Elliot Garfield is a recurring character that was considered a guest star during seasons 3 and 4. He is portrayed by Luke Kleintank.

Season ThreeEdit

Elliot was first introduced in Inglourious Bassterds when Eric was playing assassin on Nate's Birthday. He then later returned during Dorota's wedding in The Unblairable Lightness of Being with a girlfriend causing Eric to be upset. However the girlfriend left out of jealousy and Elliot confirmed that he is bisexual.

Season FourEdit

Elliot appears in The Witches of Bushwick, which is the last episode he is seen in.

In Damien Darko, it is mentioned that he and Eric broke up.

He is also mentioned in Panic Roommate.


  • He has been in 7 episodes and in 3 uncredited episodes.
  • He lives in Blair Waldorf's building.