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Blair's dad
Harold Waldorf
General information
Full name Harold Waldorf
Birthplace Manhattan, New York City, NY (possibly)
Birthday Unknown
Occupation -
Family Roman Garrel
(life partner)
Blair Waldorf
(daughter, with Eleanor)
Henry Bass
(grandson, via Blair)
Charles "Chuck" Bass
(son-in-law, via Blair)
Romances Eleanor Waldorf (ex-wife)
Roman Garrel (life partner)
Friends Cyrus Rose
Dorota Kishlovsky
Series information
Status Alive, living in Paris
Portrayed by John Shea
First appearance "Blair Waldorf Must Pie"
Last appearance "G.G."

Harold Waldorf is Blair Waldorf's father and Eleanor Waldorf's first husband. He ran off to Paris with one of Eleanor's male models, Roman Garrel.

Novel seriesEdit

In the novels Harold is just talked about before the last book when he meets Blair with his two Cambodian twins that he adopted, Ping and Pong Waldorf.

Television seriesEdit

Blair-and-harold-waldorf 558x509

In the Park

Novels Edit

    • Ping and Pong (adopted twin children)


Romantic RelationshipsEdit

Novel SeriesEdit

He is gay.

TV SeriesEdit

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