Roman Garrel is the gay French model that Harold Waldorf left his wife Eleanor for. Roman was once friends with Eleanor but not anymore although she does tolerate his existence. He is portrayed by William Abadie.


Roman only appears in the TV show with his life partner, Harold Waldorf. He came to visit Harold's ex-wife and his stepdaughter, Blair Waldorf. He has a former stepson-in-law in Louis Grimaldi and an unborn step-granddaughter, Unnamed girl. He has a stepson-in-law in Chuck Bass and a step-grandson in Henry Bass.

Romantic Relationships Edit

  • Freddy Parnes - He used to date this 28 year old french model, who was a horrible person but had Roman under his spell.Luckily, Eleanor convinced Roman to break up with him.
  • Harold - He is Roman's life partner, and they are deeply in love. They live in a chateau near Lyon, in France. They have a cat named "Cat".

Trivia / Facts Edit

  • He can't ice-skate
  • His ex-boyfriend (Freddy) is 6'1


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