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Louis Grimaldi GG
Louis Grimaldi
General information
Full name Louis Frédéric Grimaldi
Nickname(s) The Prince
Birthplace Monaco
Birthday c. 1987
Occupation Monégasque royalty
Family Sophie Grimaldi (mother)
Beatrice Grimaldi (sister)
Albert Grimaldi (uncle)
Romances Blair Waldorf (ex-fiance)
Friends Diana Payne (ally)
Enemies Chuck Bass
Dan Humphrey
Series information
Status Alive, living in Monaco
Portrayed by Hugo Becker
First appearance "Belles de Jour"
Last appearance "The Backup Dan"

Louis Frédéric Grimaldi (formally Prince Louis of Monaco) is the ex-husband of Blair Waldorf and, as a member of the Grimaldi family, a Monégasque prince. He is the son of Princess Sophie of Monaco and older brother of Princess Beatrice. Louis is portrayed by Hugo Becker.

Television seriesEdit

Season 4Edit

Loius appeared in Season 4 where he met Blair.

Titles and stylesEdit

  • His Serene Highness Prince Louis of Monaco


Romantic relationshipsEdit


4x02 -

Blair: "I can't live in this fairytale."

Louis: "I promise this is not a story for little girls."

4x20 − 'Je t'adore'

4x20 - Blair to Serena: "It's official, we should send out change of address cards, because I'm moving to cloud nine. Louis is incredible, with him by my side I can actually be a powerful woman."

4x20 - Blair to Serena: "Louis made me happy. Happy. Do you know the last time I felt joy? Chuck had brought me into his darkness for so long, I'd forgotten what that felt like."

4x20 - Louis to Blair: "I want you to choose joy in your life. More than that, I want to be the one who gives you joy."

4x21 - Louis to Blair: "I want you Blair. But the only way it will work is if you show me all of the parts of yourself. Even the ones you're ashamed off"

4x22 - Blair: "Louis and I it's different. It's lighter, we're simple, makes me happy."

4x22 - Chuck arrives at an empty Constance to find Louis is still there.

Chuck: "You're still here"

Louis: "Why wouldn't I be?"

Chuck: "Party's almost over."

Louis: "I know but Blair hasn't arrived yet"

Chuck: "How can you be sure she's even coming?"

Louis: "Because I love her. And just as important, I believe in her. I know she's scared, but she'll figure it out. And I'll be here when she does."


  • Louis's full name was thought to have been Louis Albert Jean-Michal Grimaldi (Petty in Pink) until it was announced Louis Frédéric Grimaldi (G.G.).


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