Jessica is a recurring character in the TV series Gossip Girl. She is portrayed by Alice Callahan.


Jessica is first introduced in The Empire Strikes Jack as a Columbia student who is an avid fan of Gossip Girl, and has a huge amount of respect for Blair Waldorf. She is generally portrayed as a ditzy girl, who Blair often looses her temper with.


Jessica, along with Blair and Zoe in Season 3.

In Season 4, herself and Zoe become Blair's newest minions at Columbia. Along with Penelope Shafai and Juliet Sharp, she is a member of the exclusive Hamilton House.

In the 5th Season of Gossip Girl, Jessica, along with Penelope and Kati Farkas were bridesmaids at Blair's royal wedding to Louis.

In Season 6's High Infidelity, Jessica and Kati were put in charge of stealing Poppy Lifton 's dresses, as they used the same design as Blair's.


See Jessica's character gallery.

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