Eleanor Waldorf is a recurring character, and the mother of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl.

Television seriesEdit

Season 1 Edit

In Pilot, she is first seen hosting a party at her penthouse. She sees Blair wearing one of the dresses from Waldorf Designs, and comments on how she should've gotten it properly fitted.When Blair is getting ready for the Kiss On The Lips Party, Eleanor gives her some insightful advice about her appearance and her life.In Roman Holiday,Eleanor welcomes home Harold and Roman from France. She gets introduced to a man named Jack Roth, and they end up having a one night stand on Christmas Eve.

Season 2, Jenny is an intern at Eleanor's but soon proves herself as a creative and talented designer; so much so, that Eleanor incorporates many of Jenny's designs, promising Jenny that she will introduce the young protege to influential people she also cheats on her dad and turn lesbian in fashion. But Eleanor does not follow through with her bargain, leading Jenny to split from Eleanor to try and start her own fashion line.

In the same season, Eleanor is in a relationship with Cyrus whom Blair disapproves of, because he is short and loud. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to split them apart and later gives her approval for their marriage.

Eleanor is said to have a complicated relationship with Cyrus' mother, as showed in Seder Anything. She is back in Season 3 during Thanksgiving when Blair believes she is pregnant, but it turns out she only wanted to inform Blair that she was full-time moving to Paris with Cyrus.

Eleanor is often seen as calculated and cruel, she does what she wants herself; often with no thought what it will do to those around her. She has admitted in the past that Dorota has actually brought Blair up more than she has. Even though, she was very supportive to blair in the 5th Season during her marriage, and she was the one who went looking for Chuck when she believed that Blair marrying Louis was not a good choice. She wants the best for her daughter and loves her, so that at the end of the season she passes Eleanor Waldorf Designs to her.

Romantic Relationships Edit

  • Harold Waldorf - She was married to Harold for almost 20 years, before he moved to France and left her for a man named Roman. He filed for a divorce shortly after.
  • Jack Roth - A man she met on Christmas Eve at the ice skating rink in Grand Central Park. He is seen iceskating with his niece. Roman tells Eleanor that he is flirting with her, but Eleanor doesn't believe him. Roman secretly invites Jack to Eleanor's Christmas Eve Party, and Eleanor and Jack end up having a one night stand. Jack owns a hedge fund and has offices in London and Barcelona.




Hobbies & Skills Edit

  • Fashion Designing - She's a successful fashion designer, and even has her own company called Waldorf Designs. She's had her own line of clothing at famous stores such as Henri Bendel and Victoria's Secret.

Trivia / Facts Edit

  • After her divorce with Harold, she lost 15 pounds and got an eye lift
  • Her cellphone number is 2125550169
  • She used to love ice-skating when she was young
  • She takes Valium, which is a medicine used for treating anxiety

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