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 Panic Roommate is the fourteenth episode of Season 4.

Summary Edit

Blair asks Nate to help her gain favor with her high-strung boss; Damien causes more trouble; Chuck is torn between business and pleasure. 


As Ben moves into Rufus's loft in Brooklyn, he and Dan clash over Serena. Dan talks to Rufus about potentially having someone dangerous to Serena and their family in their loft but Rufus is determined to make up for what Lily did. After being threatened by Ben, Damien is out for revenge; he decides to con Eric into believing that they are friends and uses him to get to Ben.

Serena, still upset over Ben's rejection, tries to woo him with books and an invitation to the W Party. Blair, struggling to please Epperly at W Magazine and scared about her performance review, decides that what Epperly needs is a night of passion to calm her nerves. She decides to recruit Chuck to seduce Epperly, but he tells Blair that he's too exhausted from romancing Raina. The two ex-lovers concoct a plan to get Nate with Epperly and Raina with Chuck.

Blair pleads with Nate to romance Epperly by taking her to the W party, which he agrees to, while Chuck attempts to romance Raina by revealing tidbits about his childhood and appearing vulnerable. Although Raina at first puts business before their relationship, she decides to accompany Chuck to the Palace for the party so they can spend more time together.

At the party, Damien and Eric attempt to rile Ben up so that he'll violate his parole; when he doesn't bite, Damien has Eric punch him and has Dan unwittingly call Ben's parole officer. When Damien ditches Eric in their fake friendship, Eric decides to tell Dan the truth, and calls Ben's parole officer. Although Serena pleads with Ben to tell the police that he didn't do it, Ben just walks away.

Blair convinces Epperly to go to the party to see Nate but loses track of her after she disappears with her boyfriend from Oxford. While Chuck and Raina are spending time together, Russell appears to inform Raina that Chuck knew about the voting for his father's company and that he's probably just using her. While Chuck tries to explain, Raina angrily storms off.

The next day, Dan and Nate visit Damien's father, the Ambassador to Belgium and a very strict man, to inform him about Damien's drug-dealing habits, leading Damien to be cut off. Serena and Ben reconcile and admit their attraction for one another after Dan apologizes for not trusting him. Blair had apparently called Raina to ask to give Chuck a second chance, and he promises to keep business and pleasure separate. At W Magazine, Epperly quits her job to pursue something more relaxing and gives Blair her position.

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  • Florence and the Machine

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  • "Celestica " by Crystal Castles
  • "Cosmic Love" by Florence + The Machine
  • "Not The Only One" by Quitzow
  • "Young Blood" by The Naked and Famous
  • "Yours" by Dan Black




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