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Gg The Carlyles 3
Take A Chance On Me
Author(s) Annabelle Vestry
Country United States
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Genre(s) Young Adult, Fiction
Publisher Little,Brown
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Series Gossip Girl: The Carlyle Triplets
Volume 3
Pages 256
Preceded by You Just Can't Get Enough
Followed by Love the One You're With

Take A Chance On Me is the 3rd installment of the Gossip Girl sequel book series, The Carlyles, by Cecily von Ziegesar.

Plot DescriptionEdit

The Carlyle triplets have settled into the Upper East Side -- not that everybody wants them to stay. Jack Celine is not too happy about Baby’s sudden friendship with JP Cashman, or Avery’s campaign to be Constance Billard’s new queen. And will Owen’s brand-new BFF still be feeling friendly when he discovers the real reason he got dumped? New York may be a big city, but it’s one small island… And Gossip Girl is waiting to dish just for you, so stay tuned.

Book SummaryEdit

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