[INT GRAND CENTRAL STATION, Serena walks in, a girl watches her and takes a photo with her cell phone]

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here... and I have the biggest news ever. One of my many sources, Melanie91, sends us this: Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena van der Woodsen. Was it only a year ago our It-Girl mysteriously disappeared for quote 'boarding school'? And just as suddenly she's back. Don't believe me? See for yourselves: Lucky for us, Melanie91 sent proof. Thanks for the photo, Mel!

[Rufus takes a look around the station and finds his son and daughter, he walks up and hugs them]

Rufus Dan, Jenny! Over here!

Jenny Hey, dad!

Rufus Hey, hey! You made it. Welcome back! How was your weekend? How was your mom?

Dan She's fine.

Jenny Good... fine, I guess.

Dan She's good and fine.

Rufus Like 'Maybe I should never have left Manhatten' fine or 'Taking a time-out from my marriage was the best idea I've ever had' fine?

Dan Dad, you know... I'm starving.

Rufus Let's go home. I'm cooking. Caprese salad with a little mozzarella di Bufala... yeah, I'm gonna make you guys...

[Rufus puts an arms around Jenny and they walk off, Dan turns around and notices Serena]

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Spotted: Lonely Boy... can't believe the love of his life has returned. If only she knew who he was. But everyone knows Serena. And everyone is talking.

[EXT NEW YORK - Several people are standing in the streets, looking at the newest 'Gossip Girl' entry on their cell phones]

Gossip Girl Wonder what Blair Waldorf thinks. Sure, they're BFFs but we always thought Blair's boyfriend Nate had a thing for Serena.

[INT HOME OF THE WALDORFS - BATHROOM - Blair takes a look at a new text message: 'Serena is Back!!', she leaves the bathroom and rejoins a party, her mother, Eleanor, is talking to a friend]

Eleanor ...I have to design a dress for this woman.

[Eleanor turns to Blair]

Eleanor Blair, if you're gonna to wear one of my designs tell me about it so we can at least get it properly fitted.

Blair Thanks, mom. Keep that in mind. Great party.

[Eleanor turns back to her friend]

Eleanor She is my best advertisement.

[Nate, his father, Howie, and another guest are standing together]

Party Guest So, Nate, started thinking about college?

Howie Well, actually I'm a Dartmouth man.

Nate Yes, dad's always spoken very highly of Dartmouth. But I would like to check out west. You know, maybe USC, UCLA?

Howie His mother wouldn't hear of it. Dartmouth is far enough away for her.

Nate Yes, well... Dartmouth is my first choice.

[Blair walks up to her boyfriend, Nate, and his father, also called 'The Captain']

Blair Excuse me, captain. Nate, can I borrow you?

Nate Eh, sure. Excuse me for a second.

[Chuck, a friend of Nate's is sitting on the couch with Isabel and Katy]

Chuck Nathaniel, any interest in some fresh air?

[Chuck signals Nate that he wants to smoke a joint with him]

Nate When I get back?

Blair If he gets back!

[Blair leads Nate into her bedroom and pushes him onto the bed]

Nate What's going on?

Blair I wanna do this... It... Now.

Nate Now now? You wanted to wait...

Blair Not anymore.

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Better lock it down with Nate, B. Clock's ticking.

[Chuck plays with his drink, looking bored, Isabel and Katy are reading their text mesages]

Katy My god, you'll never believe what's on 'Gossip Girl'.

Isabel Someone saw Serena get off a train at Grand Central.

Chuck Good, things were getting a little... dull around here.

[EXT HOME OF THE WALDORFS - The doorman opens the door of a town car, Serena gets out]

Serena Thank you.

[INT BLAIR'S BEDROOM - Blair and Nate are kissing on the bed, undressed]

Blair I love you. Nate Archiblaid. Always have, always will.

Nate I love you too.

[INT HOME OF THE WALDORFS - Serena walks in and gets noticed by Eleanor]

Eleanor Serena van der Woodsen? Is that you?

[Eleanor knocks on the door]

Eleanor Blair, it's Serena!

Nate Serena?

Blair Serena is at school. Kiss me.

Nate No, I think I heard your mom say she's here. Don't you wanna go say hey?

[Nate gets of the bed and starts getting dressed]

Blair Yeah... totally.

[INT HOME OF THE WALDORFS - Serena is walking through the party guest who start talking behind her back]

Party Guests ...I heard she is pregnant... rehab... she looks good...

[Serena walks up to her mother, Lily, who is talking to a friend]

Lily So I told him: Forget it, I don't care if it's mahogany. It clashes with my sofa.

Serena Mom... mom! Hey.

Lily Oh, Serena, darling.

[They hug each other]

Serena So, were is he? What, they haven't let him out yet?

Lily Let's not discuss this right now, ok? I thought you might want to see some of your friends.

Serena Thanks.

[Serena notices Nate on the other side of the room, Blair opens her bedroom door and walks into the room, blocking Nate from Serena's view, Serena and Blair hug]

Blair Hi, Serena, so good to see you.

Serena Good to see you.

Blair Come, we're about to have dinner.

Eleanor I'll set a place for you at the table next to Blair.

Serena Yeah, actually... there's somewhere I have to go.

Blair You're leaving?

Serena Yeah, I just... I don't feel well. I just wanted to come by and say hi. I'll see you at school tomorrow.

[Serena leaves the party]

Blair School... so I guess she's back for good.

Katy Didn't you know she was coming?

Blair Course I did. I just... wanted it to be a surprise.

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Word is that S bailed on B's party in under 90 seconds and didn't even have one lemon shot. Has our bad girl really gone good? Or is it all just part of the act?

[INT OSTROFF CENTER - Serena walks in, passes the nurse's station and looks into a patient's room]

Nurse Young lady, you can't be here. Visting hours are over.

Serena I'm family. He's my brother.

[INT HOME OF THE HUMPREYS - DAN'S BEDROOM - Dan is looking at the blog of 'Gossip Girl']

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Why'd she leave? Why'd she return? Send me all the deepth. And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell. you know you love me. XOXO Gossip Girl.


[INT OSTROFF CENTER - ERIK'S ROOM - Serena's brother, Erik, finds Serena sleeping on a chair next to his bed and wakes her up]

Erik Serena... Serena, hey.

Serena Hey, how are you?

Erik You know, I've been better.

Serena Erik, I know I've been a terrible sister. I'm so happy to see you.

Erik Must be a lot of rumour why you're back.

Serena Yeah, but none of them mentioned you.

Erik Just like mom wants, hm?

[Lily enters]

Lily What do I want, baby? For Serena sleeping in her own bed, possibly wearing pyjamas.

Serena Morning, mom. Hey, I was just about to ask the doctor if I could take Erik to breakfast. Wanna come?

Lily Ehm, I think what I'll do is to get him a croissant down the street.

[Lily leaves the room, Serena storms after her]

Erik Serena, don't!

Serena Let me guess: You told everyone Erik is just visiting grandpa in Rhode Island.

Lily Your aunt Carol in Miami.

Serena So, you're actually hiding him. He tries to take his own life and you're worried it will cost you 'Mom Of The Year'?

Lily Serena, you've been gone. Doing who knows what with god knows who...

Serena I told you, boarding school was not like that.

Lily As happy as I am to have you home, you have no idea what it's been like.

[INT HOME OF THE HUMPHREYS - KITCHEN - Jenny organizes handwritten invitations, Rufus is making breakfast, Dan walks in]

Rufus Guess who's dad is cool!

Jenny It's a trick question.

Dan Yeah, 'cause it can't be ours.

Rufus Look at this!

[Rufus hands Dan an issue of 'Rolling Stone', Dan reads the front page]

Dan 'Top 10 Forgotten Bands Of The '90s'.

Rufus Yeah, check out who's number nine.

Jenny He is very proud.

Dan Hey, hey way to be forgotten!

Rufus But that's how you get remembered.

Jenny Maybe you'd care if dad's band was on 'Gossip Girl'.

Dan What? I don't read 'Gossip Girl'. That's... that's for chicks.

Jenny So that wasn't your laptop you've been to last night to read all about Serena van der Woodsen.

[Dan takes the magazine from Rufus]

Dan Holy stone, wow! Let me take a look at this again, dad. Very cool, looking hot, number nine!

Rufus Hey, what are you working on?

Jenny It's called the 'Kiss On The Lips' party. Everyone's going.

Dan You're invited to that?

[Jenny stares at Dan]

Dan Well, no offense if I sound surprised... since I've never been invited.

Jenny One of the girls in my art class saw my calligraphy and she said that if I addressed all the invitations that I got one.

Rufus Sounds very fair. Sweatshops could learn a thing or two.

Jenny Dad, this is not a platform for me to end capitalization. That's why you make us go to private schools.

Rufus That's for your education.

Jenny So we should be anonymous losers who eat lunch alone and never get invited to parties?

Dan Works for me.

Jenny Mom thinks it's a good idea.

Rufus And her judgment is always sound, right? Jenny, if you wanna go to that party you should go. You kids could use some fun.

[EXT THE PALACE HOTEL - Serena walks up to the front entrance, Nate is already waiting for her]

Serena Nate?

Nate Oh, hey! Uhm, your mom told me you guys are staying here at The Palace.

Serena Yeah, we're renovating... again. You know my mom: If it's not broke, break it. So what are you doing here?

Nate Oh, I just wanted to see how you were. You seemed kind of upset last night.

Serena I got to get going and change for school. I'm gonna be late.

Nate Serena...

Serena No, no.

Nate But you're back now.

Serena I didn't come back for you. Look, Blair's my best friend and you're her boyfriend and she loves you. That's the way things are supposed to be.

[EXT NEW YORK CITY - Dan runs across the street to catch his bus to school]

Taxi Driver Hey, watch were you're going!

[INT BUS - Chuck and Nate are sitting next to each other, Dan is standing in the alley]

Chuck Serena looked effing hot last night. There's something wrong with that level of perfection... it needs to be violated.

Nate You are deeply disturbed.

Chuck And yet you know I'm right. You're telling me if you had the chance...

Nate I have a girlfriend.

Chuck You guys have been dating since kindergarden and you haven't sealed the deal.

Nate Who says 'seal the seal'?

[Chuck signals Nate that they have arrived at school]

Chuck Come on.

[They get up, Dan is standing behind them, Chuck turns to Dan]

Chuck You following us or something?

Dan No, I... I go to your school. Identical uniforms, that's kind of a tip-off?

Nate That's funny.

[Chuck and Nate leave the bus, Dan talks to himself]

Dan So you guys wanna sit together at lunch?

[EXT MET - Blair, Isabel and Katy are sitting on the steps looking at the invitations, Jenny is standing next to them]

Isabel So cute! They should be framed or something.

Blair Not bad work. And here is yours... as promised.

[Blair hands Jenny one of the invitations]

Jenny Thanks.

[Serena walks up to them, eating a yoghurt]

Serena Hey, here you guys are. I looked all over the dining hall for you.

[Serena notices Jenny and shakes her hand]

Serena Oh, hi, I'm Serena.

Jenny I know, uhm, I mean, hi, I'm Jenny.

[Serena picks up one of the invitations]

Serena So, when's the party?

Blair Saturday. And you're kinda not invited. Since until 12 hours ago everyone thought you were at boarding school. And Jenny used up all the invites.

Jenny Uhm, actually...

Blair You can go now.

[Jenny leaves]

Blair Sorry.

Serena No, it's ok. I've got a lot of stuff to do anyway.

[Serena throws the invitation onto the steps]

Blair Well, we should get going then. Unless you want us to wait for you. Looks like you got a lot of yoghurt left.

Serena No, go ahead.

[Blair, Isabel and Katy walk away, Serena turns around]

Serena Blair, think we can meet tonight?

Blair I'd love to but I'm doing something with Nate tonight.

Serena The Palace, 8 o'clock. Nate will wait.

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Spotted: At the steps of the Met, an S and B power struggle.

Blair I can probably do a half hour.

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Did S think she could waltz home and things would be just like they were?

Serena Thanks for making the time.

Blair Your my best friend.

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Did B think S would go down without a fight? Or can these two hotties work it out? There's nothing 'Gossip Girl' likes more than a good catfight. And this could be a classic.

[EXT NEW YORK CITY - Rufus is putting up flyers for a concert of his band 'Lincon Hawk', Dan is with him]

Dan Uh, you know... you know, dad, there's this thing called 'myspace' where you post all this information online. Save some trees, have a blog.

Rufus Maybe if musicians would get off their blogs and picked up their guitars then music business would be in better shape.

Dan Ok, like a true relic.

Rufus Thanks, son.

[Dan's cell phone rings, he takes a look at the new text message: Jenny (Mobile), Sep 24, 2007, 3:15:23 PM, HELP: EMERGENCY. 712 5TH AVE.]

Dan Hey dad, listen, uhm, I got to run. You'll be ok?

Rufus Yeah. You'll mom will be back. She's always been a free spirit. That's one of the reasons I fell for her in the first place.

Dan I meant with the flyers.

Rufus Luckily, staple guns are old-school. Go, I'm gonna be fine.

[INT OSTROFF CENTER - ERIK'S ROOM - Serena walks in]

Serena I talked to the nurse and I'm kidnapping you.

Erik We're going shopping, aren't we.

Serena We're going to Wendells... just for an hour though, I swear. I had a really bad day.

Erik Really? 'Cause I had a great day: A couple of pills, bunch of Rorschach tests... they had this green jelly for lunch.

Serena Mmh, yummy! Why didn't you save me any? Come on, we need to get you out of here before mom shows up.

[INT WENDELLS - DEPARTMENT STORE - Dan walks up to Jenny who's trying on a red dress]

Dan Jenny, what is it? What is wrong?

Jenny Do you like this on me?

Dan Wait... wait a second, is that why you needed me? I thought this was an emergency.

Jenny A fashion emergency. I mean, come on, I've never been to a big dance before.

Dan Neither have I.

Jenny Yeah, but mom's gone and dad's allergic to department stores.

Dan Well, you look good, Jen. You do, really.

Jenny Thanks. I'm mean, too bad it's more than our rent but I think I can sew something like it.

[Jenny notices Serena and Erik walking towards them]

Jenny Oh my gosh, it's Serena. Hi, Serena!

[Jenny takes an invitation adressed to 'Serena van der Woodsen' out of her bag, Dan panics and vanishes]

Serena Hey. Hey, Jenny, right?

Jenny Yeah.

Serena This is my...

Erik Stylist and personal shopper. Erik, hi.

Jenny Hi, uhm, this is my brother... or...

[Jenny gestures behind her, notices Dan is gone, Dan is hiding behind a rack of dresses, watching Serena]

Serena So is this your dress for the 'Kiss On The Lips' party?

Jenny Sort of. Speaking of that.

[Jenny gives Serena the invitation]

Jenny Here, I made you one during free period but anyone asks where you got it, I know nothing.

Serena Thanks.

[Serena and Erik walk away]

Jenny Dan, Dan?

[Serena turns around]

Serena Jenny, that dress would look even better in black.

Jenny Black. Cool. Thanks.

[EXT NEW YORK - PARK - Chuck and Nate are taking a walk, smoking a Joint]

Chuck This is some good stuff.

Nate Yeah, I'm gonna need it. Blair's mom's at the country house.

Chuck Yeah? Then maybe I should swipe some of my dad's viagra? Or my mom's paxils? Nathaniel, you're finally about to have sex with your girlfiend. It's like you're heading to your execution.

Nate No, man. I'm good.

Chuck Talk to Chuck, buddy. You and Blair have been dating forever, all of a sudden there is a problem?

Nate There is no problem. It's just... do you ever feel like our whole lives have been planned out for us? That we're just gonna... end up like our parents?

Chuck Man, that's a dark thought.

Nate You know, aren't we entitled to choose... just to be happy?

Chuck Look, easy, Sokrates. What we're entitled to is a trust fund... maybe a house in the Hamptons, a prescription drug problem. Happiness does not seem to be on the menue. So smoke up and seal the deal with Blair... 'cause you're also entitled to tab that ass.

[INT THE PALACE HOTEL - BAR - Serena and Blair are sitting at the bar, Blair is drinking a Martini]

Serena So, how's your mom doing... with the divorce and everything?

Blair Great. So my dad left her for another man. She's lost 15 pounds, got an eye-lift. It's been good for her.

Serena I'm really sorry.

Blair Yeah, I could tell since you didn't call or write the entire time it was happening.

Serena No, I know... I was just... boarding school... it's like...

Blair I don't even know why you went to boarding school to begin with. Do you know how it felt, calling your house when you didn't show up at school and having your mom say: Serena didn't tell you that she moved to Connetticut?

Serena I just... I had to go. I needed to get away from everything. Please just trust me.

Blair How can I trust you when I feel like I don't even know you.

Serena Let's fix that. I saw you at school with Katy and Is and I get it. I don't want to take any of that away from you. I just...

Blair Because it's just yours to take if you want it?

Serena No, that's not what I mean. I... I miss you. I just want things to go back to the way they used to be. You know, walking to school togheter, dancing on tables at Bungalow, the nights when we were at your mom's country house. You were like my sister... and with our families... we need each other.

Blair Well, you missed some classic Eleanor Waldorf melt-downs. If it wasn't such a tragedy it would have been funny. Actually kinda was.

Serena Well, I wish I could have been there.

Blair You are now. I have to meet Nate. I kind of have something special and...

Serena Well, I don't want to keep you but...

[Serena hugs Blair]

Serena I love you, B.

Blair I love you too, S.

[Blair leaves]

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Spotted: At The Palace Hotel, S and B having a heart to heart.

[Serena takes Blair's left over Martini and emptys it in one gulp]

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Hmm, why so thirsty, S? You may have won over B for now but we still think you're hiding something.

[INT HOME OF THE HUMPHREYS - JENNY'S ROOM - Jenny is sitting at the sewing machine, Dan enters]

Dan Hey!

Jenny Ah, the invisible man returns. You know, I really had no idea you could move that fast.

Dan Yeah, well, your fashion emergency was solved, so... I figured my work was done.

Jenny Come on, Dan. Serena said hi to you at her 9th grade birthday party and you've never forgotten it.

Dan How could I? She was the only person who spoke to me. And I'm pretty sure she thought I was someone else.

Jenny Well, you know, she is actually nice. And if she did know you I think she would really like you.

Dan I don't know, I think she would be a tad overwhelmed by the glitz and the glamour of the Humphrey lifestyle.

Jenny Well, I heard she's living at The Palace Hotel.

Dan Well, my point exactly.

Jenny Probably sitting at the bar by herself, sipping Martinis... all alone. You know, it's actually kinda sad. Oh, and dad's at the gallery working late. He left money for dinner, so I was thinking Indian.

Dan You know... you know what, I think I'm... I'm gonna go out.

[Dan leaves]

Jenny Ok... good, 'cause I already ordered and only got enough for one.

[INT THE PALACE HOTEL - BAR - Chuck enters, shoves some women aside]

Chuck Hello, please.

[Chuck walks over to Serena who is having another Martini]

Chuck I love this town. I'm going to have to tell my parents the hotel they just bought is serving minors.

Serena And if you get a drink they are also serving pigs.

Chuck I love it when you talk dirty.

Serena You just love when a girl talks to you.

Chuck Actually, I prefer them when they're not talking.

Serena Oh, I've missed your witty banter.

Chuck Let's catch up. Take our clothes off, stare at each other.

Serena What about I just get a bit to eat. I've been drinking on an empty stomach.

Chuck I heard you didn't do that anymore.

Serena Special occasion.

Chuck Well, what about a grilled cheese with truffel oil? You do love truffels?

Serena Enough to know it's not on the menue.

Chuck But then I'm connected.

Serena Only because I'm hungry.

[INT HOME OF THE WALDORFS - BLAIR'S BEDROOM - The room is lit by candles, Nate enters, Blair is waiting for him in lingerie]

Nate Wow.

Blair Hi.

Nate Hi.

Blair Is it too much? I wanted it to be special.

[Blair kisses Nate but he pulls away]

Blair What's wrong?

Nate Look, I don't know how to say this... or if it's even the right thing to do but ehm... there's something I need to tell you.

[INT THE PALACE HOTEL - KITCHEN - Chuck puts a bundle of Dollar bills into the jacket of the chef, Alfonso and his staff leave]

Chuck Alfonso, you're stud. Now have good night, we're closing the kitchen early.

Serena Oh my god, this is so good.

Chuck Well, if you're looking for a way to thank me I've got a couple ideas.

Serena It's a sandwich, Chuck.

[Chuck touches Serena's thigh and leans in on her]

Serena This is... this is not happening right now.

Chuck You're worried Nate will find out?

Serena What?

Chuck Last year... the Sheperd wedding... think I don't know why you left town?

[FLASHBACK - ONE YEAR AGO - INT BAR - Serena is dancing on the bar, holding a bottle of champagne, Nate tries to stop her]

Nate Serena, you are not supposed to be here.

Serena Oh well, if the happy couple didn't want to put up a catch for the bar they should let me be where I want to be. Move!

Nate Let me see it!

Serena No, make me!

Nate I can do it, I can open it. Let me show you... here, come here. Let me see...

Serena No!

Nate Let me... stop?

[They both pull on the bottle until it opens with a loud bang]

Serena Nate!

Nate That never happens to me.

Serena It's ok. You're stronger than me, alright.

Nate Come here.

Serena Look at you, you're a mess.

Nate So are you.

[Serena and Nate are about to kiss]

[INT BLAIR'S BEDROOM - Nate turns his face away from Blair]

Blair But... that was it... you guys kissed.

[Nate shakes his head]

[FLASHBACK - ONE YEAR AGO - INT BAR - Serena and Nate make out heavily, undressing each other, Chuck watches from the balcony]


Chuck Best friend and the boyfriend. That's pretty classy, S. I think you're more like me than you admit.

Serena No, no, that... that was then. I'm trying to change.

Chuck I liked you better before.

[Chuck tries to kiss Serena, she pushes him away]

Serena Stop it. Stop! No! Stop it!

[FLASHBACK - ONE YEAR AGO - INT BAR - Serena and Nate are having sex, Serena is gasping loudly]

[INT BLAIR'S BEDROOM - Blair pushes Nate away]

Blair I knew it! I always knew there was something! Get out!

[FLASHBACK - ONE YEAR AGO - INT BAR - Serena is sitting on top of Nate, riding him]

[INT THE PALACE HOTEL - KITCHEN - Chuck violenty tries to kiss Serena]

Serena Chuck, no!

[FLASHBACK - ONE YEAR AGO - INT BAR - Serena and Nate make out heavily]

[INT BLAIR'S BEDROOM - Blair falls onto her bed and starts crying]

[FLASHBACK - ONE YEAR AGO - INT BAR - Nate kisses Serena's breasts]

[INT BLAIR'S BEDROOM - Blair cries]

[INT THE PALACE HOTEL - KITCHEN - Chuck is still trying to kiss Serena]

Serena Get off of me!

[Serena kicks Chuck between the legs and storms off]

[INT THE PALACE HOTEL - BAR - Dan looks around the bar for Serena, she enters the bar and crashes into him, her purse flies to the ground, Dan helps her to pick up her things]

Dan I'm... so sorry, Are you ok?

[Serena takes her purse and runs off, Dan finds her cell phone on the floor and tries to tell Serena but she is already gone]

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) And just when B and S had built a bridge... it all had to come crashing down. But dry your eyes: the 'Kiss On The Lips' party is around the corner. And you know who loves parties? Gossip Girl.

[EXT - NEW YORK - PARK - Nate and his father are having a race, Howie wins]

Howie Nice try, son.

Nate Maybe next time.

Howie You seem upbeat this morning. Did you have fun with Blair last night?

Nate Actually, we got into a pretty big fight.

Howie You want my advice? Apologise. Even if it was her fault. Flowers, maybe some jewellery if she's really upset. Always works for your mother.

Nate I don't know. I think it may be for the best.

Howie Wait a minute, you guys broke up?

Nate Yeah, I guess we did.

Howie Blair is a great girl.

Nate I know. But I'm just not sure if she's the girl for me.

Howie But you guys have been dating since kindergarden.

Nate So I keep hearing.

Howie I mean, you love her, don't you?

Nate Yes, I do. I just think it might be good for us to take a break, you know.

Howie Maybe not right now. Eleanor Waldorf is gearing up to take her company public and I've been cording her for month to let me handle the deal.

Nate Then you should get it.

Howie I will get it... if you just help me out a little bit.

[Nate looks at his father in disbelief]

Howie What? You love her, she loves you. It's just a rough patch, that's all. You don't give up just because things are hard. Not in business or if your family is depending on you.

[INT - THE PALACE HOTEL - Dan is standing at the reception talking to the Concierge who is holding Serena's cell phone]

Concierge How did you know it was Miss van der Woodsen if you didn't read it and if you are not a guest at the hotel what were you doing there?

Dan What? Uhm, look, when Prince Charming found Cinderella's slipper they didn't accuse him of having a foot-fetish.

Concierge And you are Prince Charming? Well, there is Miss van der Woodsen now...

Dan No, no, no, no...

Concierge Serena!

[Serena turns around and walks over to the reception]

Dan Don't, don't...

Concierge Do you know this young man?

Dan She doesn't know me. Nobody knows me. It's cool, it's fine.

Serena Uhm, from last night, right? I'm sorry about that.

Dan You remember me?

[Dan turns back to the Concierge]

Dan She remembers me.

Concierge Well, he claims he found your cell phone.

Serena Oh, you found it.

[Lily walks over, carrying a cloth bag]

Serena Hey, mom.

Lily Guess what I found for you... a dress for 'Kiss On The Lips'. I saw the invitation on the nightstand.

Serena Oh, uhm, I'm not going to that.

Lily What do you mean? Blair's throwing it.

Serena Yeah, uhm... see the problem is I... by the time I got the invitation... I uhm, actually already had plans.

Lily Plans with whom?

Serena My friend.

Dan Eh, yeah, hi, nice to meet you Misses van der Woodsen. I'm Dan... Humphrey.

Lily What are you and Dan Humphrey doing?

Serena We... uhm...

[Dan shows Lily a flyer for his dad's concert]

Dan Eh, we're going to a concert tonight.

Lily Lincon Hawk?

Dan Yeah, 'Rolling Stone' named them one of the 'Top 10 Forgotten Bands Of The '90s'.

Serena Whooh! I'm a huge fan.

Dan Uh-hum.

Lily Well, this party would have been the perfect opportunity for you to announce your return but I guess I'll just keep the dress for myself.

[Lily walks off]

Serena Thank you.

Dan Yeah, no, I... it's not a problem, really.

[Dan starts walking off]

Serena So pick me up at eight?

Dan You really go out with some guy you don't know?

Serena Well, you can't be worse than the guys I do know.

[INT JAPANESE RESTAURANT - Blair and Nate are having dinner]

Nate Thanks for meeting me. Look, Blair, I really hurt you and I know that and I want to fix it.

Blair Really? And how are you gonna do that?

Nate I'm gonna put everything in the past. I'm not gonna see Serena again or even talk to her. It'll be like she doesn't exist.

Blair I think that's a good idea. Let's not mention it again. You gonna eat that?

[Blair picks up a piece of sushi from Nate's plate]

Nate That's it? 'Cause you were pretty upset last night... I mean, should we talk about this?

Blair There is nothing to talk about. I overreacted... you say it's in the past, it's in the past. I'm sure you have no feelings for her anymore. I just feel bad for Serena... she'll really miss you. What time does the limo come?

Nate Eight.

Blair Perfect.

[INT THE HUMPHREY'S ART GALLERY - Rufus is working, Lily walks in]

Rufus Lily! Are you shopping for some more art to match your furniture?

Lily Why is my dauthter going to one of your concerts?

Rufus 'Cause we're awesome.

Lily With your son?

Rufus Dan's got a date with Serena?

Lily Hmm.

Rufus Well, your kids were about to meet, it's a small island.

Lily You're sure it's not some ploy your using my daughter to get to me? Now that your wife left you?

Rufus How do you know about Alison?

Lily Like you said: Small island.

Rufus Oh, I get it: You hear about Alison, use your daughter as an excuse to start something.

Lily Yeah, in your dream!

Rufus Well, you are in my dreams, Lily... and one of them particular occurs finding you in the back of a Nine Inch Nails bus with your shoes in your earrings and Trent Reznor... oh, that happened!

Lily No need to rehash details of decades pass. So I moved on.

Rufus Yeah, from Chanterlane to Paris until you switched up rock stars for billionaires.

Lily You think you're so cute. Washed up band, crappy so-called 'art gallery'.

Rufus Well, not all of us have settlements from mulitple divorcés to sustain us.

Lily Just stay out of my life, Rufus!

[INT HOME OF THE HUMPHREYS - Jenny and Dan are standing in front of a mirror, getting ready to go out]

Jenny You're going out with Serena and I'm going to 'Kiss On The Lips'. Who said this family wasn't cool.

Dan Well, listen, I don't want to be late but you're looking great.

Jenny Same.

[Dan leaves, Rufus comes home, they pass in the hallway]

Dan See you at the concert, right dad.

Rufus I, uhm... ok. [Rufus sees Jenny and walks over to her]

Rufus Oh my god, my daughter is a woman.

Jenny Dad, you could just tell me I look nice instead of turning this into a sermon on the passage of time.

Rufus You look like... your mother.

Jenny Thanks.

[INT BLAIR'S BEDROOM - Blair is looking at herself in a full-length mirror, she's wearing a brown dress, Eleanor enters]

Eleanor Blair. let me see how it looks! Why are you wearing that one? Didn't you see the dress I left on the bed?

Blair I like this one.

Eleanor This one is not as elegant a choice as that one.

Blair Why do you care so much?

Eleanor Because I love you. Blair, you will never be more beautiful or thin or happy than you are right now. I just want you to make the most of it.

Blair I guess I have time to change.

Eleanor And put some product in your hair. The ends are dry.

[INT LIMOUSINE - Blair, Nate, Chuck, Isabel and Katy are laughing and drinking champagne]

[INT THE PALACE HOTEL - Dan enters and sees Serena standing on the gallery, they look at each other and smile]

[INT 'KISS ON THE LIPS' PARTY - Chuck, Isabel and Katy are standing at the bar, Chuck spots Jenny in the crowd]

Chuck Who's the newbie?

Katy Jenny Humphrey. She's a freshman.

Chuck I love freshman. They're so...

Isabel ...fresh?

Chuck Anything about her on 'Gossip Girl'?

Isabel No.

Mmh... till you're done with her.

[Chuck walks over to Jenny]

Chuck Hi, I'm Chuck.

Jenny I know, uhm, I mean, hi, I'm Jenny.

Chuck It's nice to meet you.

Jenny You too.

Chuck Thank you.

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Looks like little Jen might end up with a new boy and a ticket to the inner circle. Or will C end up with another victim? I told you I love parties.

[EXT NEW YORK - Serena and Dan are walking down the street towards the back entrance of a club, the band is unloading their equipment]

Serena So I'm a little overdressed, aren't I?

Dan Honestly, I don't really have a problem with your appearance. Hey, come on, I want you to meet one of the guys in the band.

Serena Oh, so you're a groupie?

Dan Well, not quite.

[Dan leads Serena to Rufus]

Dan Serena, I'd like you to meet Rufus Humphrey. Dad, this is Serena.

Rufus Serena van der Woodsen. Oh, I don't know how I know that. Nice to meet you.

Serena Nice to meet you too.

Rufus You guys are a little early. It's gonna be a while before we take the stage.

Dan Yeah, I may have slightly overbudgeted it for travel time.

[One of Rufus' bandmates holds Rufus' guitar into the air]

Rufus' Bandmate Hey!

Rufus I should go tune that. Excuse me. Enjoy the show! Son, talk to you later.

[Rufus leaves]

Dan Yeah, see you.

Serena So you took me to meet your dad on our first date?

Dan So this... this is a date? Ah, maybe I should have worn my loafers then... and dress down a little bit.

[INT 'KISS ON THE LIPS' PARTY - Chuck leads Jenny upstairs]

Chuck Let's go and talk some in private.

Jenny Ok.

[They stop in the empty stairway]

Jenny This is definitely quieter but do you actually know where we're going or...

Chuck Here looks pretty good.

[Chuck leans in to kiss Jenny but she pulls away]

Jenny So, you said you wanted to talk. Uhm, what do you want to talk about?

Chuck How into you I am.

[Chuck starts kissing Jenny but after a few moments she pulls away again]

Chuck Ok, I am sorry. If you don't want to do anything that's cool. Let's start over.

Jenny Yeah, uhm... do you wanna start over back at the party?

Chuck Eh... have a glass of champagne, please?

Jenny Maybe one.

[While Chuck pours a glass of champagne, Jenny takes out her cell phone and starts texting]

[EXT CLUB - Serena and Dan leave the club, Dan holds the door open for her]

Serena Thanks.

[Dan stares at Serena]

Serena What?

Dan Sorry, nothing, nothing. I just, uhm... my sister was right: You're nice.

Serena You asked my out on a date and you didn't think I was nice?

Dan No, uh... I just thought you were hot. And technically, you asked me out.

Serena Oh, ok, ok, I see. So, uhm, sensible tortured soul boy is actually kind of superficial.

Dan Yeah, just a little bit.

Serena Good to know.

[Dan's cell phone rings, he takes a look at the new text message: Jenny (Mobile), Sep 25, 2007, 9:15:05 PM, HELP. EMERGENCY. NEED YOU, J.]

Dan Sorry.

[Dan gets another text message: Jenny (Mobile), Sep 25, 2007, 9:15:44 PM, 911, 4 REAL PLEASE. U KNOW Chuck?]

Serena Got a better offer?

Dan No, it's my sister. She's at that 'Kiss On The Lips' party, you know. She's having some problems with that guy Chuck. I'm sorry, I have to go.

Serena I'll go with you.

Dan No, really, that's ok.

Serena No, no, listen, if it's Chuck it's not ok.

[INT 'KISS ON THE LIPS' PARTY - Dan and Serena enter]

Dan I'm gonna do a lap, ok? Look for her.

Serena Yeah, ok.

[The guests notice Serena and start gossiping]

Party Guests ... Serena... it's Serena... oh my gosh... is she really here?... is that really her?... Blair said she wasn't invited... she is wasted... she is so brave...

[Isabel and Katy both get new text messages]

Isabel and Katy Serena's here?

Blair What is she doing here? She wasn't invited.

[Blair makes her way through the crowd towards Serena but Nate stops her]

Nate Blair, come on, are you really gonna kick her out?

Blair Did you invite her?

Nate What? No! God! I told you.

Blair Do not talk to her.

Nate I was going for a walk.

[Nate passes Serena without looking at her, Serena turns around and stares at Blair]

[EXT ROOF TOP - Chuck tries to kiss Jenny against her will]

Jenny No!

Chuck Quiet.

Jenny Stop!

[INT 'KISS ON THE LIPS' PARTY - Serena finds Dan]

Sererna Hey, no luck?

Dan No, I haven't seen here anywhere.

Sererna Come on, let's try upstairs.

[They go upstairs]

Dan There isn't going to be anybody up here. This is pointless.

[Serena finds a scarf on the floor]

Sererna Dan!

Dan What?

Sererna That's Chuck's scarf.

Dan Oh god!

[EXT ROOF TOP - Chuck is still trying to kiss Jenny, Dan runs over to them]

Jenny Get off. Stop!

Dan Hey, Jenny!

Sererna Chuck! Get off of here!

[Chuck lets Jenny go, Dan hugs her]

Dan Are you ok?

[Dan walks over to Chuck who pushes him away]

Dan Son of a...

Chuck What the hell is your problem? It's a party. Things happen. Who are you anyway?

Dan How many times do I have to tell you? I'm in your class. My name is Dan Humphrey... and that is my little sister.

[Dan punches Chuck in the face, Chuck's nose is bleeding]

Sererna Let's go. come on. [Serena pushes Chuck]

Sererna Chuck, don't you ever touch her again!

Chuck Hey, you're life is over, slut! Don't forget: I know everything!

[INT 'KISS ON THE LIPS' PARTY - Blair watches Serena, Dan and Jenny leaving]

Dan You sure you're ok?

Jenny Yeah, I will be. Just take me home, ok?

[They step outside]

Dan So, think I've got a shot at a second date?

Sererna Well, I don't think we can top this one.

Dan I did punch someone.

Serena True, we talk about it in the cab.

[They get into the cab, Nate watches them leave, Blair and Chuck stand outside too]

Blair She better not show her face again.

Chuck I'm actually hoping she will.

[INT CAB - Dan hugs Jenny, then looks at Serena who smiles at him, Serena turns and looks out of the side window]

Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Spotted: Serena... making an heroic exit from B's party. Too bad for her there's school on Monday. So, until next time. You know you love me... Gossip Girl.


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