jenny's birthday. This leads to embarrassment for Jenny - not only do they see that she is relatively low-class financially, but it is also proven that Jenny stole Hazel's mother's one-of-a-kind Valentino dress. Blair takes the rest of the girls to dinner to celebrate, but the victory is short-lived when Jenny drags Nate along. Jenny is forgiven because several of the girls have crushes on Nate. This instigates a conflict between Blair and Jenny.
A week later, Blair ensures that her academic rival, Nelly Yuki, does poorly on the SAT exams by persuading Nelly's ex-boyfriend to get back together with her and then break her heart. This also allows Blair an opportunity to exclude Jenny from the group when she shuns the blonde from her SAT study group. Blair and Jenny send outrageous fake rumors about each other to Gossip Girl. Jenny begins dating a boy named Asher in an attempt to solidify her social standing. To impress the Mean Girls, she lies and says she slept with Asher. At the couple's party, however, Asher is outed as an homosexual, exposing his cover-up relationship with Jenny, as well as her lies. This results in the Mean Girls turning their back on her and Blair taking her place as Queen of Constance once again.
On the same night, a distressed and tearful Serena shows up at Blair's penthouse. Serena confesses that she killed someone. Blair is stunned, and while looking for medication to calm her friend, Serena slips out and spends the night drinking and partying with people she doesn't know. Blair eventually retrieves her and takes her back to the apartment the next morning. Blair enlists the help of Nate and Chuck, even though things are still tense and awkward between them. Serena eventually (and reluctantly) reveals the events that took place on the night of her departure.
Later that night at the Bass-van der Woodsen' wedding rehearsal dinner, Blair persuades her that Serena doesn't deserve to be shipped off to a reformatory school because she's already paying for her sins. Blair and Chuck then work together to personally hunt down Georgina Sparks, an ex-friend who has been tormenting Serena for weeks and trying to seduce Dan. Unfortunately for Blair, Chuck and Nate, Georgina is nowhere to be seen at the concert, as she has already kissed and left with Dan.
The next morning, Blair wakes up to find that she and Chuck fell asleep on her bed while plotting against Georgina. Blair pushes Chuck out of her room, not being able to acknowledge how she feels about him. She then finds Dan and convinces him to help in her take-down of Georgina. Dan and Georgina walk through Central Park until Dan ultimately leads her to a waiting Blair Waldorf. Blair then introduces Georgina's parents, who lecture their daughter and send her to a boot camp for troubled girls. Before Georgina's departure, Blair reminds her that she's the only crazy bitch in their group. At the Bass-van der Woodsen wedding,
she and Chuck reconcile when Chuck announces in his best man speech that "in the face of true love, you never give up—even when the object of your affection is begging you to." Blair is moved by his words, which were by Blair inspired in the moment. The two share a kiss after he apologizes for his previous indecencies. Blair is surprised to see Chuck so "romantic." A week after the wedding, Blair and Chuck prepare to spend the summer together in Tuscany. However Chuck, fearful of Blair truly seeing him and then losing her, backs out and leaves Blair waiting on the heliport, leaving her to fly off to Tuscany without him. On board, she meets a new love interest, leaving Chuck with the Bass' interior designer, Amelia.

Season 2

A good portion of Blair's storyline in Season 2 revolves around her love-hate relationship with Chuck Bass. At the beginning of season 2, Chuck tries to win her back, but Blair is preoccupied with her new fling, a British Lord by the name of Marcus Beaton, and upset at the same time that Chuck doesn't say "I love you" when she wants him to. Blair manipulates Marcus's stepmother into a social alliance after she learns that the Duchess is actually her ex-boyfriend Nate's secret married lover Catherine. She later gains a bit of sympathy for Catherine when she realizes that Catherine's relationship with Marcus's father parallels her own sexless relationship with Marcus. Chuck picks up on this, and in the middle of a blackout at a party he puts on a fake British accent and seduces Blair.
Marcus walks in on the two of them, and Blair admits she wasn't fooled, but that she needed Marcus to show her that he wanted her, physically which results in Marcus kissing her in front of the audience gathered at her house and a dissatisfied Chuck watching. Vanessa discovers that Marcus is sleeping with Catherine, his step mom, and tells Blair because she thinks that Blair can manipulate them to get Nate out of debt. Blair threatened to tell Catherine's husband about her affair with Lord Marcus. She also told her she would keep her mouth shut if Catherine and Marcus left town together and paid off Nate's father's debts. Unfortunately, Vanessa, not believing the Blair is really intending to go through with this plan, went to Lord Marcus' father earlier and spilled the beans about Catherine and Marcus, and so Nate remained in debt.
With Marcus out of the picture, she waddles back into her clique of friends but as it turns out, in the little time she was preoccupied with dating Marcus and getting rid of him, Serena van der Woodsen, her best friend and it girl, has regained her original spot as Queen Bee and acquired the favor of the girls in their clique once more. During Fashion Week, Blair, annoyed that Serena is the one in the spotlight, tries to ruin things for her and Jenny, who tried to get in the way of her sabotage to stage a good show for Eleanor. Jenny then wins her sympathies back by telling her that she, like Blair, works for everything she achieves, while Serena just glides through life. Blair confronts Serena backstage and expresses hurt at the fact Serena broke their tradition of watching the fashion show from backstage.
However, Serena rebuffs Blair's accusations and tells her bluntly how she always has to step aside so Blair can be the one to shine brightest, and that she no longer wants to hold back who she is just so Blair won't get her feelings hurt. Thrilled to be going on a school trip to Yale, Blair thinks of ways to impress the headmaster. However, he is already charmed by Serena, who has decided to go to Yale instead of Brown. Blair messes up her interview, including trying to kiss the dean, so she bribes the secretary to allow her to attend a very important dinner, where she sabotages Serena's chances by revealing Serena's history, including her 'murder' of a drug addict with whom she used to party. This culminates in a physical cat-fight, where Blair and Serena resolve to stop being friends. The next day, however, Serena finds Blair fessing up to the dean, when she intended to do the same for her. They apologize to each other and resume being best friends.
Vanessa tries to blackmail Blair by threatening to release the pictures of Marcus to Gossip Girl, in an attempt to make Blair endorse her campaign to save an old bar. Blair enlists the help of Chuck to 'seduce and destroy' Vanessa so she can never bother her again. However, in the midst of the proceedings, Chuck grows to like the old bar and Vanessa, so he backs out on their plan. Blair berates Vanessa anyway, and tells Chuck that he can claim his prize--a night with her. Chuck demands that she admit she loves him, as she had asked him to do before, but Blair adamantly refuses, telling him that she will never say those words to him. He gets up and leaves, telling her that he is done chasing, and it's now her turn to chase him. Blair refuses to say that she loves him while walking to school. She then begins plotting against Chuck Bass to get him to sleep with her, saying "she has an itch that only Chuck can scratch". Serena invites Dan to give a little advice, and Dan suggests that Blair make herself irresistible to get Chuck to sleep with her. At one point, Blair entices Chuck into getting a drink with her; unfortunately, she throws herself all over Chuck by first getting him to 'smell' her perfume and then throws her drink at Chuck's crotch. Chuck gets bored with her desperate acts and leaves. She then calls Dan who suggests she intercept him at home. Blair goes to Serena's room, pretending to sleepover at Serena's and planning her seductive ploy on Chuck. Blair nearly succeeds but their foreplay is interrupted by Serena's text message. Chuck and Blair race to grab Blair's phone and Chuck leaves, realizing that Blair was just playing games.
In her last effort, Serena suggests Dan's advice once more, and he tells Blair to take a risk and admit to Chuck that she loves him, as Dan can see that Blair is indeed in love with Chuck. Blair takes his advice much later and calls Chuck, asking him to meet her at the roof of Rufus' gallery during an opening. But before the meeting, Dan finds out about Vanessa's incident with Chuck and Blair and sabotages Blair by replacing his advice on taking risks with that of taking caution. Chuck and Blair get into an argument and Blair reminds Chuck that she asked him to say those "three words, eight letters" first.
Chuck walks off and Blair leaves the gallery. Later that night, Blair receives a visit from Chuck, who tells her that the reason that they can't say "I love you" to each other is because it would end their current relationship and send them to a closer level, one that Chuck knows they aren't ready for. Blair contemplates Chuck's advice, and eventually agrees, with the idea that they will put their relationship on hold. Blair disapproves of her mothers new boyfriend, Cyrus Rose, and will do anything to break them apart. She succeeds when she gets him to admit he had an affair when married to his ex-wife, and fell in love with the other women (which is exactly what happened to Eleanor with Harold). At Blair's eighteenth birthday party, Blair tells Eleanor, and she breaks up with him; however, Blair reconciles the two after she finds out that Cyrus asked Cyndi Lauper to sing to her at her birthday (despite the fact that she still disapproves of the two together). In The Magnificent Archibalds, Blair is offended when Cyrus hijacks her Thanksgiving traditions.
In the episode O Brother, Where Bart Thou?, Chuck reels from the news of his father's death. Blair forgets all their games and does what she can to be there for him, finally telling Chuck that she loves him. However, he is still mourning his father's death and leaves her without responding. Blair turns to Cyrus Rose for support, and finally accepts him as part of her family. Cyrus marries Eleanor Waldorf, and that night,
Chuck appears in Blair's bedroom, wordlessly asking her to comfort him. They fall asleep together, but in the morning she wakes to find him gone, having left her a note saying that he is sorry for everything, she deserves much better, and that she must not go looking for him. During the episode In the Realm of the Basses, Chuck returns along with his uncle, Jack Bass, and initially shuns Blair. When he is drunk and on the verge of suicide, Blair arrives and talks him down from a ledge. After telling Chuck "I'll always be here", Blair shares a moment of affection with him. When Blair and Jack help Chuck go home she asks Jack not to tell Chuck about what happened between them on New Years. In the episode Gone with the Will, Chuck is given the job of becoming the new CEO of Bass Industries. At first Chuck willingly decides to give the job to Jack, who wanted the position more than anything else on the will, but Blair and Nate persuade Chuck to reconsider believing that he could do it. Jealous and furious, Jack arranges Chuck to be caught by the Board of Members with a bunch of girls and completely drunk. When Chuck realizes what his uncle had done he storms out the congratulatory party arranged by Blair. Blair goes after Chuck but he yells her off when he told her to stop acting like his wife. That night Chuck tries to apologize to Blair but she couldn't forgive him for what he said.With early acceptance letters to Yale arriving, the halls of Constance Billard and St. Jude are curious to know who got in. Blair constantly has her clique refreshing her Eli Account to see if she got in or not. It is finally revealed that Blair got wait listed whereas Dan and Serena are accepted. However, knowing how much Yale means to Blair, Serena tells Blair and Dan at first that she got wait listed too. Eventually, Serena reveals her acceptance to Dan and Blair and both couldn't be happier.

Blair reunites with Chuck.

Meanwhile, a new, young Iowain teacher named Ms. Rachel Carr arrives at Constance Billard. Although, Serena and Dan admire the new teacher she becomes a threat to Blair when she gives her her very first B. Blair decides to get back at Ms. Carr when she invites her to dine with her and her father but stands her up. At the opera with her father and his boyfriend instead of the restaurant, Blair receives a call from the Headmaster saying that Yale will accept her if she keeps her grades up. Regretting standing up Ms. Carr, Blair rushes to the restaurant and finds her leaving but manages to apologize. The next day, Blair is asked to see the Headmaster believing it to be a congratulatory tea, but it turns out Ms. Carr had informed the Headmaster of what Blair had done and the Headmaster punishes Blair with detention and informs her that Yale will be holding her acceptance. After their meeting, Blair decides that it is now war between her and Ms. Carr, and that this is one war she is going to win.During the episode "Carnal Knowledge", Dan and Ms. Carr have been getting closer in their student-teacher relationship. Seeing their awkward interaction in the halls, Blair sends a text to Gossip Girl about their seemingly not so innocent student-teacher relationship. The word gets out and soon the Headmaster and Ms. Carr speak to Blair knowing that she is the one who posted the rumor on Gossip Girl after Nelly Yuki, a member of Blair's clique, admits it was Blair. Then the headmaster expels Blair from Constance Billard. Serena tries to apologize for Blair to Ms. Carr and explains how much Yale means to Blair but Ms. Carr replies that Blair's rumor could ruin her reputation as a teacher and leaves for a meeting she has before the PTA meeting. Serena sees that Ms. Carr left her planner and decides to give it back to her at the restaurant listed in it. There, Serena finds Dan comforting Ms. Carr and quickly takes a picture of them and shows it to Blair who goes to the PTA meeting and shows all the parents, teachers, and the Headmaster. Meanwhile, Dan arrives at the school upon receiving a text from Serena to meet her there and Serena explains what she saw and Dan tells her that nothing happened. When the parents, the faculty, and Blair leave the meeting Ms. Carr is fired and Dan gets mad at Blair for what she did. However, that following the night Dan tries to apologize to Ms. Carr for everything that happened.In the episode "The Grandfather" Blair is devastated of what had happened to her life, so she goes to Carter Baizen for help. However Carter is encouraging the worst of her by letting her loose and changing her to a new Blair. The van der Bilts threw a party for prominent members of NYC society. Blair, with nothing to lose, decided to insult anyone who came into her path, from cheating husbands to wives with bad face lifts. Serena and Chuck tried to silence her to no avail. In a separate room later, Blair propositioned Chuck, but Chuck wouldn’t give in, claiming that this wasn’t the Blair he wanted. Meanwhile, Blair continues to stoop to new lows, and ends up escaping the party to a large silent room in the mansion. She is found by Nate who comforts her. They reminisce about how when they were kids she always made him watch the same movies over and over again because Blair liked knowing how things ended. Nate reminded her she was Blair Waldorf, someone who doesn't let a mishap get in the way of what she wants.In the episode "Remains Of J," Blair and Nate start up a friendship; however Chuck is adamant that they are much more than just friends. Jealous, Chuck confronts Blair to which she replies that her and Nate's relationship is "purely platonic". Chuck claims that Blair and Nate don't have any sparks, and that Nate is not over Vanessa, prompting Blair to claim that her and Nate have plenty of spark and "fireworks." Chuck reminds her of their undeniable chemistry, saying that it was them who had fireworks, aggravating Blair, who then proceeds to explain that she fought for him, hard and for a long time; and that now that they are over, she is exhausted. She explains that being with Nate and is easy and right. Chuck then teams up with Vanessa, who is broken up with Nate, to drive Blair and Nate apart. Chuck and Vanessa arrive at Jenny's 16 birthday party together and walk in to see Blair and Nate sharing an intimate conversation. In the heat of the moment, Vanessa pulls Chuck in for a passionate kiss. Determined to prove Chuck's theory that her and Nate have no sparks, Blair drags Nate along into Chuck's bedroom, and locks the door. Nate rejects her and she leaves. The next day Blair is walking in the park with Dorota, when she sees Nate there also. As it turns out Nate planned to wait for her there so they could have their "first" official kiss as a couple. Later, however, Blair and Nate go their separate ways romantically at prom, saying that it was always her dream to go to prom with her high school boyfriend, but now that she has, he just feels like her high school boyfriend. At the of the season finale Blair is reunited with Chuck as they finally declare their love for each other with chuck saying "I love you too."

Season 3

In the beginning of Season 3, Blair and Chuck are shown playing a game in which Chuck seduces a girl,and Blair then plays the scorned woman, thus embarrassing the girl. They eventually tire of this game, and upon admitting this to each other, begin to embrace a new degree of maturity and honesty in their relationship, keeping any sex games in the bedroom.

Chuck and blair

Chuck and Blair

Blair later has difficulty fitting in at her New York University (NYU), as she appears unable to establish the same power she had at Constance. In the process, she is continually challenged by Georgina Sparks. However, Chuck regularly appears to provide her with support and comfort throughout her endeavors.


Blair and Georgina are roomies on NYU.

Eventually, Georgina departs town temporarily, unaware at first that Blair has evened the score with her once again. Later, Blair and Chuck have a brief falling out. However, Chuck eventually decides that Blair is the only woman for him and gets back together with her. Later Blair has a fight with Serena. At Nate's cousin, Trip's election party Blair calls Serena a hooker which leads to Serena pushing Blair into a cake. Eventually Chuck traps Serena and Blair in the same elevator which gives them time to talk out their problems. Chuck has lost his empire to his uncle Jack,so in order to take it back he agrees to trade blair by manipulating her to have sex with Jack. But jack doesn't sleep with her and informs her about his deal with Chuck. Blair is devastated and ends her relationship with Chuck who blames her instead. Later Chuck tries to propose Blair, though they are interrupted by Dan, who reveals that Chuck slept with Jenny, believing that Blair no longer loved him because she was late and didn't meet him on time because Dorota was having her baby. Afterward, Blair leaves Chuck crying and calls Serena. They take a vacation to Paris together.



Blair and Serena are BFF until Serena pushes Blair into a cake after B called her a hooker.

(3x22) Blair: Signs are for the religious the superstitious and the lower class.

(3x21) Blair: Like every great general, I have contingency plans.

(3x15) Blair: A DNA test? You've been watching too much CBS.

(3x11) Chuck: Hey, do you mind if I stay? Blair: Yes, but that's why I love you.

(3x10) Blair: I have a surprise for you! Chuck: In that case why are you still dressed?

(3x06) Blair: /to Josh/ Actually, Mr. Ellis, I'm here to help you. Simply put, Vanessa Ambras is a tired cliche from the 718. The preachy, I-hate-the-man talk she no doubt has in mind won't inspire the kind of donations the school needs. You need a speaker more like ... well, me.

(3x05) Nate: So you're happy with Chuck. Don't I deserve to be happy as well? Blair: Trust me, Nate, I know women, and none of us are that nice.

(3x02) Georgina: Face it Blair. Once upon a time in a far off land, you were a queen. Here you're just a loser who will never fit in.

(3x02) Dorota: Miss Blair. What are we going to do? Call police? Blair: No, we're going to throw up a party.

(3x01) Chuck: We could never be boring. Blair: You say that, but I know you. You're Chuck Bass. Chuck: I'm not Chuck Bass without you.

Season 4

Blair Serena

Blair and Serena enjoying Paris.

As Season 4 begins, it is revealed that Chuck survived a mugging at the conclusion of Season 3. However, he appears to have moved on romantically. In Paris, she meets Louis Grimaldi, a member of the Monagasque royal family, had a date with him, and eventually left him in France.After returning to the United States, Blair continues her friendship with Serena, but enters into a business conflict with Chuck. Eventually, however, she and Chuck are brought together once again by their passion and love for one another.
Blair chuck gossip girl season 4 war at the roses treaty
However once again the love can't last, as Blair finds she must establish her identity independent of Chuck before being in a relationship with a powerful, prominent business man. Shortly before Christmas, Serena is discovered seemingly having overdosed on drugs, and is checked into the Ostroff Center. While Blair initially believes that Serena has succumbed to a drug addiction, she quickly reevaluates the situation when she learns of Juliet's involvement in the matter. Blair enlists Dan Humphrey's help in clearing Serena's name, and the two embark on a trip to Connecticut to learn more about the mysterious Juliet. After discovering that Juliet's brother, Ben, was a teacher at Serena's former boarding school, the twosome return to Manhattan armed with this new information, only to discover that Serena has already taken matters into her own hands.Over winter break, Blair and Dan find themselves the only two members of the circle still in New York, and reluctantly attend a screening of "Nanette" at Film Forum. While they initially agree that this secret rendezvous would be a one-time affair, the two find themselves repeatedly drawn into spending time together out of loneliness - notably after Dan suggests that Blair consider a career in the world of fashion (despite her mother's earlier encouragement).

Blair in Season 4

Dan and Blair's budding friendship is challenged when they discover that they're now rival interns at W magazine. Though Blair is successful in sabotaging the rest of her competition, Dan's intelligence makes him a worthy opponent for her. When a celebrity writer cancels on an important magazine party, Dan and Blair make a pact: whomever successfully (and without sabotage from the other) finds a replacement will remain at W, and the other will resign. Though Blair is tempted to sabotage Dan, Serena intervenes, and Blair thinks the better of it. However, Dan, assuming Blair would not abide the rules of their pact, arranges for her writer to miss the party, inciting a physical skirmish between the two - and their mutual firing. Later, when Dan finds out how badly Blair wanted the internship, he tells their supervisor, Epperly, that he was to blame, and gets Blair reinstated.Later, in an attempt to ease Epperly's stress and win her favor, Blair schemes to have Nate romance her new boss. However, Epperly reconnects with an old boyfriend and quits the magazine—leaving Blair to take her position.Shortly thereafter, Dan asks Blair's help in getting an article he's written to editors at other Conde Nast publications. Meanwhile, Blair has written off Chuck's new romance with Raina Thorpe as another of his schemes, only to learn that his feelings for her are in fact quite real during a Valentine's Day party. Dan attempts to comfort Blair, who admits to him later that she'd enjoyed his article and passed it along to her superiors. The two spend the remainder of Valentine's Day on the phone while watching Rosemary's Baby in their own homes.In her attempt to balance her responsibilities at W with her academic career and social life, Blair begins to run herself down. Her interns at the magazine all ask to be redistributed, as they find her leadership too aggressive. During a hectic day (during which she dictates a paper to one of her minions from the office), Blair is approached by Serena and Erik for help with a scheme regarding Damien—despite Dan's insistence that she's overworked. Eventually, her obligations prove to be too much (even after admitting to Dan that she needed his help), and she tells him that she was "fired/quit" from the magazine. She confesses that part of her drive to be successful so quickly was the hope of reuniting with Chuck, thinking that the quicker she establishes herself as a powerful woman, she could be with the man she loves. The two subsequently fall asleep on one another while watching a movie at his loft. Blair's clandestine friendship with Dan threatens to be exposed when her positive mood is noticed by Dorota, who discovers a magazine of Dan's in her bedroom. In an attempt to quell everyone's suspicions that they're dating each other, Dan and Blair agree to announce their friendship during a party—but the plan falls apart when their friends are distracted by Lily's confession to the police regarding her role in Ben's jail time. Dan and Blair decide to end their friendship, but he arrives at her home late that evening and suggests that they should confront the possibility that they actually do have feelings for each other with a kiss. After an awkward hesitation, Blair finally pulls Dan to her and kisses him. While Dan reveals that he was excited by the kiss, Blair decides that it merely demonstrated to her that she should be with nobody but Chuck (a fact she keeps hidden from everyone while she hides out in her room in the week following the kiss). Blair then accepts an invitation to work for her former supervisor at W, Epperly, at an event where prominent families will be photographed. Blair is unaware that Chuck has arranged this in order to reconcile with her romantically, and, having discovered that she and Dan shared a kiss, also lured him there to be humiliated in front of her. This act only reinforces Blair's stance that Chuck is not ready for an adult relationship, and she inadvertently reveals to Dan that the kiss meant nothing to her. At the end of episode 18, Louis Grimaldi (Blair's royal fling from Paris) is seen exiting from a car with a slipper, indicating that he is going to court Blair.Prince Louis and Blair begin a romance during his time in New York, but keep it a secret in order to avoid being discovered and judged by his family. Meanwhile, Dan has been enlisted to cover the prince's visit to Manhattan, and he swiftly discovers that Louis and Blair are involved. In order to help the pair to maintain their secrecy, Dan and Blair stage a kiss to be witnessed by a servant of Louis' as a means of throwing him off. However, this kiss is witnessed and recorded by Serena's visiting cousin Charlie, who Serena has recruited to help discern whether a message from Vanessa (who overheard Dan and Blair discussing their kiss) warning her that they're falling for one another, is true. An enraged Serena confronts Dan and Blair about their relationship, and although Blair explains that the kiss was just an experiment, she also berates Serena for her treatment of Dan, and informs her that they have a genuine connection.Blair and Louis decide to take their relationship public, and a jealous Serena contacts his family to inform them in hopes of sabotaging the pair. Shortly thereafter, Princess Sophie, Louis' mother, arrives from Monaco and instructs Louis to end the relationship and to choose a royal to marry. Dorota helps Blair to prepare for a party during which Louis and his mother will be introduced to and entertain various princesses and noblewomen. While Blair initially shines at the party, despite the princess' earlier opinion of her, this success is short-lived, as Chuck arrives in a drunken stupor to try to win her back. Mortified, Blair leaves the party, and reveals to Serena that she's aware of the latter's double-dealing, and how she was truly happy with Louis. After overhearing this conversation, Louis visits Blair and proposes to her. Blair goes to Chuck to announce her engagement, enraging her already-depressed and intoxicated former lover. Chuck loses himself, and grabs Blair telling her "you're mine", and breaks a window, cutting her face, she then runs from the room with a small cut on her cheek. Eleanor and Cyrus return to Manhattan to help Blair prepare for her wedding to Louis, and with hopes of reconciling the prince with his family. The Waldorf-Roses make an excellent impression on Princess Sophie, who welcomes the couple with open arms and allows them to announce their engagement at a Constance Billiard alumni event. In the meantime, Blair learns that Jack Bass has also come back to New York at the behest of the Thorpes, who have designs of doing away with Chuck as revenge for what Raina perceives as Bart's murdering of her mother. She sneaks away to warn Chuck of this, and helps to prevent Russell's takeover of Bass Industries. However, her interaction was discovered by Louis, who asks her to choose between himself and Chuck. While Blair once again chooses Louis, she leaves him waiting for her at the alumni event in order to attend to Chuck, whom she is told by Russell is on the verge of suicide from the rooftop of his hotel.The final episode of the fourth season finds Blair being held hostage by Russell, who plans to torch the building, killing her and taking revenge on Chuck for exposing his actual involvement in his own wife's death to Raina. Blair manages to discretely call Chuck and alert him to her whereabouts. He arrives with Nate and Raina, who convinces her father to spare the building before having him arrested. Chuck offers to take Blair to the prince after a drink, which turns out to be a night of spontaneity at a nearby Bar Mitzvah, during which Chuck and Blair realize their love and chemistry once again, and they make love. Afterwards, Blair announces to Chuck that she's prepared to leave the prince, whom she's admittedly happy with, to be with him—saying that no matter what their love and passion will pull them together. Chuck circumvents this action, saying that Blair deserves easy, simple love. They declare their undying love for each other, and Blair walks away from a heartbroken Chuck. Blair and Louis remain engaged, and prepare to leave for the summer in Monaco to plan their nuptials. Blair also plans to watch more movies over the phone while she's away with Dan (who it appears is still pining for her), and inviting Serena to be her maid-of-honor. A final scene reveals Dorota absently emptying the trash from Blair and Serena's shared bathroom, the contents of which includes a pregnancy test that reads as positive—however, which of the two girls, if either, is actually pregnant was left a mystery.

Season 5

You'll still have me

In the fifth season premiere, during a photo shoot with her wedding dress, the seamstress approaches Blair and asks her how many weeks she has been pregnant. She tells Blair that her weight will be showing in a couple weeks and guesses that Blair is six weeks pregnant, thus revealing that Blair is pregnant with either Louis or Chuck's baby. In Beauty and the Feast, she meets Louis's sister, Princess Beatrice, and tries to get on her good side. At a royal event, Blair keeps on running in the bathroom due to morning sickness, and when Dan arrives, she makes him kick everyone out of the bathroom so she can vomit. Dan tells her that, if her bulimia came back, he could help her. She then says she's not bulimic but pregnant just as Beatrice walks in the bathroom, smiling. Dan is shocked to hear this since he is in love with Blair. Toward the end of that episode, Blair goes to see Dan at the loft to drink tea and talk about who the father can be. Blair then suspects it's Louis and tells Dan she plans to keep the baby because it was still conceived out of love. Dan tells her she should at least know who the father is, if not for her then for the baby.

Blair is worried she will lose everything she has, but Dan shows his support. In the Jewel of Denial, Blair refuses to open her test results and find out who the father of her baby is. Dorota asks Dan to help Blair open the test results. After a fashion show, Dan finally encourages Blair to open the envelope. The father is not shown until later, when Blair goes to see Chuck, announcing that she is pregnant with Louis's baby and also saying that a part of her wanted the baby to be Chuck's. Blair is then seen telling Louis about her pregnancy, who is overjoyed and asks her where she'd want to celebrate. Blair is last seen taking the ripped envelope of her test results that Dorota fixed together and putting it away in a drawer.

Dan becomes Blair's confidante and is shown to be in love with her, though she remains oblivious to his feelings and states that there is nothing more than friendship between them. Though she insists that she is in love with Louis, Blair begins to seek Chuck out as the season progresses. The two eventually declare their love for each other right before Chuck and Blair get into a serious car accident. The mid-season finale closes at the hospital, with Blair awake and responsive, and Chuck presumably still unconscious, suffering greater injuries.

The season picks up at Blair and Chuck in the hospital. We learn that Blair made a deal with God, that if He saves Chuck she will marry Louis. Right as she makes the promise, a nurse comes in, telling her that Chuck was asking for her. Blair decides that God honored their promise and broke off any romantic relations with Chuck, telling him, "Just because we can't be together doesn't mean I won't love you". We also find out that Blair lost her baby from the car crash. In the following weeks, Blair has difficulties staying away from Chuck, saying she "feel(s) dead inside without him".

Soon the wedding preparations are in full swing and, as the day of the wedding comes around, the plans are being sabotaged by the Priest of Monaco and Princess Beatrice. Once Beatrice outs herself of the plan, only Chuck can stop the Priest from ruining the marriage of the century. He tries his hardest to stop this plan from succeeding by pretending to be on the Priest's side, but saying he wouldn't do that to her, and that he just wants her to be happy. Eventually it is left to Georgina Sparks to try and stop the wedding from going ahead.

At the altar, a Gossip Girl blast shows a video of Blair telling Chuck she's still in love with him whilst she was getting ready to walk up the aisle; as this video spreads through the crowd, Blair is mortified and runs off leaving a confused Louis and lots of wedding guests wondering what is to happen. Out of the church she talks to Louis telling him that she wants a second chance and will never humiliate him again, he apparently goes along with her and they marry but, once having their last dance before honeymoon, she discovers that he only went ahead with it to stop even more public humiliation and he doesn't want to be married to her at all.

Facing the crushing horror of a loveless marriage, Blair calls Dan to drive her to the airport. She drives away in the just married car with her head down and an uncertain future.

After the wedding, Dan is certain he has lost Blair to Louis but soon finds out it is a sham wedding when Blair asks him for help to get out of the country and file for a divorce. Taking her to the airport he realizes just how much she needs to get out of this situation and lies to Serena about her whereabouts, this leaves him with a problem when he is discovered with Blair later on.

When Dan and Blair are in the Airport hotel, they have an argument. They are interrupted by Chuck and Serena. Soon after Serena and Dan leave, leaving Chuck and Blair alone. Chuck and Blair have a conversation about them. Chuck says to Blair that he will protect Blair from the Grimaidies, but Blair says she has to fight them on her own.

Soon afterwards, Blair arrives from her honeymoon to Manhattan on Valentine's Day and tries to set Dan and Serena up. However, when Blair notices the lack of interest Dan has in pursuing his old relationship with Serena, she tells him that she attempted to get Dan and Serena back together because she wants Dan to be happy. Blair asks him what it is that would make him happy, and he responds by kissing her, leaving Blair stunned. She, however, does not stop him and instead slowly begins to reciprocate to the kiss. Unfortunately, Serena, alongside Georgina, accidentally intrudes on Dan and Blair. Georgina manages to snap a picture of Dan and Blair's kiss and soon runs away from the scene, driving Dan to chase after her, leaving Blair and stunned and angered Serena alone together. Blair continues to deny having any feelings for Dan during and after the party to both Dan and Serena.

With Serena and Blair's friendship on shaky grounds, Dorota decides to lock them in the dining room up for their own good. Blair decides to prove to Serena by spending a whole day with Dan that her feelings are platonic. Unfortunately, she reciprocates another kiss from Dan while Serena accidentally intrudes on them. Serena dictates that Blair is always in denial when it comes to matters of the heart. During a re-enactment of a scene from the Inside novel, Blair realizes that Dan loves her for her and has so for some time. Putting aside her insecurities she admits to both Serena and Dan that she has feelings for Dan. Serena then gives Blair her blessing, stating that she does not want to be an obstacle in Dan and Blair's relationship. Soon afterwards, Blair pecks a kiss from Dan and heads off to support Serena with her last moments with CeCe.

In "Princess Dowry" Dan walks in on Blair discussing what could be a potential way out of her prenup on the phone with Cyrus and another lawyer form his firm. Blair shares the details and after saying that she "wouldn't have to wait a year for ... anything" she and Dan exchange smiles. At Cece's wake Chuck outs Dan via Gossip Girl as the sender of the video that was fatal to Blair's marriage. At first, she thinks that it's just a game Chuck's playing and she is unwilling to participate however, when she sees the guilty looks on Dan's face she realizes that it's the truth. She is mad at him, but forgives him after he tells her that his only reason for sending the video was that he couldn't stand to see Blair so unhappy. Meanwhile, Blair makes a deal with Estee to help her get out of hr marriage dowry free if there will be no more public mention of it not in the media, not in Gossip Girl. However, at this time Georgina that has stolen Dan's phone teams up with Chuck and sends Gossip Girl a message from Dan's phone uploading the photo of the Valentine's Day kiss, thus ruining Blair's chances of not having to pay the dowry. Dorota shows Blair the blast and she confronts Dan who is with Georgina. The latter admits to having been Gossip Girl and it turns out that the deal with Estee was also one of her schemes. Dan goes to confront Chuck, who after finding out that the blast will bankrupt Blair's family is regretful, however, he reveals that he has outed Dan for the bad guy he has been and he questions whether their friendship was just an act. Blair walks over to them and Chuck tells Dan to be honest and confess that he has been trying to keep him and Blair apart, which Dan does. He apologizes to Blair and leaves. Chuck wants to be with Blair because all the obstacles are seemingly gone, but Blair tells him that though she loves him, she is not in love with him no more.

Later Georgina visits Blair and promises to get her rid of her dowry in exchange for Blair's support. Blair agrees to this. In last scene of the episode Blair goes to Brooklyn. Dan definitely isn't expecting her, as he is assuming she got back together with Chuck. He tells her that he knows he is an awful person and there is no need for her informing him of this. However, Blair tells him that she isn't there to tell him off and she isn't with Chuck. Dan begins to realize where that is headed and he cracks a joke, that clearly expresses his disbelief and surprise at Blair choosing him. She tells him that she told Chuck that he doesn't have her heart anymore as it now belongs to someone else. Dan and Blair kiss. Blair calls him by his first name which amazes Dan and he asks her to "say it again" and they start kissing passionately.

"It Girl, Interrupted" (Episode 19) Here's the Blair part recap, you can only see the writing if you highlight it.

It’s a brand-new day on the Upper East Side, which means Dorota is strolling into Blair’s with divorce papers. Blair, looking resplendent, gushes her daydreams about her future with Lonely Boy: “Now we can walk down Madison Avenue hand-in-hand without worrying about Louis changing his mind!” Spoiler alert: It’s not Louis who’s in danger of changing his mind.

Serena and Blair have a meeting of the scheming roommate minds. Serena spots the divorce papers and (fake) gushes how happy she is for Blair to finally get her happy ending with Dan (Penn Badgley) now that the Louis chapter is over, but Blair suddenly gets a GG blast about her impending divorce. Serena’s got a tight grip on the UES puppet strings and isn’t stopping at anything to exert her power over the land. Blair is curious as to why Serena hasn’t been in the spotlight at all, and Serena confesses her (fake) desire to shine the limelight elsewhere. Blair’s brilliant suggestion? Create the next Serena van der Woodsen. Sidebar: Apparently bold prints are IN FOR SPRING, judging from Blair’s floral dress and Serena’s black-and-white art deco skirt.

Later, Blair and Dan having breakfast at her apartment. We like to envision a Blair Waldorf morning as starting with Bellini’s and ending with éclairs. Dan is seated across from the divine Ms. B., being loquacious about his ideas for their dreamy day together: go to a museum, listen to Bright Eyes on the subway… ZZZZZZZZ. Blair’s totally distracted by the divorce papers and clumsily lies to Dan about how they don’t have the royal seal on them yet. Dorota gives Blair some major side-eye as she leaves the room, and somehow Mr. Lonely Boy manages to convince Dorota to hand over the document. He spots the seal and knows Blair’s lying to him, fighting visions of a second-thoughts-having Blair.

Back on the island of New York, Chuck, thankfully, has changed out of his track suit and back into his tailored suit — and is leaning over a mahogany desk, speaking intently with his private investigator, who tells him his mother has been living in Vienna for the past six months. Sensing Chuck’s coming existential life crisis, the P.I. suggests turning to a friend for help about his mommy issues. Chuck, looking forlorn while staring out his window, says: “The one person who was there the whole way through is the one person who wasn’t in my life anymore. Blair Waldorf.” Then, the PI delivers some major news and life advice in one fell swoop: “Then why did you pay her dowry?”

Dan, angsty about Blair’s lying, turns to the only other boy with just as many feelings: Nate. But even Nate’s too busy for this heart-to-heart and tells Dan: “I think you’re Humphreying out here.” Then he fills Dan in on the little Chuck-paying-Blair’s-dowry-secret, and Dan’s insecure mind is off and running with reasons why Blair might be delaying her divorce — all having to do with Chuck

Meanwhile, our favorite KGB expat is threatening Blair with taxis instead of limos and the Waldorf finally breaks, confessing to Dorota the reason behind her hesitation to sign the divorce papers: “I feel like once I sign those papers, I’m closing the door on something I’m not quite ready to let go of,” Blair sighs. Cue: Chuck Bass’s arrival! So many feelings. Chuck tells Blair he needs her, but she doesn’t understand why. “I don’t understand what you want from me,” she says, all Stone-Cold-Steve-Austin while sitting on her velour settee.

Chuck: “Someone to talk to, I guess. You met her, you know what I went through.” He’s talking about his mom, in case you missed it. But Blair is convinced Chuck has an agenda, and Chuck, bless his heart, doesn’t blame her — but finds another listening ear in Serena, who just so happens to be descending the stairs as he walks to the elevator. Cue: Gossip Girl blast about Chuck being at Blair’s apartment. This girl is giving Georgina a run for her conniving money.

Dan gets the Gossip Girl blast and calls Blair, thinking their secret meeting is about the dowry, but Blair reveals she had no idea about Chuck’s little dowry secret, and she abruptly hangs up on Mr. Lonely Boy to go find Chuck.

Blair finds Chuck at the party and confronts him about the dowry situation. Chuck is pissed that Blair knows, and Blair continues to berate him about trying to “buy” her. “I knew it; you thought you could buy me back. You bought my divorce and you came to collect your prize.” But the look on Chuck’s face says otherwise. “I just wanted you to be free, who ever you choose to love with that freedom is up to you” Chuck walks away and Blair is left confused.

Then Dan appears, apologizing profusely for telling Blair about the dowry. Dan admits he saw the unsigned divorce papers, too, and Blair confesses that her hesitation to sign them has nothing to do with Chuck. “My whole life I wanted to be a princess, and it was this whole whirlwind of royalty and tiaras. I never really got to be a princess.”

Dan, intent on giving Blair the royal treatment, makes her don a pink fluffy dress and meet him on the museum steps. Then Dan hands Blair a tiara and kisses her.

In "Salon of the Dead" Blair and Dan plan a date so they can be seen together for their debut as a couple. When they go for lunch, Blair and Dan meet a couple that gives them the idea of hosting a Salon with British literature as a subject on Dan's loft. Blair tell Dan that they won't invite Serena, as she might found them both together as awkward. She also refuses to invite Nate, rejecting the idea of imagining him at a salon. Instead, they choose to invite Diana Payne, as she is press and could get their relationship published.

During the salon, Blair is nervous when Serena, Nate, chuck and Lola arrive uninvited. Dan and Blair leave the loft for a moment in order to get more ice for the guests, and when they arrive everyone is leaving after the shocking scene in which Diana is revealed to be chuck's mother. Blair feels terrible, because the salon was meant to be her first public appearance with Dan but it was a complete disaster. Dan calms her down and they hug.

In the next episode, Despicable B, Blair is jealous of Dan, as a magazine publishes him as highbrow, being a successful writer, whereas it accuses Blair of having a marriage shorter than the one of Kim Kardashian. Blair then gets invited by Dan to his book party, and she is told to arrive informal. Blair makes up a plan to become highbrow by eclipsing Dan a his book party and she arrives in a sparkly black dress which she tells Dan is her version of something informal. During Dan's speech, Blair takes the microphone and start talking about how she influenced the creation of Inside. Later, Blair is leaving, and Dan finds her, asking her why she just ruined his speech. Blair tells him that she in uncomfortable at the idea of him being highbrow while she is mocked and the couple fights.

That night, Blair is at her room and Dan arrives. Blair apologizes to Dan. Dan tells her about the wonderful woman he felt in love with (speaking about Blair) saying how fierce she is and Blair smiles. Blair and Dan kiss, meaning that everything is fine for the moment.

In "Raiders of the Lost Art" Blair and Dan are speaking in her bedroom. They talk about how they are happy they both have the freedom to do what they want because they trust each other. Dan leaves for a meeting with Alexandra and Blair tells him she will go find her old self, going to the Met. On her way there, Blair finds Chuck who asks her for help to unmask the reality behind Diana Payne pretending to be his mother. At first, Blair starts to recoil, but tells Chuck it is his "lucky day" after she receives a message from Dan cancelling their plans to have lunch together. Blair and Chuck head to Blair's penthouse in which she changes into a tight dress mocking Diana Payne and tells Chuck she has a form to break codes, as she coded her diary in old times thinking Eleanor was trying to read it. She looks at the agenda that Nate stole from Diana Payne and notices she always has a meeting at 9:00 p.m. on the first Saturday of every moth, as that day. When Blair arrives at the Empire she gets called by Dan, who tells her he is been offered to spend the summer in Rome to get inspiration in order to write his next book. Dan is shocked because Blair tells him she would never stand on his way with such a great opportunity and he gets suspicious when Blair tells him she is scheming with Chuck, at The Empire.

When Blair looks in her purse for Diana's book, Lola notices Serena took it, and Nate, Lola, Chuck and Blair avoid Serena escaping with it. Serena explains it was because she got offered the real phone number of gossip girl if she helped Diana. When chuck explains they are trying to find if Jack is really his father Serena decides to help him, and Blair tells her to be with them and not against them. Blair then sends Dorotha to give some massages to Diana Payne and they obtain the direction of the place she will go to that night. Dan sends a text to Humphrey telling him not to wait for her but Dan sees Blair getting into a limo with Chuck and follows them in a car. Nate, Chuck and Blair arrive to the place where Diana is supposed to go (which turns out to be a brothel)and Dan stays outside in the cab. Serena and Charlie who are looking for Gossip girl also arrive to that place, and Nate goes with Lola to find Diana while Serena tries to get the real Gossip Girl. Chuck is offered company by one of the workers of the place but Blair seems to get jealous and tells the woman that chuck is with her. Chuck and Blair tell the woman to show them the house to get a room, but in reality they are looking for Jack Bass. When Diana spots Chuck and Blair she calls security and the house starts getting emptied. Blair enters a room and finds out something that shocks her deeply. Later, Blair finds Jack and tells him that she will tell Chuck what Jack is really hiding in the house. Jack tries to convince Blair not to tell Chuck because she would cause a lot of damage. Blair spots Chuck in the parking lot and tells him that he should go inside the house when it is dark and it is emptied. Gossip Girl gets her job back, as it is revealed Nate and Lola were helping her to overthrow Serena, and the first thing Gossip publishes is about Blair heading back to Brooklyn, asking if they hadn't have enough of that couple.

Blair arrives to Dan's loft and asks him if he is upset with her, but Dan denies it. Dan tells her that his offer to go to Rome was cancelled but it is a lie, as Dan only rejected it in order to stay with Blair and not ruining their relationship. As Blair is about to leave, Dan asks Blair is she knew that he loves her. Blair only replies saying "I do now" and Dan is left alone. In the end of the chapter, it is revealed that what Blair was shocked to find in the brothel was that Bart Bass is alive, as Chuck also finds him with Diana Payne.

In the next episode when Dan's agent calls and Blair answers, she finds out that Dan lied about Rome. Dan tells her that he was worried about Chuck and her spending time together again. Blair runs into Chuck on the street and is asks if Chuck is okay. Chuck tells her that his father is about to leave again because some powerful people are after him. Chuck asks Blair if there's anywhere she have to be right now. She says no and gets in the car with him.

When Serena calls Blair to find out where she is, she says she's with Chuck. Serena tells her that Dan have some news and she has to come right away. When Blair gets back, Dan asks her to company him to Rome for the summer. Blair isn't sure she wants to go, so she tells him that she will have to look her calendar first, so she can buy some time to think. After thinking about it, Blair accept the offer but again isn't quiet sure she go for it. As they are ready to meet some people about Rome, Serena texts Blair that Chuck is in trouble and Blair lies to Dan and tells him that she have's to go get ice cream and that she will come back before the meeting begins but in fact, she's going to help Chuck. When Blair knows that she can't make it to the meeting, she sends Serena to go instead and Serena have to pretend that she is Blair. When Dan asks Serena where Blair is, she lies too and says that Blair is with her mother. Soon after Dan finds out where Blair really is he's upset because Blair lied to him and he tells Serena that he said that he loved Blair but Blair didn't say it back. When Blair comes back, Serena tells her that maybe is the time Blair tells Dan how she feels. Blair says to Serena that she's not ready and that the next time she will say those three words it will be to someone that she is sure it's the last one.

In the finale of season 5, Gossip girl is starting to post clips from Blair diary where she tells that "What if I never love anyone more then I love Chuck." Dan sees this post too and is jealous again. When Blair is trying to explain the posts, Dan gives her an ultimatum, if she doesn't tell him how she really feels, she can't come to Rome with him. Soon after Gossip Girl posts another clip from the diary where Blair wrote a year ago that she will never forgive Chuck what he did, and that he deserves to be alone forever. After the post, Blair goes to see Chuck at the Empire and asks if Chuck is hurt. Chuck tells her that the post doesn't matter because is was a year ago and that they have made amens since then. Then Chuck asks if she broke up with Dan, she says no and Chuck tells her that he's tired to play the game and that he needs to move on with his life now. Blair gets a text from Dan and she leaves.

Blair realize that she have to choose, Dan or Chuck. She talks with her mother and says that even if Dan is her best friend and that when they are together it's great but in truth with Chuck she's vulnerable and that Chuck has made her happier than she's ever been. Eleanor tells Blair that she will retire for Eleanor Waldorf designs and that if Blair wants to, she can take over her company. Blair accepts.

As the finale episode progresses, we find out that Blair chooses Chuck over Dan and when they are at the Empire's roof, Blair tells Chuck that she loves him and for a long time she trying to kill it but can't and don't even want to anymore and wants to be with him from now on. Devastated, after losing Bass industries, Chuck says that he doesn´t want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf and leaves.

At the last scene of the finale, Blair comes to the casino where Chuck is playing Black Jack and tells him she knows that Chuck fought for her all year and that she has come to fight for him and she's all in. Black Jack dealer asks Chuck will he be all in too. Season ends with Chuck and Blair gazing at each other.

Style and appearance

Blair is considered the most glamorous and

Serena's failure to regain her old status appears to confirm Blair as the social scene's most beautiful and popular girl.

beautiful girl on the Upper East Side. She is the daughter of a successful fashion designer, Eleanor Waldorf, which contributes to her notable fashion sense. In the novel series, she is described as a striking brunette, and never loses her position as Queen Bee. Amidst Season 2 of the TV series, she was voted the most beautiful female lead by readers of[1] Additionally, her wardrobe continually garnered real-life acclaim during the early seasons.
Though naturally beautiful, and much-admired, Blair, being an overachiever, enjoys making an effort to catch eyes, often wearing classic, Audrey Hepburn-inspired designer clothes. At times, she also feels challenged by her friend Serena, the similarly admired former Queen Bee. This sometimes creates a comical paranoia in Blair, leading to questions of perception versus reality. However, it is ultimately Blair who remains Queen Bee of the social scene, both during Serena's absence and after her return, in each version of Gossip Girl. How to Dress like Blair.



Blair Cornelia Waldorf

Despite leading a privileged and prominent lifestyle, Blair is generally characterized as a comical overachiever. In a review of the Gossip Girl novel series, Janet Malcolm of The New Yorker stated that unlike certain other Queen Bee characters, "Blair already has all the money and position anyone could want. She is pure naked striving, restlessly seeking an object, any object, and never knowing when enough is enough."[2] At times, Blair's ambition can lead her to embrace a haughty and scheming side. Generally speaking, Blair is ruled by her insecurities, despite a confident exterior, usually caused by her feeling inferior to Serena. These insecurities have resulted in Blair battling bulimia. It is revealed that if Serena had not been there for her, she never would have gotten better. While she's regarded as being extremely knowledgeable, Blair seldom leaves success to chance, or to her own talents, and usually works to sabotage her competition. Typically, Blair finds rivals in most females, including (and sometimes especially) Serena, her best friend. A result of this insecurity, Blair does not trust easily, and when she does is always tremendously hurt when she feels betrayed. However, despite her manipulative and often ruthless behavior, she is revealed to have a sensitive and loving nature as well.This side is revealed time and time again especially when Blair must come to the defense of someone she
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Blair Waldorf

cares about. Notably, this protective, warm side is evoked by Serena or Chuck. Blair also seldom gives up on those that she cares about, as evidenced when Chuck was grieving his father's death and she continually came to his aid, even when rebuffed. Lately, Blair has begun to display a softer side with Dan, as shown when she refused to sabotage him during their time as interns at W (and, true to form, she was humiliated and enraged when she learned Dan had sabotaged her). Romantically speaking, Blair generally finds herself conflicted by her own expected desires and what she truly wants. With the exception of Chuck (and Dan in season 5), Blair almost always pursues relationships with men who offer a status symbol (Nate having been a handsome Archibald, or the royal titles that accompanied Lord Marcus or Prince Louis). Despite her social-climbing agenda within her love-life, Blair seems happiest when she has someone to spar with, and is usually at her best with a romantic partner who challenges her and is her pair (ie. Chuck).

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  • 12 November 1990 – 30 January 2012: Miss Blair Cornelia Waldorf
  • 30 January 2012 – 9 April 2012: Her Serene Highness Princess Blair of Monaco


Sophie Grimaldi
Cyrus Rose
Harold Waldorf
Roman Garrel
Aaron Rose
'Blair Waldorf'
Louis Grimaldi
Tyler Waldorf
Baby Waldorf

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Blair: "Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here." Blair (to Dan): "I told chuck he doesn't have my heart anymore..... I realized it belonged to someone else" Blair: "I'm sick of always looking like Darth Vader next to sunshine Barbie."

Blair: "Damn that mother-chucker!"

Blair: "Fashion is the most powerful art there is . It's design, movement, and architecture all in one. It just shows to the world who we are, and who we'd like to be. Just like your scarf suggests that you'd like to sell used cars!"

Blair: "Serena's been in jail for four hours, she's already served more time than Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie combined."

Blair: "My father left my mother for a 31- year old model. A male model."

Blair: "Chuck Bass, I love you. I love you so much it consumes me."

Blair (to Serena): "We're the Non-Judging Breakfast Club (herself, Serena, Nate, and Chuck). We're you're best friends. You can tell us anything."

Blair: "We're Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck."

Blair (to Nate and Vanessa): "How nice! Half gallery, half boho coffee shop. But then again, unusual pairing seems to be the order of the day."

Blair: "I'm not a stop along the way! I'm a destination!"

Blair: "Lady Godiva, my only friend!"

Blair: "Are you crazy?! A hot life-guard is like Kleenex! Use once then throw away! You couldn't ask for a better rebound!"

Dan : "Google revenge and get Blair"

Blair: "Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”

Blair: "Yours is not to wonder why, yours is to do or die."

Blair(to Chuck): "Of course I love you Chuck. I love you more and more everyday, if its even possible to love someone that much!"

Chuck: "Don't let anyone tell you your not powerful, your the most powerful woman I know."

BLAIR: "It's taking all the power I have to walk I away from you." CHUCK: "I know. But I need to let you go. And you need to let go." BLAIR: "I will always love you." CHUCK: "I will always love you." (Blair walks away while Chuck watches) GG: This just in: Chuck Bass, and Blair Waldorf, happily never after. They say parting is such sweet sorrow, but wouldn't it be nice, if just once, it didn't have to be?"

Blair(to Chuck): "Just because I can't be with you, doesn't mean i don't love you."

Blair(to Chuck): "You know what Bass? Today's your lucky day."

Blair: "The only thing lamer than dating Dan Humphrey is mourning Dan Humphrey!"

Nate: "So you still love her[Blair] huh?" Chuck: "Can't imagine the day I won't."

Blair (to Jenny): "You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you."

Blair(to Serena): "Its your destiny to be gossip-worthy."

Chuck: "I swear, I did not want you finding out about the dowry. The only people who knew were Nate, and Andrew Tyler. I just wanted you to be free. Who you choose to love with that freedom is up to you."


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