The relationship between Chuck Bass and Eva Coupeau, also known by the portmanteau Cheva, was the romantic relationship between Chuck and Eva.


Cheva Hug 1


In Season 3, Chuck Bass was shot from a mugging incident in Prague where it was assumed that a nearby escort girl called Eva heard the gunshots. She came to his rescue when she realized that no ambulances were coming and so she tended to his immediate wounds. In the end of the first episode of Season 4, it is revealed through several flashbacks that she was the one who sterilised and stopped the bleeding. He wakes up to Eva whereby he adopts a new identity Henry Prince when reflecting on his past misdeeds as Chuck Bass. A few months later, 'Henry' has shown to be a completely changed man from doing everything himself and working at a cafe. He returns to the Upper East Side when both Serena and Blair find him in Paris, but he also reveals the truth and asks Eva to come back with him. When returning home, both Chuck and Eva experience insecurities from a startled Eva who feels insecure about her appearance and being accepted by Chuck's family while Chuck also experiences similar sentiments after being AWOL for months. When intelligence from Eric of Chuck's past misdeeds are divulged, an determined Rufus wants to confront this girlfriend of Chuck, but he denies her existence when she comes up towards them for her sake. He later reveals his entire past to Eva and she eventually agrees to try again. The next episode Blair schemes three times to breakup Chuck and Eva: the first was to out Eva for refunding a watch but it was revealed to be for a good cause, the second was to reveal Eva's past occupation as an escort but later part of Chuck not caring, and lastly a scheme that planted the idea that Eva knew his identity the whole time for his money. It works, but he shortly realizes the truth and pleads her to stay. Eva wished that he just believed her and leaves.


Closing In Cheva

'Henry Prince' with Eva

Eva has demonstrated to be one of the few people to be an agency of good for Chuck Bass in the TV Series. She has also showed a good work ethic, family values, and genuine compassion for those with less money & wealth because of her coming from an foreign place. This is probably due to her origins from a rural farm (goat) where her family were cheese makers. It was assumed expensive for her to start a study as a nurse and she was asked to return home when the family bills piled up. Somewhere between this she took an escort job to pay for the sum of bills. And it's because of these sacrifices in her life that she conscientiously believes that everybody deserves a second chance in life. E.g. from being with Chuck, to giving Ivan (Chuck's Employee) money, to giving Chuck's charity money to adopting 'Worn-out' dogs, and even befriending Blair Waldorf whom she knows is trying to break her and Chuck up as a couple.
Cheva Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

Chuck's personality took a complete 180 in personality from his 'Henry' persona and him returning home. i.e. as Henry he willingly helped the elderly and developed a work ethic from cooking, cleaning and waitering all by himself. He also gave many gifts to less fortunate. Amongst his relationship with Eva were suppressed doubts and insecurities as a result of his previous failed relationship with Blair Waldorf. But for the most part he reaffirmed to others and the public that Eva was a positive influence in his behaviour. The failure of Eva and Chuck's relationship was due to his trust issues and Blair's onslaughts of schemes. These trust issues later lingered into his future relationship with Raina Thorpe in the second half of Season 4.

Novel SeriesEdit

In the Novel Series, Chuck Bass has no interaction with a Eva Coupeau as she is not inclusive of the books at all.

TV SeriesEdit

In the Television Series of Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass is main character of the cast while Eva Coupeau is a recurring character for 4 episodes during Season 4.

Season 3Edit

Although, Eva is not introduced in the Season 3 finale, Last Tango, Then Paris, the preceding event of Chuck Bass being shot by a pair of muggers in Prague is instrument to him being saved by Eva, who is presumably observing the incident afar and thus aids in his recovery.

Season 4Edit

Hurt Bass 2

A severely hurt Chuck

In the end of episode 1, Belles de Jour, it is revealed via flashbacks that Chuck is recovering from severe abdominal wounds as a result of being shot and mugged when Chuck refused to give the muggers his engagement ring that was intended for Blair Waldorf. During the Flashbacks, all of Chuck's misdeeds since the first season are hallucinated as he being treated by a mysterious girl. While Chuck is seen suffering through an infection the girl is distraught with her best attempts at cleaning the wound. In the morning Chuck awakens to an angelic figure that is revealed to be Eva by his bedside. When she asks politely if he remembers who he is, Chuck decides in the moment not to identify himself, instead he scans the room of objects (Krušovice Beer, ALPAMANTA spirit, French Biscuits, and cans) to find a name from a William Shakespeare novel.
Henry V

Chuck- Name Searching

He establishes himself as 'Henry' Prince while removing his Bass Ring and dropping it to the floor.

A second flash-forward switches to Chuck a few months afterwards waking on an express train where Eva is concerned if he is having recurring nightmares of the night he got shot. As both Eva and Chuck walk across the train network it is disclosed that they are now a couple and she asks if he sure about heading off with her. Chuck says yes while he kisses her and heads towards the Mercure Hotel in Paris.

In the next morning of episode 2, "Double Identity," Chuck is adapting to his new identity and environment with Eva. Chuck has fully acclimated as 'Henry' from dressing down and preparing breakfast for Eva. Eva hands Chuck a walking stick, as he limping from his injuries, he heads off to work for Eva's Uncle. As Chuck is diligently working and helping an elderly exit the cafe Eva asks her Uncle if she take Chuck on a lovely day trip. While giving Eva a set of flowers she notices something is bothering Chuck which he does not say. He retorts that he's never been happier than being with her. After Serena's apparent tracking skills she visits Eva's apartment, where Chuck initially denies his identity to her, but later admits that he's old persona not deserving happiness. He then phones a contact who supplies him the money and a new passport for him and Eva to escape from Paris before others start to look for him. A bewildered Eva asks Chuck again if he certain that he is not running away from a problem. They then head towards the train terminal.

An intervention by both Serena and Blair allows Chuck to make the decision to return to his old life without regret or guilt. He then intersects Eva and asks her to come back with him to New York as he reveals his true identity:

Limo comes to Eva 2

I'm Chuck Bass

Chuck Eyes Eva

"I'm Chuck Bass."

In episode 3, "The Undergraduates," a greatly overwhelmed Eva looks upon from a terrace of the largeness of New York City. Chuck joins her and checks on her well-being. When preparing for the day Nate asks both Chuck and Eva to attend the Fashion's Night Out party where Chuck agrees it will be a good time to introduce her to his family. In the next scene Chuck is reassured that the family will take a liking to Eva after meeting with Lily and her forgivingness of his past actions.
Pretty Eva

Pretty 'Eva'

At a fashion boutique, Chuck helps Eva get accustomed to the Upper East Side while she tries on new dresses. However when Chuck has to leave, Blair dresses down Eva such that she feels insecure with herself. When Chuck asks if she is ready to go the party a normally dressed Eva declines because she does not feel she would fit in his world. With reassurance that he will be there for her, she reconsiders her decision.
Renoucing Eva

Dismissing Eva

Unfortunately, an ill-intentioned Rufus wants to inform Eva of all Chuck's past misdeeds, but firstly he wants to confront Chuck. The argument results in a witnessing Eva for Chuck to deny her existence. Eva leaves feeling humiliated and renounced. When Eva tries to find the limo that took her to the party, a determined Chuck explains every obscene detail of his life; to which it is assumed that Eva leaves in disgust. Chuck is absolutely shocked when Eva returns to tell him that she is willing to them a second chance.
Picture Perfect Eva

Picture Perfect Cheva

It is demonstrated in Touch of Eva, that Chuck is now a completely changed man from Eva's influence these past months. We are showed that Chuck and Eva are walking happily in the parks while the media are capturing their every 'inseparable' moments: from charity events (Outreach Programs and Relief Funds), film premieres, and restaurant openings. He even gives her an expensive Cartier watch to commemorate their coupling. When Nate and Chuck leave their partners to talk, Juliet notes how remarkably better Chuck is with her. This is when Eva indistinctly replies that everybody deserves a second chance. With Blair's jealousy at the time, she spies on Eva returning the watch to a Cartier store for a refund in cash. Blair uses this as leverage to create a divide between Chuck's relationship, but it unveils that Eva was acting in the best interest of Ivan; an employee of Chuck who is struggling with he's living payments. Chuck then provides Eva with a foundation that is setting to donate 5 million dollars to a choice of her making.
Knowing the Truth 2

Knowing the truth

The one that she takes particular interest in is the adopt a dog foundation to which she has taken Blair to try win her as a friend. Unfortunately, Blair true intentions is to gather selective details to identify Eva's past from a conference call with Serena and Dan. They discover that Eva's past work at Prague was being an escort at a brothel house. Dan's guilt of finding the information leads indirectly via Nate to inform Chuck of her past occupation. He tries to confront Eva to which she immediately sees that he knows the truth. Their relationship is fractured when they attend the charity party together, but then Chuck publicly
Good Eva 2

Almost Certain Trust

dedicates the charity to Eva as he knows that she is a positive force in this world. Thus, they then share a stare across the room-top of guests with great affection. But thanks to
Farewell Eva

Farewell for the well-being of Chuck

Blair's scheming, Chuck is wrongly led to believe that Eva fully knew of his identity the whole time and that she has been plotting to use him to get to his money. He demands that she leaves his apartment immediately. But when Lily reveals that his original passport was only recently returned to him, he quickly pleads his innocence to Eva, who replies if only he could have just trusted her instead of confiding and believing in Blair. She grasps Chuck's face one last time to ask him to take care of himself and then leaves him alone to dwell.


  • In Season 5, episode The Jewel of Denial, Dan Humphrey provides Chuck with a dog called 'Monkey,' to awaken his emotions. The first half of Season 5, also plays to the redemption arc of Chuck's character to which Monkey provides comfort when he feels broken. Eva also felt that broken dogs deserved a second chance in happiness as well.


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