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Rufus Humphrey is the father of Dan and Jenny Humphrey, and the ex husband of Alison Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen. He is a former band member of Lincoln Hawk, owned an art gallery at one point, and is a current music producer in Manhattan.

Rufus appeared in 119 episodes.


Rufus is a very honest and loyal man. He isn't usually caught up in the drama of the Upper East Side, and is not the center of many intricate plot twists.He fights for the people he loves and tries to see the best in people. He is generous, thoughtful, and creative, with a great sense of humor. 

Season 1

In Pilot, Rufus is seen picking up his kids, Dan and Jenny, from Grand Central Station after they were visiting their mother Alison in Hudson, New York. After Dan and Serena tell Lily they're going on a date, she visits his art gallery and questions why Dan and Serena will be going to his concert. Rufus is introduced to Serena by Dan.

Rufus, in an attempt to help Dan, does a live acoustic performance during Constance Billard/St. Jude's Ivy Week mixer in Poison Ivy.In Dare Devil, Lily, searching for a missing Eric, turns to Rufus for help in finding him and the two begin to rekindle their romantic relationship.

Jenny discovers Rufus and Alison are having problems due to Alison cheating on him while living in Hudson in Victor Victrola. She brings Alison back in Seventeen Candles, but Rufus isn't willing to just forgive and forget. But after awhile, decides to give her another chance and she comes back to stay. In Blair Waldorf Must Pie, Lily unexpectedly shows to the Humphrey's Thanksgiving dinner with Serena and Eric and it's revealed she was Rufus' first great love. In an attempt to fix his marriage, Rufus cuts Lily out of his life. In Roman Holiday, Rufus introduces Alison to Bart. He is disheartened when he finds out Alex, Alison's fling in Hudson, is still writing to Alison, and he goes to a bar to confront Alex. Later on, Alison and Rufus talk things out and they decide they should go their separate ways and subsequently divorce.

In Hi, Society, Lily's mother CeCe Rhodes reveals to him that the reason Lily left him was because she made her choose between Rufus and her trust fund, not because Lily loved her ex husband William van der Woodsen more. Upon learning this, he decides to fight for her. After the pool party incident in School Lies, Rufus and Lily decide to go away for a weekend to figure things out. But when Serena tells Lily that she feels her future lies with Dan, Lily stands Rufus up and instead focuses on her relationship with Bart Bass.

When Georgina Sparks reveals to the Van Der Woodsen's that Eric is gay, Lily turns to Rufus for advice and in Woman on the Verge, he turns to Lily for help on a newly rebellious Jenny. When Lily brings Serena by his concert to see Dan during her rehearsal dinner before her wedding to Bart, the two kiss and have sex. In Much 'I Do' About Nothing, Rufus crashes Lily and Bart's wedding, and while they agree that they still love each other, they decide being together isn't going to work out. Rufus decides to go on tour with his band, Lincoln Hawk, all summer long.

Season 2

Rufus returns to the city in Never Been Marcused. He reveals to Vanessa that the band was offered the opportunity to go on another tour, but after returning to the loft and seeing Dan and Jenny's summer accomplishments, decides not to go. He goes on a date in The Dark Night, and this fling continues over the course of a few episodes. In The Ex-Files, a lonely Lily seeks company in Rufus, but he turns her down, not wanting to get in the middle of her marriage. In The Magnificent Archibalds, Lily tries to bring Rufus and an estranged Jenny back together and it works. In O Brother, Where Bart Thou?, Rufus comforts Lily after Bart's death. They again decide to take a trip to figure things out. Before they can leave, Rufus learns from CeCe that Lily had his baby and gave it up for adoption without him knowing. When he meets up with Lily, who is ready to leave, he confronts her about it and she admits to it.

Rufus spends time traveling In the Realm of the Basses to find his long lost child. Dan, who is suspicious of what Rufus is doing and recently reunited with Serena, tries to find what he's been looking for but is unsuccessful. Eventually, him and Lily talk about things and the two decide to head to Boston to find him. After talking to Chuck, who found out from his PI, Dan also discovers the secret. Rufus asks Dan to keep the secret from Serena, Eric, and Jenny, as it's not his secret to tell. In Gone with the Will, Rufus and Lily discover from the adoptive parents that their son was killed in a boating accident. After finding out, the two realize how much they're still in love and finally get together. In The Grandfather, Rufus and Lily share a list of lovers and quickly realize it wasn't a good idea. After arguing, he makes a list instead of things he loves about Lily.

In Seder Anything, Rufus decides he isn't happy selling art anymore and decides to sell the art gallery. In Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Rufus finds out Dan wouldn't receive any financial aid from Yale, where he was planning to go. After Lily finds out, she offers to help, but he turns her down. Meanwhile, Serena is in a new relationship with Gabriel Edwards, who brings an interesting investment opportunity to them. Rufus decides to invest all of Dan's college money in an attempt to make it more of a reality. In The Wrath of Con, Rufus, excited about his investment, plans to propose to Lily. He plans a romantic proposal that includes all her favorite things. At the same time, Lily finds out Gabriel is a con artist and plans to pay all the people who invested in his "company" back herself. But she decides to pay Rufus back in a monthly installment plan, along with extra money to help them pay for Yale behind his back. While looking for something to help with the proposal, Rufus stumbles upon the list and realizes what Lily was planning to do. After a short argument, he leaves without proposing. In The Goodbye Gossip Girl, after graduation, Rufus and Lily reunite and they get engaged. Meanwhile, Dan and Vanessa meet a boy named Scott Rosson who says he'll be attending NYU with them in the fall. It's revealed to the audience that he is Rufus and Lily's son.

Season 3

While Lily stays with her sick mother CeCe in California during the summer, Rufus spends the summer in the Hamptons with Dan, Jenny, and Eric. They return to Manhattan in Reversals of Fortune. It's revealed that Serena has been having Jenny and Eric hide the exploits of her summer from Rufus, although he eventually finds out. Over the summer, Vanessa has started hanging out with Scott more and more, although he introduces himself under the name Scott Adler to everyone. He meets Rufus at a polo match and the he begins to take guitar lessons from him. In The Lost Boy, Vanessa finds out who Scott really is and encourages him to tell Rufus. At the Sotheby's auction, he is confronted by his adoptive mother and instead of revealing who he is to Rufus, lies and says he's their son's brother. At the end of the episode, he leaves back to Boston without telling him.

Lily returns to the city in Dan de Fleurette and learns from Rufus that Serena has decided to defer a year from Brown. Angry, she blames him for not making her go and for not being responsible during the summer. The two fight and begin a wall of silence. In Rufus Getting Married, the pair decide to leap and move up their wedding date. Before the wedding, Lily has trouble writing her vows and the two briefly argue before the wedding. Scott arrives back in town, and reveals who he really is. After finding out, Lily and Rufus reunite and marry at the loft.

In How to Succeed in Bassness, Rufus' love for Halloween is revealed. Worried he'll be disappointed at the lack of trick or treaters, Lily pays Vanya to bring kids up. At the end of the episode, Rufus reveals he knew what she did but isn't angry. In The Treasure of Serena Madre, Rufus learns that Lily was lying about where she was during the summer and early fall. Serena discovers a letter her father, William van der Woodsen wrote to her, explaining why he couldn't see her during the summer: he was with Lily. After deciding to leave with Tripp van der Bilt, with whom she's having an affair with, his wife, Maureen van der Bilt, discovers the letter. In The Debarted, Lily sends Rufus to a rooftop garden meeting where he meets a new friend, Holland. As a form of blackmail, Maureen returns to the penthouse and gives Rufus the letter, where he learns Lily was with William, not CeCe. He goes skiing to avoid Lily, but returns in The Hurt Locket. The two talk, and Lily reveals that the two kissed but did not have sex. Rufus is angry because while they weren't married, they were engaged, and temporarily moves back to the loft for space. During this time, Jenny has started a relationship with drug dealer Damien Dalgaard. Rufus and Lily continue their fighting, as neither know how to correctly handle the situation. During their fight, he turns to new friend Holland for advice and comfort but at one point, leaves his scarf in her apartment. She returns it to Vanya, who brings it to Lily. She returns it to Rufus, and the two decide to start over with a clean slate in The Sixteen Year Old Virgin, after Lily returns from Canyon Ranch with CeCe. It's also revealed in this episode that she is the one with cancer, not CeCe.

In The Unblairable Lightness of Being, Rufus discovers that Lily has yet again lied about where she is. He calls CeCe, who tells him that he needs to find out from Lily where she actually is. In Dr. Estrangeloved, Lily returns to Manhattan and explains to Rufus that she has been sick all along and seeing William for treatments. William also returns and Serena has a chance to reunite with her father, much to Rufus' dislike, as the two are long time rivals. In It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World, William announces he's moving back to New York and plans to get an apartment in the building. Upset, Rufus insists to Lily that William is trying to get close to her again, but she disagrees. Later, William gives a speech that alludes to him about to start a war for Lily, and she realizes Rufus was right. He tells her to find a new doctor, but she refuses and asks Rufus to go to Brooklyn for a night so she can be alone. After the speech, Holland reveals to Serena that Rufus cheated on Lily with her. Jenny and Chuck are also suspicious about Lily's illness and medications. Serena confronts Rufus about cheating on Lily in Ex-Husbands and Wives. He calls her up to the apartment, where she confirms her story. Upset at her lies, Rufus leaves. Meanwhile, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Dan, and Jenny are working together to expose William and Holland's plan to break Rufus and Lily up. After it's revealed to everyone, Rufus and Lily reconcile.

Season 4

Rufus learns he has a grandson, Milo Humphrey, fathered by Dan and who's mother is Georgina in Belles de Jour. However, he has his suspicions and figures out that it's not Dan's son via blood type in Double Identity. Also, Rufus has learned that Jenny lost her virginity to Chuck and is not happy about his return to the city, which he makes clear to Lily. In War at the Roses, Rufus and Lily celebrate their first wedding anniversary at Blair's 20th birthday party. However, Dan was scheming and Rufus becomes disappointed that Dan would stoop to the UES kids' level, but is pleasantly surprised when Dan pulls off a special anniversary surprise for them.

Through the entire season, Rufus and Lily have almost no issues and remain in a happy marriage.

Season 5

In Memoirs of an Invisible Dan, Rufus celebrates Dan's book release with everyone before revealing his book actually broke his heart; as Dan portrayed him as a one hit wonder who married for money. However, he decides to forgive him in The Fasting and the Furious. In The Big Sleep No More, Dan is struggling with the downhill failure of his book and Rufus helps him by explaining how Lincoln Hawk went through the same thing before hitting it big. In The Backup Dan, after Dan helps Blair flee her wedding, he confides in Rufus where she is; although he eventually tells Eleanor Waldorf and Lily.

After CeCe's death in Cross Rhodes and the will is read in The Princess Dowry, con artist Ivy Dickens now legally owns the Van Der Woodsen penthouse and Rufus and Lily move into the loft. In It-Girl Interrupted, Rufus tells Lily that Ivy agreed to move out of the apartment if Lily unfreezes CeCe's assets. She agrees to do so, but instead conducts a trick to get Ivy out without unfreezing the money behind Rufus' back. She discovers in Salon of the Dead that Rufus has been paying for Ivy to live in a hotel behind her back, and two fight over it. He briefly moves back to Brooklyn again. In Despicable B, Lily throws a dinner party to fix the family's image and invites Rufus, who agrees to come. However, after finding out her sister Carol Rhodes had her daughter Lola Rhodes with William while they were still married, decides to seek revenge and uninvites Rufus to make sure the plan works. He finds out, and ultimately decides to spend even more time away from Lily after her recent scheming. After Bart Bass is revealed to be alive in The Return of the Ring, Lily, still being married to him and Rufus, must annul one of her marriages. Rufus, wanting to fix their relationship, delivers annulment papers to Bart behind her back for him to sign. When she finds out, she rips them up. At the end of the episode, she chooses to annul her marriage to Rufus.

Season 6

In Gone Maybe Gone, it's revealed that after Rufus moved back to Brooklyn, he's been letting Ivy live with him. At the end of the episode, the two have sex and enter into a relationship. In Dirty Rotten Scandals, Ivy leaks a rumor that Rufus wants to sue Dan after an expose article about him comes out. In Monstrous Ball, Rufus finds Ivy has been pretending to be broke when really she has all of CeCe's money. It's revealed in Where the Vile Things Are that Rufus has bought another art gallery and intends to sell art again, but the opening reception he was planning to host with Ivy has been sabotaged by Lily. At her art auction, they purchase a piece of art she put up, and tell her they bought it with CeCe's money. Lily learns from Bart that the records of his illegal oil trading was in the back of the painting, and Ivy finds them. In Save the Last Chance, Rufus learns that Ivy has been with William Van Der Woodsen all along and kicks her out of the loft. He finds the records and returns them to Lily, and the two become somewhat civil again.

In the series finale New York, I Love You XOXO time jump, as of 2017, Rufus is dating Lisa Loeb and becomes father-in-law to Serena. It's also shown that he is friendly with Lily.


  • He is subscribed to the New York Post newspaper
  • Rufus once role-played with Serena to get her ready to tell Lily that she isn't going to Brown




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