Nelly Yuki is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl television adaption, portrayed by Yin Chang. Nelly originally serves as a threat to Blair Waldorf at the SATs, causing the latter to call upon her formerly loyal sidekicks in order to attempt to destroy Nelly. However, Nelly had seemingly become one of Blair's sidekicks after the SATs.

After graduating from Constance, Nelly becomes a writer for a prominent fashion magazine and, due to her position, stands as a rival to Blair during her first fashion line debut for Waldorf Designs.

Season 1 Edit

She is first introduced on the show in Desperately Seeking Serena. She gets sabotaged by Blair before the SATS as she is perceived a threat. Blair brings Nelly's ex-boyfriend,Todd, to her to make Nelly emotional and confused. However, she is later on accepted into Blair's clique.

Season 2Edit

Nelly Yuki returns in the season two episode "In the Realm of the Basses" as the only person to greet Jenny Humphrey upon the latter's return to Constance. However, Penelope and her group of mean girls quickly tell her Jenny is not welcome back at the school though Nelly tells Jenny that the only reason she sticks with the mean girls is because they would make her life at Constance horrible.

Jenny starts to defend Nelly even though Eric van der Woodsen does not approve of this and start a war between Jenny and Penelope. In the end, Jenny wins but to the girls dismay she was doing it as a good deed, not to become queen bee again. Nelly tells Jenny this was a big mix-up and she hoped Jenny would take back her place as queen bee and she could be in charge. Nelly then goes back to being a servant for Penelope and the girls of the steps

In the episode "Gone with the Will," Nelly steals Dan Humphrey's phone in order to make peace with Penelope and the girls so they will forgive her. The girls than learn Dan's secret and send it to Gossip Girl, thus ending his and Serena's relationship once again.

Nelly and the girls of the steps have all gone grown tired of Blair and try to show her that she is no longer Queen Bee when Penelope, Hazel, Isabel and Nelly try a new Constance tradition of Prom Queen and nominate Blair and Nelly only to set Blair up and crown Nelly Queen in the episode "Valley Girls." Chuck learns about the plan and rigs the votes and makes Blair win.

During the second season finale, Blair speculates that Nelly is Gossip Girl due to her computer skills.

At the after graduation party in the season finale, Nelly is drunk and tells Dan that she has feelings for him but he blows her off

Season 6Edit

Nelly returns in season 6, when she is revealed to be the WWD journalist that will interview Blair on her new collection. At first Blair believes Nelly wants to get back in her good graces, but that is not the case. Nelly reveals she graduated early from Yale and discovered that once there was no social hierachy, she no longer needed to dress like Blair. Nelly tells Blair that she is competing with Poppy Lifton's new line. Later Nelly encourages Dan to be his own man and blows off Blair by making her article all about Poppy.

When Blair's fashion show turns into a disaster due to Serena and Sage, Nelly prints a scalding article about Blair's line. Nelly attempts to hit on Dan, who blows her off yet again.


  • Her parents own half of TriBeCa.
  • She is lactose-intolerant.
  • She hates shopping.
  • Itzhak Perlman gave her her first violin.
  • She is a Merit Scholar, a Peabody Scholar, and an Intel Science Talent Search Finalist.
  • She got a 2360/2400 for her SAT
  • She wants to go to Yale University
  • She attended summer school at The Sorbonne
  • Nelly’s ex-boyfriend broke up with her at a Flo Rida concert. His name was Todd Jansen

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