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Manuscript for Inside

Inside is the first novel written by Dan Humphrey in the Gossip Girl television adaption. Written over the course of the series' first four seasons, Inside is a fictional retelling of the lives of Dan and his friends.



Inside upon its publication.

  • Dylan Hunter
    • Based on Dan Humphrey
    • Character whom narrates the book
    • Main character
    • Older brother of Frankie
  • Clair Carlyle
    • Based on Blair Waldorf
    • The love interest of Dylan Hunter, slept with him
  • Sabrina van Skoneker
    • Based on Serena van der Woodsen
    • Another love interest of Dylan Hunter
    • Shallow, superficial, flaky (embodies Serena's negative qualities)
  • Charlie Trout
  • Derek
  • Frankie
    • ​Based on Jenny Humphrey
    • The best friend of Derek
    • Younger sister of Dylan


Like the Gossip Girl novels and television series, Inside takes place in New York City, primarily on the Upper East Side. Notable locations include:

Inside OutEdit

Inside Out is the tell-all novel and exposé chronicling the lives of the Upper East Siders by Daniel Humphrey. While Dan's first novel, Inside, was fiction, Inside Out is basically a retelling of those same events using real names, detailing what actually happened behind the scenes. As he could not find a publisher willing to buy the work unedited and in its entirety, Dan resorted to having Inside Out published in The New York Spectator before reaching a deal with Vanity Fair. However, the book's final chapters, as well as the reveal of Gossip Girl's true identity, were once again published in The Spectator.

Film adaptionEdit


Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson

Once Inside reached the bestseller list, a battle broke out over the film rights to the novel. By the series finale, the film adaption of the novel's follow-up, Inside Out, had begun production.


In the series finale, the casting process had begun for the film adaption of Inside Out, the follow-up to Inside. Below are those considered for their respective roles:


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