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Bree Buckley
General information
Full name Bree Buckley
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Socialite
Family Jed Buckley
(paternal grandfather)
P.J. Buckley
Beth Buckley
Romances Nate Archibald
Friends None
Enemies Archibald family
van der Bilt family
Carter Baizen
Series information
Status Alive
Portrayed by Joanna Garcia
First appearance "Reversals of Fortune"
Last appearance "Rufus Getting Married"

Bree Buckley was a recurring character in the Gossip Girl series.

Television seriesEdit

Season 3Edit

Bree Buckley first appears as a love interest of Nate Archibald in the beginning of Season 3. As they land, both find out that their families are political rivals, although that doesn't deter their interest on one another. Nate even invites her to a party and introduces her to his grandfather, who is displeased that his grandson is dating a Buckley. Moreover, on a double date with Blair and Chuck, Bree incurs Blair's suspicion and slight jealousy.

Blair proves to be right when it turns out that Bree and her family holds a grudge against Carter Baizen who happens to be with Serena at the time. Bree uses Nate to get to Carter so that her father can exact revenge against Carter and accept Bree back into the family. Although Bree apologizes to Nate and genuinely seems to care about him, Nate breaks up with her nonetheless.

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