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Anne Archibald (née van der Bilt) is Nate Archibald's mother and ex-wife of Howard Archibald.

Television seriesEdit


Anne Archibald was born into the powerful van der Bilt family, with the Archibalds' wealth stemming from her familial connections rather than her husband's. A refined and rather repressed woman, Anne suffers humiliation when her husband is indicted for embezzlement and drugs

Season 1 Timeline Edit

  • She makes her first appearance ( The Handmaiden's Tale)
  • She finds out that Howard's been doing drugs, but ignores the problem.She passes on to Nate her grandmother's precious ring to give to Blair (Victor Victrola)
  • She passes on to Nate her grandmother's precious ring to give to Blair ( Seventeen Candles)
  • She visits Howard in the hospital and realises his problems after he passes out from a drug overdose (Blair Waldorf Must Pie)

Season 2 TimelineEdit

When season two begins, Anne has been cut off by her family and asks Chuck Bass for a loan, though Nate adamantly refuses and pursues a relationship with Lady Catherine Beaton to help his mother. Later it is revealed that it is Anne's father who called the FBI on Howard Archibald, though this was only because he wouldn't listen about turning himself in. Due to their financial troubles, Nate temporarily moves in with Dan Humphrey and his family into their loft.

Season 4Edit

In season four, Anne visits her husband in prison with Nate but continues her divorce proceedings after Nate is misinformed about Howard's plans for when he leaves prison and tells his mom them wrong.



Television seriesEdit

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Howard Archibald Edit

In Season 1, Anne and Howard start off as married couple who are living with their son, Nate. However, we learn that Howard is tearing their relationship apart by his secrets and drug use.

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