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Summary Edit

Unresolved issues between Ben and Serena come to flight when his mother visits. Russell Thorpe puts his relationship with his daughter, Raina, at risk by becoming more resolved to destroy Chuck's family legacy. Meanwhile, William van der Woodsen makes his return to the Upper East Side. Dan and Blair are suspected of dating by Dorota whilst Rufus is growing ever closer to finding out who Dan's new friend is.

Plot Edit

Now that Chuck has managed to seal on Bass Industries with Bradley Kidd, he plans a huge party to celebrate.

Blair is stalking Chuck's every move online but is has an eerily calm facade that Dorota views with suspicion. When Serena congratulates Blair on her newfound center after leaving W, Blair attributes it to her juice fast. Serena is anxious because Ben hasn't contacted her since they spent the night together. Blair tells Serena to go and see him and also sends Dorota out. She texts Dan and lets him know hat no one is around so they can spend time together. Meanwhile Serena is avoiding Vanessa's texts.

Dorota comes back early from her errand and almost catches Dan and Blair. When she finds Dan's magazine, she confronts Blair about it, who insists that she and Dan are not friends.

On the other side, Thorpe approaches Chuck and is still angry about losing Bradley Kidd and tells him that his daughter's focus is on Nate now. Thorpe also refuses to back down and tells Chuck that he won't leave without a fight for Bass Industries.

Ben has been blowing Serena off because his mother is in town. Lily starts to think that Ben spilled the secret after Vanessa tracks her down and explains that she heard Ben threatening Damien. When Serena finds out that Ben's mother is in town, she tries to make nice by inviting her to lunch. She overhears his mother urging Ben to turn Lily in so that he can turn his life around. When Lily and Vanessa tell her about Ben's involvement in the Captain's beating, Lily asks Serena where the affidavit is. The affidavit is missing from Serena's dresser drawer.

Serena approaches Ben at the party and starts to accuse him of taking the affifavit but it turns out that Ben's mother went through her drawer and gave the document to Thorpe in order to get her son's life back. Thorpe tells Chuck he must hand over the company or he'll turn in Lily to the D.A. and destroy their whole family. But Chuck had already planned for this and asked Raina to be there to prove to her that his father can cross the line just like him.

Raina was watching her father as he told Chuck this and she's disappointed, storming out with Nate. Lily finally breaks down and says she will turn herself in voluntarily so that Bass Industry's name won't be tainted. She confesses that she's been feeling guilty and her family will finally be able to forgive her. Thorpe tells Chuck that his personal vendetta isn't that Bart Bass stole Lily from him, but that Bart had his wife killed in a fire. Although Chuck is shocked and refuses to believe Thorpe, he still can't shake the feeling and shuts down his party.

Serena and Ben decide to break up so Ben can get his life together; Chuck starts drinking heavily and decide to go see Blair with Serena because she'll understand his pain.

Lily and Rufus go to the D.A. and she confesses to forging the affadavit. Suddenly, William van der Woodsen comes and tells Rufus that Cece told him about Lily and they will take care of matters.

Meanwhile, Blair and Dan had been planning on announcing their unlikely friendship on Gossip Girl until Lily turned herself in to the D.A. They decide to put their announcement on hold but Dan visits Blair and wonders if there's a chance they're attracted to one another but afraid to admit it. Dan suggests that they should kiss once to prove that there's no chance, and Blair pulls him in for a kiss.

Serena and Chuck are on their way to see Blair at that moment...

The final frame before a month off Gossip Girl is of Dan and Blair kissing passionately and evidently learning the truth about their relationship - they were never just friends.

Dramatis Personae Edit

Starring Edit

Special Guest Stars: Edit

Billy Baldwin as William van der Woodsen

Music Edit

  • "Blister In The Sun" by Nouvelle Vague
  • "Can't Stop Thinking" by Buva
  • "Catastrophe" by Nous Non Plus
  • "Don't Wait" by The Duke Spirit
  • "Humanised feat. Bajka" by Sola Rosa
  • "Les Sauvages" by Les Sans Culottes
  • "Somebody Else's Child" by The Vaccines
  • "Where You're Coming From" by Matt & Kim
  • "Don't Let Me Fall" by B.o.B

Memorable QuotesEdit

Dan:' "I've been walking around the city all night with one all-consuming, paralyzing thought."
Blair: "Why am I walking around the city when I live in Brooklyn?"
Dan:' "What if my dad and Dorota were right, what if there's another reason we're keeping us a secret?"
"Another reason like what?"
Dan: "Plausible deniability? Blair, we kept us a secret because we were afraid there was something more."
Blair: "You need to go back to Brooklyn."
Dan: '"Not until I know, for sure they were wrong... that there is nothing between us."
: "I can guarantee it... But just so you're secure in that knowledge, what did you have in mind?"
Dan: "Just one kiss. And then we can know without a doubt."
Blair: "I suppose that would work. One kiss. That's that."
Dan: "One kiss and that's that... So?"
Blair: "So... Oh for crying out loud, Humphrey!"
Gossip Girl: "XOXO —Gossip Girl"

Gossip Girl: "The question of whether we can fight fate will always remain a mystery."
Gossip Girl: "But the bigger question is what happens when we stop fighting it."

Rufus: I suggest you leave. I'm not the only one who remembers why you were run out of town after your last visit.
Will: I appreciate your concern, Rufus. I tell you what, I'll let CeCe explain everything. She's flying in as soon as she can.
Rufus: What?
Will: I don't think Lily quite realizes what she's in for. It's time to circle the wagons, Rufus. It's what we do best.


  • Billy Baldwin as William van der Woodsen
  • Billy Baldwin as William van der Woodsen
  • The first kiss



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