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Howard Archibald
Howard Archibald
General information
Full name Howard Archibald
Nickname(s) Howie, The Captain
Birthplace New York City, NY (possibly)
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Businessman
Family Anne Archibald
(ex-wife; 1 child)
Nathaniel "Nate" Archibald
(son, with Anne)
William van der Bilt I
William van der Bilt II
William "Tripp" van der Bilt III
Romances Anne Archibald (ex-wife)
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Series information
Status Alive
Portrayed by Sam Robards
First appearance "Pilot"
Last appearance "The Revengers"

Howard Archibald is the father of Nate Archibald and ex-husband of Anne van der Bilt. A convicted criminal, Howard was arrested for embezzlement and for the possession of cocaine.

Novel seriesEdit

Howard "The Captain" Archibald is the demanding father of Nate Archibald. Determined to prove himself as a savvy and successful businessman, Howard is constantly under pressure because of his wife's family. He pressures Nate to attend Dartmouth College, his alma mater, despite the fact that Nate wants to go to the University of Southern California. The Captain is also very supportive of Nate's relationship with longtime girlfriend Blair Waldorf. The Captain's control over his son causes Nate to have doubts about everything in his life, from academics to his relationship with Blair.

Television seriesEdit

Season 1Edit

In season one, Nate finds cocaine in his father's office, and although The Captain allows Nate to take the fall for it, he is later arrested and arraigned for possession and embezzlement, embarrassing his wife. Although Anne gets him out on bail, Howard pressures Nate to remain in a relationship with Blair Waldorf because of his business dealings with her mother, Eleanor.

Season 2Edit

Howard's refusal to turn himself over to the FBI makes him an absent father for most of the second and third seasons while he is hiding in Dominica. His absence is a source of conflict for Nate, who struggles to help his family financially and support his mother emotionally. When the Captain finally does come back for his family, Nate finds out that his father is planning to hold them for ransom from the van der Bilts and turns him into the authorities.

Season 4Edit

Howard Archibald is in jail during season four where Nate visits him regularly. Although Anne does visit him at Nate's behest, she still files for divorce. The Captain will be out on parole and Nate offers to take him in. However, once out on parole, Howard refuses to get a job like he was asked to by the parole board, as he doesn't think the jobs are worthy of him. When he is offered a job by Russell Thorpe, Nate finds himself in a difficult position, one in which he must choose to betray his father or betray his friend.

Season 6Edit

Howard Archibald returns in The Revengers when his son, Nate Archibald, gets in trouble with the law.

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