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Exterior of Constance Billard
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Constance Billard School for Girls is an exclusive private school of which all the girls - except  for Vanessa - attend in the Gossip Girl series. It was seen less after the Non-Judging Breakfast Club's class graduated at the end of Season 2; and even less after Jenny Humphrey departed for Hudson.

It is run by Headmistress Queller and is in partnership with St. Jude's School for Boys. In Gossip Girl you see the hall, the swimming pool and the courtyard. Constance Billard is a leading New York girls school, with much of the graduating student body attendng prestigous universities including many Ivy League schools, for this reason many of the Upper East Side 's wealthy, well known and elite choose to send their daughters to Constance.

Notable alumniEdit

Class of 2009Edit

Class of 2011Edit

Class of 2014Edit


  • Aly (Mini Serena)
  • Thea (Mini Blair)
  • Cecily Von Ziegesar (introduced as alumni at party in episode 4x22: The Wrong Goodbye)


  • Headmistress Queller
  • Rachel Carr(quit)
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