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Sage Spence
General information
Full name Natasha Spence
Nickname(s) Sage
Birthplace Manhattan, New York City (possibly)
Birthday 1995
Occupation High school student
(at Constance)
Family Steven Spence (father)
Romances Nate Archibald (ex-boyfriend)
Enemies Serena van der Woodsen (former)
Series information
Status Alive
Portrayed by Sofia Black D'Elia
First appearance "Gone Maybe Gone"
Last appearance "New York, I Love You XOXO"

Natasha "Sage" Spence is a recurring character in the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl. The daughter of Steven Spence, Sage enters into a relationship with Nate Archibald by telling him she is researching for a class at Columbia University. However, this is later revealed to be false, as she is actually attending Constance Billard School for Girls.

Television series

Season 6

Sage always had her own personal grudge against Serena, and resolved to do many things to make sure that her and her dad, Steven would break up. Serena attempted to talk to her in the beginning, convincing herself that she could tame the wild rebel that Sage was, but failed when Sage ran away from her. Eventhoughh Nate used to date Serena, I don't think Steven or sage were unaware. She even got a space for Sage to model in Blairs' fashion line, but Sage let her dress fall and damaged Waldorf Designs image. Later on, she goes to Nate, her boyfriend, and they have sex. Sage finds out that her dad is shortly going to propose to Serena, so she goes to Blair convincing her that if she lets her dad propose to her that night, her work would be forgotten in the shadow of the acceptance of the proposal. Blair calls Serenas' mother, Lily van der Woodsen and makes sure that Lily delays the date of the proposal, which then worked. 

Sage however, not trusting Blairs' plan, goes behind her back and makes it look as though Steven returned the ring, and sends a message from his phone telling Serena not to come to the Cotillion that night. In trade for all of this, Blair asks Sage to model one of her dresses in the Cotillion, which she does, and she presents her dresses' debut by releasing Dans' and Serenas' sex tape whilst she walks down. Naturally, Blair is hurt and Steven argues with Serena, claiming that Sage was right and that she was still just a teenager, and breaks up with her. Nate breaks up with Sage after finding out that she was behind it all that time, when Georgina Sparks comes back to claim her phone which Sage stole to access the tape.

Later on in the Season, Serena meets up with Sage in a grocery store and invites her and Steven to her Thanksgiving Dinner. They accept, and then at the Dinner, Sage makes up with her ex boyfriend Nate. Nate gets arrested, and then Sage goes to visit him, taking his dad along with her to help him get out of prison. Blair then calls together a group of the best scheming girls she knows, consisting of Georgina, Serena, Ivy Dickens and Sage herself. Their mission is to take down Bartholomew Bass by manipulating the truth out of him and recording it. Sage steals Bruce Caplens' phone, so that she can get the truth out of Bart. Her plan fails however, when Bart finds out that Blair is behind all of it and then puts his phone in a fish bowl.

After, Nate is down because he feels as though his life is over because he cannot return as he once did. Sage decides to cheer him up, saying that he had the perfect story to go back to the Spectator and he'll have one again.

In the last episode of Gossip Girl, Nate and Sage are trying to find out who Gossip Girl truly is. After, Jack Bass appears in the apartment and asks them to go with him. They then turn up at the Museum, where Chuck and Blair announce their marriage. When Dan gives all of the evidence to who Gossip Girl is to Nate, he goes to Sage and gets her to type all of it up. The identity is then revealed; Gossip Girl is Dan. Nothing is known of Sage after the reveal. If Nate or Sage still dated five years later she would be 22 or 23.


Sage has a very manipulative personality, and is much like Serena was at her age, being the Queen at Constance. Sage can get what she wants, such as breaking up her fathers' relationship with Serena, but she will also care for you if you have grown close to her, such as her relationship with Nate. Sage is not only manipulative, but intelligent and quick thinking. She always knows what she has to do. Nate describes her as a pain. 


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