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Carter Baizen
Carter Baizen
General information
Full name Carter Baizen
Nickname(s) Baizen
Birthplace New York City, NY
Birthday c. 1989
Occupation College Student
Family Unknown
Romances Serena van der Woodsen
Blair Waldorf
Friends Chuck Bass
Nate Archibald
Blair Waldorf
Series information
Status Alive
Portrayed by Sebastian Stan
First appearance "Bad News Blair"
Last appearance "New York, I Love You XOXO"

Carter Baizen is a recurring character on the Gossip Girl television adaption, portrayed by Sebastian Stan. Carter is a graduate of St. Jude's School for Boys and is friends-turned-enimies with Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass

Television seriesEdit

Portrayed by Sebastian Stan in seasons one, two and three, Carter Baizen is a St. Jude's graduate and rival of Nate and Chuck. It is mentioned that he turned his back on his parents and so was left without a trust fund and was forced to take matters into his own hands by shaping his own future, something that Carter reveals to Serena a week before the cotillion. In the second season, Carter resurfaces in New York with the mysterious Elle but ends up being involved with Blair and sleeps with her, contributing to her downward spiral. He soon leaves New York as Serena and Chuck intervene. In the second season finale, Carter returns to New York to tell Serena that he has found her father. During the premiere of season three, it is discovered that he and Serena spent their summer in Europe in pursuit of her father. In light of Serena's failure to capture her father's attention, Carter reveals his feelings to Serena and they share a kiss. Their relationship ends when it is revealed that he left Bree Buckley's cousin at the altar, earning the wrath of the Buckleys as Bree has her cousins called in during Rufus and Lily's wedding to bring Carter to Texas to work at an oil mill to pay off his debt. Serena then gambles on a high stakes poker game for Carter's freedom and fails. She then takes matters into her own hands and has him freed but Carter refuses to resume their relationship, saying that he would have preferred it if Serena didn't save him so that he could make amends and leaves. Carter resumes his habit of lying when he informs Serena of her father's definite location. Serena's disappears with him, which creates a strain in her relationship with Nate. Serena later finds out that he had known about where her father was since before they began dating, but had been delaying the information from her in order to get closer to her. She then forces him out of the limo.

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