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Maureen van der Bilt was a recurring character in the Gossip Girl television series.

Television series


Maureen is the manipulative wife of Tripp van der Bilt. She is first introduced in "Seder Anything" when she is about to marry Tripp. Blair makes a deal with William van der Bilt that if she can be one of Maureen's bridesmaids, she will convince Nate to go to Yale.

In "The Magnificent Archibalds," she talks to Vanessa Abrams about Nate's future in the van der Bilt family. In season three, she schemes to further her husband's political career by setting him up to be a hero. Although Tripp blames his grandfather for the plot, though he later finds out it is Maureen and is surprised by her manipulative nature.

Tripp's desires for Serena van der Woodsen and Maureen's scheme to unethically further his career leads Tripp to have an affair with Serena. At a disastrous Thanksgiving dinner, Nate reveals Tripp's affair to Maureen. Although she is crushed, she rallies and decides that she wants to be with Tripp at all costs, blackmailing Serena through Lily's secrets and offering to let Serena be Tripp's mistress: the Marilyn Monroe to Maureen's Jackie Kennedy.

She sets forward a motion of events that leads to Serena's car crash and her getting Tripp back by tempting him with his political career.

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