Gone with the Will is the 15th episode of the second season and the 33rd overall.

When most people lose a parent, they inherit sorrow, loss, and a closet full of outdated clothes. But on the Upper East Side, death's sad chapter comes with a silver lining. Or a gold one, if your relatives invested wisely in precious medals.

-Gossip Girl

Summary Edit

At the reading of Bart's will Chuck and Jack Bass and Blair learn that Jack is now Chuck's legal guardian and that Bart had intended for Chuck to become the CEO of Bass Industries one day. Jack shows his true colors by reacting angrily to the will and tries to set Chuck up so he would lose rights to the company. After cruelly rebuffing Blair's attempts at friendship under influence from Jack, Chuck decides to apologize to Blair for rejecting her although she decides she's not ready to forgive him.

Meanwhile, although Serena and Dan are back together, their relationship is on shaky ground as Dan is hiding a secret from Serena. Through Gossip Girl, Serena finds out the truth about sharing a sibling with her boyfriend and contemplates the future of their relationship.

In Boston, Lily and Rufus track down their son, only to be told that he died in an accident. But the adoptive parents are hiding a secret of their own. Rufus softens towards Lily and the pair decide to finally be together.

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