Owen Carlyle
General information
Full name Owen Carlyle
Nickname(s) O
Birthplace Nantucket, MA
Occupation High school student
(at St. Jude's)
Family Mitchell Carlyle
Edith "Edie" Carlyle
Jason Carlyle
(older brother)
Denise Carlyle
(older sister)
Avery and Baby Carlyle
(triplet sisters)
Romances Kelsey Talmadge
Enemies Rhys Sterling
Series information
Status Alive
First appearance The Carlyles
Last appearance Love the One You're With

Owen Carlyle is a character in Gossip Girl: The Carlyles, a spin-off series to the original Gossip Girl novels. Owen is the triplet brother to Avery and Baby Carlyle.

Novel seriesEdit


Described as ruggedly handsome with a buff bod and golden blonde hair, Owen has never had any trouble landing the ladies. But while he may have traded in his Speedo for a suit and tie, O's got a whole lot more to learn than the rules of fashion.

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