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Blair Waldorf
General information
Full name Blair Cornelia Bass (née Waldorf)
Nickname(s) B, Queen B, Waldorf, Princess B
Birthplace Manhattan,New York City, NY
Birthday November 15, 1991
Occupation Student at

(at Constance; graduated)

College student (at NYU; ambiguous) (at Columbia University; ambiguous)

Fashion designer (at Waldorf Designs)

Socialite and philanthropist

Family Chuck Bass (Husband)

Henry Bass (son)
Baby Waldorf (daughter; miscarriage, with Louis)
Harold Waldorf (father)
Eleanor Waldorf Rose (mother)
Roman Garrel(paternal step-father)
Cyrus Rose(maternal step-father)
Aaron Rose (maternal step-brother)
Bart Bass (father-in-law; deceased)
Evelyn Bass (mother-in-law)
Lily van der Woodsen (adoptive mother-in-law)
Serena Van Der Woodsen (adoptive sister-in-law)
Eric van der Woodsen (adoptive brother-in-law)
Dan Humphrey (adoptive brother-in-law, via Serena)
Jack Bass (uncle-in-law)
CeCe Rhodes (adoptive grandmother-in-law)
Carol Rhodes (adoptive aunt-in-law)
Lola Rhodes (adoptive cousin-in-law)
Louis Grimaldi (ex-husband)

Romances Chuck Bass (Husband)

Nate Archibald(ex-boyfriend)
Marcus Beaton (ex-boyfriend)
Louis Grimaldi (ex-husband)
Dan Humphrey (ex-boyfriend)
Jack Bass (one-night stand)
Carter Baizen (fling)

Friends Serena Van Der Woodsen (best friend)

Chuck Bass
Nate Archibald
Dan Humphrey
Dorota Kishlovsky
Jenny Humphrey (frenemy)

Enemies Beatrice Grimaldi (Frenemies)

Juliet Sharp
Poppy Lifton
Rachel Carr
Vanessa Abrams
Georgina Sparks

Series information
Status Alive
Portrayed by Leighton Meester
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance "New York, I Love You XOXO"

"Well, uh, she's best friends with this girl, Blair Waldorf, who is basically everything I hate about the Upper East Side distilled into one 95-pound, doe-eyed, bonmot-tossing, label-whoring package of girly evil. "

- Dan Humphrey

Blair Cornelia Bass (née Waldorf) is a main character in the Gossip Girl series of novels and its television adaption, in which she is portrayed by Leighton Meester.

Blair is regarded as the "Queen B" of the Upper East Side. She is also the wife of Chuck Bass and the best friend of Serena.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Blair is considered the most glamorous and beautiful person on the Upper East Side. She is the daughter of a successful fashion designer, Eleanor Waldorf, which contributes to her notable fashion sense. In the novel series, she is described as a striking brunette, and never loses her position as Queen Bee. Amidst Season 2 of the TV series, she was voted the most beautiful female lead by readers of[1] Additionally, her wardrobe continually garnered real-life acclaim during the early seasons.Though naturally beautiful, and much-admired, Blair, being an overachiever, enjoys making an effort to catch eyes, often wearing classic, Audrey Hepburn-inspired designer clothes. At times, she also feels challenged by her friend Serena, the similarly admired former Queen Bee. This sometimes creates a comical paranoia in Blair, leading to questions of perception versus reality. However, it is ultimately Blair who remains Queen Bee of the social scene, both during Serena's absence and after her return, in each version of Gossip Girl. How to Dress like Blair.


"There's only one queen bitch in this town and that's me"

-Blair Waldorf

"That girl is fiercely strong. Independent. Outspoken. Beautiful. Capable of anything...and no man or magazine should be able to take that away from her."

-Dan Humphrey

Despite leading a privileged and prominent lifestyle, Blair is generally characterized as a comical overachiever. At times, Blair's ambition can lead her to embrace a haughty and scheming side. Generally speaking, Blair is ruled by her insecurities, despite a confident exterior, usually caused by her feeling inferior to Serena. While she's regarded as being extremely knowledgeable, Blair seldom leaves success to chance, or to her own talents, and usually works to sabotage her competition. Typically, Blair finds rivals in most females, including (and sometimes especially) Serena, her best friend. A result of this insecurity, Blair does not trust easily, and when she does is always tremendously hurt when she feels betrayed. However, despite her manipulative and often ruthless behavior, she is revealed to have a sensitive and loving nature as well.This side is revealed time and time again especially when Blair must come to the defense of someone she cares about. Notably, this protective, warm side is evoked by Serena or Chuck. Blair also seldom gives up on those that she cares about, as evidenced when Chuck was grieving his father's death and she continually came to his aid, even when rebuffed. Romantically speaking, Blair generally finds herself conflicted by her own expected desires and what she truly wants. With the exception of Chuck (and Dan in season 5), Blair almost always pursues relationships with men who offer a status symbol (Nate having been a handsome Archibald, or the royal titles that accompanied Lord Marcus or Prince Louis). Despite her social-climbing agenda within her love-life, Blair seems happiest when she has someone to spar with, and is usually at her best with a romantic partner who challenges her.

Novel SeriesEdit

In the novel series Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf is the daughter of Harold Waldorf , a rich lawyer and Eleanor Waldorf , a wealthy heiress from an Upper East Side family. Blair's father was caught cheating on Eleanor with another man named Giles, which caused Eleanor to divorce him. Harold soons moves to France with Giles, leaving Eleanor and Blair on the Upper East Side. Blair grew up being best friends with Serena Van der Woodsen and Nate Archibald . Soon Blair's mother meets a guy named Cyrus Rose , a rich architect. Blair can not stand Cyrus and wishes he and his son Aaron Rose would just disappear from their lives. But unfortunately for Blair, Cyrus and Eleanor get married and soon get pregnant with a little girl named Yale(Blair's choice). Blair is dating Nate Archibald in the first book until she finds out Serena slept with him, making her angry at both of them. She soons lets the anger go by book two and the three are all friends again. Later down the line Blair gets in her dream school Yale University and graduates. While in college she briefly dates Chuck Bass but it ends quickly. At the end of the series she and Serena are at odds when they both date Nate until they both decide to let him go and move on with their lives. Blair loves shopping at Barney's, Bendel's, and Bergdorf's. She and her father both love shoes, their favorite designer is Christian Louboutin. She loves Audrey Hepburn and her favorite movies are Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday.

TV SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

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In Season 1 of Gossip Girl, Blair is introduced as the Upper East Side's beautiful and popular Queen B. She is dating Nate Archibald, and is best friends with Serena van der Woodsen. She also finds a close companion in Nate's best friend and her childhood friend, Chuck Bass, who becomes a partner for her schemes. When Serena returns home from boarding school, Blair learns from Nate that he lost his virginity to a drunken Serena over a year ago.Blair retaliates by publicly revealing Serena's connection to a rehab hospital. She then learns that the actual patient is Serena's younger brother, Eric, who had been committed after a suicide attempt. Afterward, a remorseful Blair reconciles with Serena.
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After learning that Nate no longer loves her, Blair sleeps with Chuck, eventually falling for him. This leads to a heated affair and an eventual love triangle. Her inability to choose creates much of the first season's story line.She also begins a brief power struggle with freshman Jenny Humphrey. After she unites with Chuck and Nate in order to save Serena from the scheming Georgina Sparks, Chuck realizes that his feelings for Blair are real and suggests that they spend the summer together in Tuscany. However, he is discouraged by his father at the last minute, and stands Blair up.

Season 2Edit

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At the launch of the second season, Blair was described by creators as the queen at the center of the Gossip Girl chess game.A large portion of her story line in Season 2 revolves around her love-hate relationship with Chuck Bass, which was labeled "the heart of GG" by People magazine. While competing with Serena, Blair forms an unexpected friendship with Jenny, who states that they each work for everything they achieve, while Serena often glides through life. During their interviews at Yale University, Blair and Serena apologize for their ill feelings and resume their friendship.
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In the episode "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?", Chuck is devastated by news of his father's death, prompting Blair to offer her support while telling Chuck that she loves him. He initially shuns her advances, but later turns to her for comfort.However, the two stop seeing each other due to Chuck's uncle, Jack Bass, convincing him he has an inability to commit to a relationship. After being rejected by Yale, Blair finds unexpected encouragement from Nate. She is later accepted into New York University, and her competitive relationship with Georgina is eventually renewed.

As the season ends, Blair crowns Jenny the new queen of Constance Billard School. In the season finale, it is discovered that Blair slept with Chuck's uncle Jack and that Chuck had slept with Vanessa Abrams. Chuck then departs for Europe. He later returns to New York and reconciles with Blair while declaring his love for her, and the two finally begin a committed relationship.

Season 3Edit

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In the third season, Blair joins Vanessa, Georgina, and Jenny's brother Dan at NYU.Much of her story line concerns her inability to attain her previous status at her new school. She finds emotional support from her mother, as well as Chuck. However, she and Chuck separate once again when Blair feels that he manipulated her while competing with his uncle.

She later transfers to Columbia University, and learns that an emotionally reformed Chuck was responsible for her enrollment.They later team up as part of a role-playing scheme to help Serena's mother and Chuck's adopted mother, Lily. In the season finale, Chuck attempts to propose to Blair, but is interrupted by Dan, who reveals that Chuck had slept with Jenny. Two weeks later, Blair and Serena depart for Paris intending to spend the summer together.

Season 4Edit

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In Season 4, Blair and Chuck become competitive once again, but eventually resume their sexual relations before recognizing their love for one another. When the relationship interferes with their business interests, she and Chuck break up once more. Chuck promises he'll wait for her, and both affirm their belief that their love will reunite them in the end.

Blair then teams up with Dan when the two share common goals. They also end up working together at W. magazine, where friction develops between the two.On Valentine's Day, she discovers that Chuck has romantic feelings for Raina Thorpe, the daughter of his business rival. Later, she and Dan spend the evening talking on their cell phones while watching Rosemary's Baby.Blair later quits W. and is shown asleep with Dan in his Brooklyn flat. Later, upon growing curious of their feelings for one another, Blair and Dan share a kiss before the mid-season hiatus.

Blair eventually decides that she wants to be with Chuck, but shuns him once again after he tries to humiliate Dan.She is later courted by a prince from Monaco named Louis. During a private confrontation, a drunken Chuck punches a window after he finds out Prince Louis has proposed to Blair, which cuts Blair's face as it shatters. Afterward, Blair chooses to accept a proposal from Louis. Blair later attempts to warn Chuck about potential trouble in his family. She is then abducted by an enemy of the Basses, Raina's father Russell Thorpe. Chuck later rescues Blair and apologizes for his violent actions. Following a night out together, the two have sex before Chuck advises Blair to return to Louis, believing that she will be happier with him. However, the season ends with the revelation that Blair may be pregnant.

Season 5Edit

In the fifth season premiere, Blair continues to plan her wedding, but begins to encounter problems in her relationship with Louis. It is later revealed that she is pregnant. Blair tells Chuck that the child is Louis', and states that part of her wanted Chuck to be the father. Dan becomes Blair's confidante and is shown to be in love with her, though she remains oblivious to his feelings and states that there is nothing more than friendship between them.
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Though she insists that she is in love with Louis, Blair begins to seek Chuck out as the season progresses. The two eventually declare their love for each other prior to a car accident. Though both recover, Blair suffers a miscarriage from the crash. At the wedding, Gossip Girl releases a recording of Blair confessing her love for Chuck. Nevertheless, Louis and Blair get married, though Louis informs her that they will have a loveless marriage of convenience. She then receives support from Dan, leading them to share a kiss on Valentine's Day. Amidst these developments, Blair grows conflicted between her feelings for Dan and Chuck. After taking steps to end her marriage, she chooses to begin a romantic relationship with Dan. By the end of the season, however, after a debate about which love is the best—with Dan she feels safe, with Chuck she feels vulnerable—Blair declares that she is still in love with Chuck, and chooses to pursue him.

Season 6Edit

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In the final season, Blair resumes her romantic relationship with Chuck, while Chuck and his father Bart—who is revealed to be alive in the previous season—become bitter rivals. Blair pursues her career as head of Waldorf Designs, with several mi

shaps, before staging a successful line. In the penultimate episode, Bart falls to his death while trying to attack Chuck atop a building. Afterward, Blair and Chuck depart together. In the series finale, Blair marries Chuck which results in her not having to testify against him in his father's murder case. Five years later, Blair is shown to be running her mother's successful fashion line and she works with Jenny in a line called "J for Waldorf", she and Chuck are seen to be happily married with a son named Henry, suggesting that Chuck got Blair pregnant a few years after they married.


Blair and ChuckEdit

Relationship began before Pilot (1x01)[friends] / on Victor Victrola (1x07)[intimate]
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Blair and Chuck (6x10)
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On and off relationship through seasons 1 & 2.*Started: The Goodbye Gossip Girl (2x25)

"I would do anything for you, Chuck. But what if that's wrong? I never thought it was possible to love someone too much, but maybe it is. I don't like who I've become with you. ... This is the end, Chuck."
Blair Waldorf  The Unblairable Lightness of Being (3x18)

On and off relationship through Season 4 & 5.

Blair and NateEdit

Blair and Nate
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Relationship began before Pilot (1x01) [friends and intimate]

First RelationshipEdit

  • Started: Before Pilot (1x01)
  • Ended: Victor Victrola (1x07)
    • Reason: Blair found out Nate was still in love with Serena. Blair then asks Nate if he loved her, he doesn't say anything. Thus, Blair comes to the conclusion that she doesn't need or want Nate anymore.
"You should deal with your father, he needs you. You know what? I don't"
Blair Waldorf Victor Victrola (1x07)

Second RelationshipEdit

  • Started: Remains of the J (2x20)
  • Ended: Valley Girls (2x24)
    • Reason: Blair felt that Nate was just her High school boyfriend and will be nothing more.
"But this night already feels like a memory. Just hold me till the song's over. Let's not waste these last moments talking about it"
Blair Waldorf Valley Girls (2x24)

Blair and DanEdit

Blair and Dan
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Relationship began on Bad News Blair (1x04)


First Relationship

Blair and LouisEdit

Blair and Louis (5x13)
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Relationship began on Belles de Jour (4x01) [intimate]

First RelationshipEdit

  • Started: Belles de Jour (4x01)
  • Broke up: Double Identity (4x02)
    • Reason: Louis and his driver "switch identies" to find out if Blair "loves" him for him. Blair finds out that the prince(aka: driver) was suposed to be with Serena. Blair gets pissed and pushes Serena into a fountain.

Second RelationshipEdit

Blair and MarcusEdit

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Relationship began before Summer, Kind of Wonderful (2x01) [intimate]

First RelationshipEdit


Photo GalleryEdit

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