Juliet Sharp in Hamilton House Outfit

Juliet Sharp during the time she was the key master of "Hamilton House".

Hamilton House is a secret society at various locations, including a chapter at Columbia University. Members are chosen by an anonymous board of alumni and on the first day of school, potential members haveto find the key master to find if they made the cut.

In real life, is located at Columbia's University, exactly at 1130 Amsterdam Ave, NY 10027 and is the Hamilton Hall.

Overview Edit

When Blair and Serena begin at Columbia in The Undergraduates, they seek out the key master only to discover it is Juliet Sharp, Nate's new girlfriend. She has a key for Blair, but tells Serena that it's her last one.

The next day, Serena sees another girl get one and realizes Juliet tried to keep her out on purpose. At Fashion's Night Out, she stages a fight with Blair and they expose Juliet for what she did. As a result, Juliet loses her position at the house.

In Goodbye, Columbia, Nate is studying at the house when Juliet comes to surprise him, and they have a party there that night.

Members Edit

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