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Jack Bass is the younger and irresponsible brother of Bart Bass, and thus the uncle of Bart's son, Chuck Bass. Running the Australian division of Bass Industries, Jack came to New York after the apparent death of his brother to take control over the company. However, he failed when Bart's widow, Lily Bass, became Chuck's legal guardian. A year later, he succeeded in taking control of Bass Industries, but then Chuck offered his girlfriend in exchange for the family empire.

Season 2


Jack with Eric talks to Blair.

In half season 2, Jack comes to New York from Australia, upon hearing of his brother, Bart Bass' death. As Chuck's only surviving family member, he assumes the role of legal guardian. Jack headed Bass Industries in Australia and is hoping to become the company's new CEO. But at the reading of Bart's will, Jack and Chuck are both shocked to find that Bart instead chose to leave Bass Industries to his son. Furious, Jack thinks on

Blair and Jack.

his feet, and convinces Blair to assist him in planning a surprise brunch to "celebrate" Chuck's inheritance of the company.

Jack and Chuck listening to what Bart's lawyer says.

In reality, Jack uses this event to trick Chuck and allow the Board of Bass Industries to witness his debauchery and inebriation at the office. When Jack becomes a quick failure at his job, Chuck is forced to turn to Lily for help. She has the idea to become Chuck's legal guardian, therefore enabling her to retain official controlling interest in the company until Chuck turns 18 (and in essence allowing him to run it before then).

Jack meets up with Lily and Rufus.

Jack then confronts Lily while he is high and attempts to angrily rape her. Chuck physically restrains Jack and has him kicked out of the opera, and Jack is sent back to Sydney.

It is hinted when Jack Bass first comes to town that he and Blair had a fling, which is revealed to be true at the end of the season. Chuck is furious to find out that Blair slept with Jack although they later reconcile.

Season 3


Jack Bass talking on the phone.

Jack Bass returns again in Season 3. to sabotage Chuck during the opening of his new hotel, Blair aids him in getting a liquor license for Chuck by contacting Jack. Chuck confronts Blair for contacting Jack and Blair receives flowers and a note stating that the liquor license is fake.

Jack meets up with Lily and Rufus.

Blair and Chuck eventually allow the police to end the opening party and therefore receive enough press and publicity for future clients for a genuine speakeasy that Chuck has been planning.

Jack plays a pivotal role in reuniting Chuck with his birth mother, who is actually Jack's girlfriend. Jack tricks Chuck into giving up The Empire by signing it to his mother.


Jack meets up with Elizebeth Fisher.

Elizabeth doesn't want to hurt her son. Jack with the control of the Empire tells Chuck that he will only sign it over if he can spend a night with Blair.
Uten navn

Blair and Jack.

Although Blair agrees to sleep with Jack for Chuck, but she didn't know that Chuck sold her to Jack to get his company. and Jack actually doesn't follow through with the threat, and said to Blair that Chuck knew of the deal and that Chuck offered Jack a night with Blair if he could get his company back. and after this event causes a rift between Chuck and Blair that won't be fixed until Season 4,

Season 4

Jack-bass-is-back-baby 500x333

Jack, Nate and Chuck.

At the end of The Townie, Chuck leaves to find Jack to try and take Bass Industries back from Lily who he thinks has betrayed him. Later in season 4. Jack Bass gets a call from Raina Thorpe Russell's daughter. he then comes back into town and speaks with his brothers old friend

Jack Bass, back in town.

Russell Thorpe and discuss how to take down his nephew chuck and his empire. When Jack meets with Chuck they both come on with a plan to lure Russell Thorpe. Jack gets Chuck to come with some medics and taking him away from the building for a while. When Mr. Thorpe is about to be heading out he is stopped by Jack, Nate and Chuck. They inform him that they will all watch the security tape from a building fire that killed Thorpe's wife. It was widely assumed that Bart Bass was responsible for the fire. However, on the tape they saw that it was Mr. Thorpe who was actually responsible for his wife's death. Jack told Chuck to call the cops, but Chuck gave Thorpe a chance to leave and never come back again.

Before Jack Bass leaves for Australia he told his nephew to keep Bart Bass's legecy alive.

Season 5

Season 6

In the series finale, it appears that Jack is in a relationship with none other than Georgina Sparks.



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