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Season 4

September 13, 2010 - May 16, 2011
Keep your friends close and your frenemies closer

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Season Four is the fourth season of Gossip Girl, the American teen drama based upon the book series by Cecily von Ziegesar. It aired on the CW from September 2010 to May 2011 with 22 episodes. The series was and developed for television by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

The CW officially renewed the series for a full fourth season on February 16, 2010.

Season 4 Summary

Season four's main mystery revolves around Juliet Sharp, a secretive girl with an agenda against Serena involving her past. The second half of the season builds on the complications of Serena's newfound relationship with her former teacher Ben, Chuck trying to regain control of Bass Industries from Russell Thorpe (Michael Boatman), and Dan and Blair's growing friendship. The season also focuses on Lily's past betrayals coming back to haunt her; Chuck and Blair's tumultuous relationship after their break up; Dan and Vanessa's deteriorating friendship; and the arrival of Serena's cousin Charlie Rhodes to the Upper East Side.

Interesting Information

Taylor Momsen's character Jenny only appeared in 4 episodes before being downgraded to a recurring character along with Jessica Szohr's character Vanessa.


It was later announced that the show would stay in its Monday 9:00 p.m. timeslot as a lead-out to 90210. The season premiered on September 13, 2010, to a 1.0 Adults 18-49 rating and 1.84 million viewers. The fourth episode achieved a 1.1 Adults 18-49 rating, the seasons highest rated episode, while episode eleven was the most watched with 2.06 million viewers tuning in. The season concluded on May 16, 2011 with 1.36 million live viewers tuning in. On Metacritic the season has a 75/100 rating, indicating generally positive reviews by critics.

The first half of the season focuses on Juliet, a mysterious girl with a vendetta against Serena.The second half focuses on Chuck's professional struggles trying to keep his father's business from his father's old rival and his relationship with Blair. The season also focuses on Blair's relationship with a prince, Nate revisiting old family problems, the deteriorating friendship between Dan and Vanessa and his growing feelings for Blair, as well as Serena's cousin Charlie and her integration into the Upper East Side.

Dramatis Personae

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# Image Title Viewers Airdate
01 Serena Blair Paris Belles de Jour 1.83 September 13, 2010

Serena and Blair enjoy their summer vacation in Paris trying to take their minds off of home. Meanwhile, Chuck is recovering in Prague after being found and healed by Eva, a French tourist who does not know his real identity. Meanwhile, back in New York, Eleanor helps Lily make arrangements for Fashion's Night Out at the van der Woodsen penthouse and Dan deals with raising Georgina's newborn son Milo, while Nate meets a potential new love interest, Juliet Sharp, whom he asks out on a date.

Title reference: From the 1967 film, Belle de jour.

02 Doubleidentityport Double Identity 1.84 September 20, 2010

Serena and Blair run into a different Chuck in Paris, and is reluctant to return to New York with Eva. Back in New York, Juliet suggests to Nate that tricking Vanessa to be with Dan might be the right thing to remove Dan from the Dan-Serena-Nate love triangle. Rufus learns that Dan isn't Milo's father after he checks Georgina and Milo's blood test. Serena convinces Blair to talk Chuck into returning to Manhattan while Dan and Nate prepare to face Serena.

Title reference: From the 2009 film, Double Identity

03 Undergradport The Undergraduates 1.78 September 27, 2010

Juliet prevents Serena from joining the Hamilton House sorority. Serena and Blair find a way to expose Juliet's sabotaging plans. Georgina finally comes clean to Dan about Milo. Chuck is afraid of introducing Eva to Lily and Rufus, since she doesn't know of all the things he has done in the past.

Title reference: From the 1995 film, The Underneath.

04 Touchevaport Touch of Eva 2.00 October 4, 2010

Nate suspects that Juliet is keeping a big secret from him and decides to confront her. Meanwhile, Blair successfully plots to make Chuck and Eva break-up, which leads to him declaring war between them. Dan finds himself torn between his feelings for Serena and Vanessa.

Title reference: From the 1958 film, Touch of Evil.

05 Goodbye Colombia 7 Goodbye, Columbia 1.78 October 11, 2010

Juliet sends a Gossip Girl blast that starts a very damaging rumor about Serena, saying she has an STD. Vanessa becomes worried that Dan and Serena may have slept together and turns to Juliet to help her get answers. After checking Serena's phone, Vanessa discovers than Dan and Serena did not sleep together. Vanessa then becomes collateral damage in Juliet's vendetta against Serena when she frames her for sending an e-mail from Serena's phone to her English professor offering sex for grades. Elsewhere, Chuck threatens Blair's chances to become the powerful businesswoman Martha's (guest star Marilyne Barrett) new assistant.

Title reference: From the 2003 film, Goodbye, Lenin.

06 Jenny Easy J 2 Easy J 1.88 October 25, 2010

Jenny returns to New York for a job interview with Tim Gunn, while Blair puts forth her best efforts to send Little J back to Hudson. After her interview with Tim Gunn is sabotaged by Blair, Jenny reveals on Gossip Girl that she and Chuck slept together. Meanwhile, Serena learns that Colin (guest star Sam Page) is actually her college professor, which puts their relationship in grave danger.

Title reference: From the 2010 film, Easy A

07 Gossip-girl-s4e7-war-at-roses-14 War at the Roses 1.82 November 1, 2010

Blair is caught off guard at her 20th birthday party. Worried that Chuck and Blair might return to their vindictive games, Serena and Nate make the warring exes sign a peace treaty. Dan comes up with a scheme that will allow Jenny to return to the Upper East Side to celebrate Rufus and Lily's anniversary celebration, but his plan ultimately backfires. Serena and Colin try to resist their desires for each other.

Title reference: From the 2005 TV Series, The War At Home

08 Juliet 9 Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore 1.78 November 8, 2010

Serena continues to resist temptation with her professor Colin, while Blair tries to resist temptation with Chuck. Vanessa joins Juliet's scheme to try to bring down Serena with photos taken of her and Colin in a romantic embrace. Nate discovers that Juliet has been lying about where she lives, and that she is poor. Dan realizes that he still has feelings for Serena.

Title reference: From the 1974 film, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

09 Chuck blair kiss The Witches of Bushwick 1.69November 15, 2010

Serena learns that she has until the end of Chuck's Saints & Sinners Masquerade Ball to choose between Dan or Nate. Jenny joins forces with Juliet and Vanessa to take down Serena. Meanwhile, Blair sets her sights on becoming the new face of Anne Archibald's Foundation for Girls, but her relationship with Chuck may be problematic.

Title reference: From the 1987 film, The Witches of Eastwick.

10 Gaslit Jenny Gaslit 1.96 November 29, 2010

Lily, Rufus, Eric, Blair, Dan, and Chuck find themselves at the hospital for an overdose from Serena. Vanessa tries to frame Jenny for Juliet's actions, thus threatening her relationship with her family. Meanwhile, Nate attempts to help his parents put the past behind them and reconcile. After successfully clearing her agenda, Juliet makes a departure from New York City, as well as Vanessa, in fear of potential vengeance from Blair. Jenny discovers Juliet's true intentions towards Serena and gives Blair information that will help her take down Juliet.

Title reference: From the 1944 film, Gaslight

11 Townie Serena Ben The Townie 2.06 December 6, 2010

Blair and Dan team up with Damien to find Juliet in her Connecticut hometown through a tip from Gossip Girl. When Juliet spots the trio in her town, she decides to return to New York to finish what she started with Serena. Meanwhile, Nate struggles with allowing his father back into his life when the Captain announces that his parole has been granted. Also, Rufus and Chuck learn Lily is planning to sell Bass Industries. One Week Later, Nate leaves town to be with his paroled father for the winter break, while Chuck leaves for New Zealand to meet with his uncle hoping to find a way to stop Lily from selling his company. Serena creates a plan to help get Ben out of prison.

Title reference: From the 2010 film, The Town

12 KidsAlright2 The Kids Are Not Alright 1.58 January 24, 2011

A former associate of Chuck’s father, Russell Thorpe, along with his crafty and headstrong daughter Raina, return to Manhattan with some unfinished business concerning Bass Industries. Serena and Chuck unite against Lily. Meanwhile, Blair realizes that her mother, Eleanor, may be her key to becoming a future CEO. Also, Nate worries that his father, The Captain, is having a little too much fun after his release from prison and is not taking his parole seriously.

Title reference: From the 2010 film, The Kids Are All Right

13 DamianDarko Damien Darko 1.51 January 31, 2011

Blair is thrilled to get an internship at W Magazine to further claw her way up the ranks to become a ruling CEO, but her excitement fades when she discovers that Dan has secured one of the coveted positions along with four other top students. Meanwhile, Chuck may have finally met his match with Russell Thorpe, and his daughter Raina, when they announce that they are planning to take over Bass Industries. Serena tries a reconciliation with Ben after his release from prison. Eric engages in suspicious behavior with Damien. Also, Nate receives alarming news about his father’s business prospects when he learns that the Captain and Russell are working together for some nefarious purpose.

Title reference: From the 2001 film, Donnie Darko

14 PanicRoomate Panic Roommate 1.62 February 7, 2011

Blair enlists Nate's help to win over her high-strung boss, Epperly, at W Magazine. Meanwhile, Damien stirs up more drama when he begins playing Eric and Serena against each other in an attempt to get back at Ben. Also, Chuck finds himself torn between business and pleasure with Raina.

Title reference: From the 2002 film, Panic Room.

15 It-Girl Blair It-Girl Happened One Night 1.32 February 14, 2011

As Russell Thorpe is prepared to takeover Bass Industries, Chuck makes one last attempt to save his father’s company by throwing a Valentine's Day fund raiser, and tries to cut Lily loose from his company and his life. Meanwhile, at W Magazine, a difficult assignment gives Blair the opportunity for a promotion. Elsewhere, Serena struggles with her feelings for Ben against her family's disapproval. Also, Russell fires Nate's father from his company as he is a conflict of interest.

Title reference: From the 1934 film, It Happend One Night.

16 00608260a24 While You Weren't Sleeping 1.57 February 21, 2011

Eric's 18th birthday arrives, along with a drama filled celebration. Damien blackmails Eric with the information he knows about the affidavit Lily forged against Ben. An impatient Blair decides to speed up the time table to jump start her career... but ultimately stretches herself too thin. Meanwhile, Serena is forced to choose between her family and a potential romance with Ben. Chuck and Lily reconcile and team up in order to save Bass Industries from Russell Thorpe. Also, Vanessa returns to apologize to Dan.

Title reference: From the 1995 film, While You Were Sleeping.

17 0060895076b Empire of the Son 1.39

Unresolved issues between Ben and Serena come to light when his mother visits. Meanwhile, Russell puts his relationship with Raina at risk by using personal information to blackmail Lily in order to destroy Chuck's family legacy. Russell tells Chuck a devastating secret about his father. Nate and Raina explore their feelings for each other. Lily prepares to face legal consequences for her part in Ben's false imprisonment. William van der Woodsen makes his return to the Upper East Side. And Dan and Blair's relationship reaches a turning point that changes everything.

Title reference: From the 1987 film, Empire of the Sun.

18 Rhode family The Kids Stay in the Picture 1.43 April 18, 2011

William van der Woodsen, along with Lily's mother and sister, CeCe and Carol, come to New York to support Lily as she awaits the consequences of confessing to her crime. Carol's daughter, Charlie, who has been raised away from the glamour and wealth of the Upper East Side, follows her mother to the city to meet the rest of her family. Chuck realizes that he wants to win Blair back. Meanwhile, Dan and Blair deal with the aftermath of their kiss, and are afraid of what it may have meant to them.

Title reference: From the 2002 film, The Kids Stay in the Picture.

19 61641 Petty in Pink 1.55 April 25, 2011

Serena becomes suspicious of Dan and Blair spending time together, and has Charlie spy on them to find out why. Blair is reunited with Prince Louis Grimaldi whom she met in Paris. Meanwhile, Nate helps Raina find out what happened to her mother, while Chuck’s hopes about his legacy are crushed with the reveal of devastating information from the past. Also, Rufus and Eric try to cheer up Lily by having Lily's annual breast cancer awareness fund raiser party be held at the penthouse.

Title reference: From the 1986 film, Pretty in Pink.

20 006178702cf The Princesses and the Frog 1.27 May 2, 2011

A jealous Serena attempts to use information from Blair's past to threaten her newfound happiness with Prince Louis whose parents disapprove of Blair. After discovering a shocking secret, Nate is torn between his relationship with Raina and his friendship with Chuck. A questionable friendship arises between Charlie and Vanessa.

Title reference: From the 2009 animated film, The Princess and the Frog.

21 0061908028d Shattered Bass 1.20 May 9, 2011

Jack Bass returns to the Upper East Side and helps Chuck, instead of helping Raina destroy him, as he prefers to be the only one to torture his nephew. Meanwhile, Blair receives Princess Sophie's approval to marry Louis , after Cyrus impresses her at a party thrown by Eleanor Waldorf. At Blair's party, Serena confronts Charlie about wearing her clothes without permission, in turn causing Dan to leave with Charlie. They then attend a Constance Billard/St. Judes alumni event together, where they run into former Constance mean girls Isobel and Kati. Chuck, Jack and Nate discover the truth about the fire and tell Russell that if he leaves New York for good, they will keep the secret from Raina. After Raina tells Nate that she won't stop until she makes Chuck feel the pain she has, Nate tells her the truth. Thinking Chuck told her, Russell lures Blair to the rooftop of Constance. Rufus discovers that Charlie has not taken her medication and shows Serena and Vanessa.

Title reference: From the 2003 film, Shatterd Glass

22 24 finale The Wrong Goodbye 1.36 May 16, 2011

Georgina Sparks, now married to a friendly but boring business intern to help raise her baby, turns up at the event looking for trouble. Serena and Vanessa reluctantly join forces to find Dan and Charlie, who does not take Dan's rejection of her well. Blair must make a choice between the men in her life when her life is in danger by Russell. Charlie befriends Georgina, who has uncovered a secret about her. Charlie returns to Miami where a shocking twist is revealed: 'Charlie' is actually a 24-year-old, professional con artist named Ivy, who was hired by Carol Rhodes to impersonate Charlie. Also, Dorota is seen throwing out the trash where a positive home pregnancy test lies with the rest of the trash.

Title reference: From the 1997 film, The Wrong Guy.

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