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In The Realm of the Basses is the 14th episode of Season 2. It aired on January 5, 2009.

Summary Edit

After returning to the Upper East Side to try and deal with his father's death and the reading of his will, Chuck struggles with his grasp on reality. Chuck's uncle Jack Bass who brought him back from Thailand seems to have good intentions for his nephew but is determined to wrest control of Bass Industries. Blair and Jack are also hiding a dark secret from Chuck.

Blair Waldorf, meanwhile, tries to forget her last painful exchange with Chuck and focuses her attention on being accepted into the most prestigious ladies club in the city, Colony Club. Jenny Humphrey returns to Constance Billard and immediately takes on Penelope and her posse of mean girls.

After Serena returns from Argentina without Aaron she and Dan consider dating again. In the meantime their parents are in Boston looking for their child that Lily gave up for adoption so many years ago. When Dan finds out the secret, he agrees to keep it from Serena but realizes the obstacles in dating her again.

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