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Rufus Humphrey is a former rock artist from the band " Lincoln Hawk" whose marriage fell apart. He has two children, Dan and Jenny Humphrey, and owns a fledgling art gallery. Determined to give his children a quality education, he enrolled them at private day schools in Manhattan.

Rufus appeared in 119 episodes.


Rufus is a very honest man. He is not constantly caught up in the drama of the Upper East Side, and he is not the center of many intricate plot twists, but he is without a doubt one of the most purely good people in Upper Manhattan. Not only is he dedicated to truth and honesty, but he is also fiercely loyal. No matter how many times Lily lets him down, Rufus displays an unwavering sense of devotion to her. He fights for the people he loves, no matter what, and he always makes the people in his life feel valuable. The people he is closest to never doubt that he cares for them. He is generous, thoughtful, and creative, with a great sense of humor. 

Season 1

In Pilot, Rufus is seen picking up his kids, Dan and Jenny, from Grand Central Station. They were staying with their mother, Alison, in Hudson until Rufus started living with the kids in his loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He staples flyers around town, promoting his band "Lincoln Hawk" who will be performing in the evening. Lily visits his art gallery and questions why Dan and Serena will be going to his concert. Rufus is introduced to Serena by Dan.In Roman Holiday, Rufus introduces Alison to Bart. He is disheartened when he find out Alex is still writing to Alison, and he goes to a bar to confront Alex. Later on, Alison and Rufus talk things out and they decide they should go their separate ways.


  • He is subscribed to the New York Post newspaper




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