Richard "Rick" Rhodes is a minor character in the Gossip Girl television adaption, portrayed by Andrew McCarthy. Introduced in the season two episode "Valley Girls" as the ex-husband of CeCe Rhodes and father to Carol and Lily Rhodes, Rick is also the grandfather to Carol's daughter, Lola Rhodes, and Lily's children, Serena and Eric van der Woodsen.

Initially set to have a major role in the proposed Gossip Girl prequel series, Valley Girls, Rick Rhodes makes no other appearance in the television series.

Television seriesEdit

Background and personalityEdit

Like his ex-wife CeCe, not much is known about Rick's early life. As revealed in the flashback sequences in the season two episode "Valley Girls," Rick Rhodes at one time lived in Malibu, California, where he owned and operated his own record label, Rhodes Records.

Despite being a caring father, Rick often left most of the parenting to CeCe, who didn't take kindly to the fact that she was making most of the effort in raising their children, Carol and Lily. Absent for a majority of his children's lives, the compassionate side to Rick's nature is visibly seen when he readily listened to the problems of his daughter Lily, fully aware of her desire to join him in living in Los Angeles.

Season 1Edit

In the first season of Gossip Girl, Rick Rhodes does not make any physical appearance. However, he is mentioned in the pilot when his granddaughter, Serena van der Woodsen, believes her mother is lying about Eric's true whereabouts. Despite Lily's assertion that Eric is staying with Rick in Rhode Island, Serena soon discovers that Eric has actually been checked into rehab.

Season 2Edit

In season two, Rick appears in Lily's flashback sequences during Serena's prom and arrest. As Lily relives her teenage years after deliberate expulsion from her Santa Barbara boarding school, she remembers going to Malibu to speak with Rick about living with him in Los Angeles. Privy to her plan, however, Rick calls Lily's mother, CeCe, informing her of Lily's whereabouts and asks her to come down to Malibu from Montecito.

When Rick refuses Lily's offer to live with him, she decides to go live with his other daughter, Carol Rhodes, in the San Fernando Valley

Novel seriesEdit

Richard Rhodes does not appear in the Gossip Girl novels, nor do his elder daughter or second granddaughter.


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