The Bass Family is the richest family on the show, as they are billionaires. They live on the Upper East Side. The members include Bart, Chuck, and Jack Bass.

Season 1 Edit

In Pilot, Chuck talks of his parents as if they're still alive. However, later he mentions his mother is deceased.

The first time we see members of this family interact is in "The Wild Brunch". Bart's hosting his annual foundation brunch, and he asks Chuck to behave and stop drinking scotch. He tells Chuck that he hosts parties like this so that maybe Chuck can meet new people and become a part of something. In Victor Victrola, Chuck is pleased to announce that he is making a new burlesque club in the Upper East Side. Chuck asks Bart to review his business proposal and Bart is pleased that Chuck is finally taking business seriously. But upon reviewing Chuck's plan to buy Victrola and visiting the club, Bart thinks that Chuck isn't taking things seriously and that he just wants to be around girls and alcohol. Chuck sees him leave Victrola with a woman who is not Lily van der Woodsen, whom Bart is supposedly newly committed to. Later in the episode, Bart changes his mind after he comes to the club with a female wanting into the business tycoon world and thinks that it may be a good idea. Chuck admits to Bart that earlier he told Lily about the woman he was with and Bart leaves, once again disappointed in Chuck. In Roman Holiday, Bart proposes to Lily and this begins the Bass-van Der Woodsen family merge.

The Bass and van der Woodsen's are living together starting in The Blair Bitch Project. Bart tells Chuck that he can be the best man at his wedding to Lily if he behaves himself. When Serena receives a package of porn and handcuffs, she, along with Lily and Bart, think Chuck sent it to her. The next day, Bart rides with Chuck and Eric to St. Jude's. He tells Chuck that he almost ruined things with him and Lily before and he won't let it happen again. He explains that he hoped making Chuck his best man would help him become more mature. Bart bribes Chuck by saying if he behaves, he'll buy more shares at Victrola and give Chuck more control. Serena receives several cases of champagne at school and Serena blames Chuck once again. Lily says she doubts that Chuck is diabolical but Bart disagrees. After Serena tells him what she thinks Chuck did, he kicks Chuck out of their hotel room and he moves back to his suite. When Serena finds out that it was Georgina all along and not Chuck, she apologizes but he still doesn't move back in.

Bart and Lily get married in Much 'I Do' About Nothing and Lily officially becomes a Bass. Chuck gives an improvised best man's speech on how Bart's perseverance of Lily and how Lily's forgiveness of Bart has taught him a lot. Chuck plans on traveling with Blair all summer. Bart tells Chuck that he is polite, honest, and really is growing up. Bart says that leaving with Blair will change everything and force him to grow up, making sacrifices and worrying about other people's feelings: he will return a new man. Chuck doesn't go with Blair as a result.

Season Two Edit

The Basses' and van der Woodsen's have moved back into Lily's penthouse in The Serena Also Rises, and Chuck has also returned to living with them again. Dan is being mentored by Noah Shapiro, who encourages him to get out of his comfort zone and Dan decides the best way to do this is to hang out with Chuck. Chuck calls Bart and asks if he is willing to have a drink with him. Bart is annoyed because he is tired, jet lagged, and thinks Chuck is in trouble. Chuck asks if it's that unbelievable that a son wants to hang out with his dad but Bart still declines the offer and hangs up. Dan overhears the conversation and asks what Bart is like. Chuck says he is like him but older and meaner. Chuck almost gets into a fight with someone at the bar and Dan punches him out, causing Chuck to respect him a little. However, both Dan and Chuck are arrested for brawling in public. In jail, Dan says his dad is going to be angry and Chuck says he's lucky to have a dad who cares enough to get angry. He says that Bart expects this behavior and will be mad he has to call his lawyer. Dan asks if Bart was always like that and Chuck sadly replies that it's been that way since the day he was born. He explains that Bart has always hated him because he thinks Chuck killed his mother when giving birth to him. Dan says it's not Chuck's fault and Chuck replies that someone should tell Bart that. Meanwhile, Bart arrives back at the penthouse and Lily finds out that he has been keeping files on her, beginning the end of their relationship. When a police officer returns Chuck's belongings to him, he accidentally gives him Dan's stuff and Chuck finds the story he was writing about him. Chuck confronts Dan and says that he was lying and his mother died in a plane crash in the Andes when he was six.

In Chuck In Real Life, Bart and Lily announce they are having a housewarming party the next night and have new rules for Serena, Chuck, and Eric. Serena follows the new rules until Chuck tells her the real and only reason for them is because Bart needs to court some executives and they won't do business with someone who doesn't share their family values. Serena asks Bart if Lily is aware that he told Eric he couldn't bring his boyfriend, and Bart says he told Eric no such thing and he hopes one day she'll see he wants what's best for their family.

It's Bass Industries 20th anniversary in Bonfire of the Vanity and as a present for Bart, Chuck buys him a box at a hockey arena for the season. Chuck excitedly tells Bart how he remembered when Bart told him he used to sneak into hockey games as a kid and sit in the back. He says that they could revisit his childhood and style while hanging out at games together. Bart says that while it was a nice gesture, it's misguided because he no longer has time for hockey games and Chuck should know that. Meanwhile, Dan's mentor Noah Shapiro introduces him to James Wood, who is interested in getting an expose on Bart for his magazine and using Dan to get it. Noah encourages Dan to accept the offer, stating it could open real doors for Dan. He agrees and interviews Bart. Dan asks to shadow Bart for a few days a week, citing that his dad's world is pretty narrow and not informative. Bart, being jealous at Lily and Rufus' friendship, tells Dan that while his father is a fine man, he understands that he's not very successful and agrees to let Dan shadow him two days a week. Bart invites Dan to a hockey game so they could discuss business. Chuck unexpectedly arrives and hears Bart invite Dan, and jealously says he came to have Bart's schedule cleared so they could go together but he sees he already found someone else to go with. Dan tells Chuck he is newly interested in the construction business and knew Bart could help out. Chuck is suspicious of Dan's story and stalks him to New York Magazine. He calls an intern and asks about Dan, who can't tell him much other than he's at the office heading into a meeting. Dan receives a tip about meeting with someone who has insider information on Bart. When Dan meets with the man, he finds out that in 1987 Bart bought a building in midtown to convert to condos. The market crashed and Bart didn't have the money to complete the project so the building mysteriously burnt down. He collected the insurance and went on to build an empire. Dan looks into it and realizes the story checks out. He goes to the penthouse and asks Bart about it. Bart admits that the story is true and someone died. Chuck comes into the room and tells Bart not to say anything else, that Dan is writing a story for a magazine. Bart asks Dan what it's going to cost to get the story to go away, and Dan says he doesn't want his money and leaves. Chuck follows Dan to the elevator and threatens Dan by saying if he uses this against his father, he will destroy him. Chuck says that the reveal would ruin their family and asks him to please not say anything. Outside, Dan looks over the story he wrote about Chuck feeling like he killed his mother and leaves it for Bart at the concierge, along with an apology note. Bart reads the story and goes to see Chuck in his room. Bart then apologizes for ever making it seem like he held him responsible for his mother's death, and says he had no idea Chuck felt that way. He explains he has trouble being close with Chuck because every time he looks at him, he sees his mother. Bart tells Chuck that he doesn't want to make another mistake and wants to know his son. He asks Chuck to go to the hockey game with him, and Chuck agrees to go.

During Thanksgiving in The Magnificent Archibalds, Lily discovers Bart also has files on Serena and Eric due to Chuck telling Eric. She becomes upset and leaves with her kids. They end up spending the holiday with the Humphrey's, causing Lily and Rufus to get closer. Bart tells Andrew Tyler, his private investigator, that he is interested in finding out why Lily was in a hospital after all.

In It's a Wonderful Lie, Lily and Rufus continue to hang out while she is ignoring Bart. Bart shows up unexpectedly wanting to talk to Lily. He tells her that he fired Andrew Tyler and apologizes. Lily is still skeptical about his actions, and Bart reassures he he can change and that he'll be back from his Miami business trip in time to go to the Snowflake Ball with her. Chuck arrives at the penthouse and tells Bart he doesn't think he should go to Miami because his marriage is so rocky. Bart angrily tells Chuck that he knows Chuck is the one who revealed the files on Thanksgiving and every time they make progress, Chuck shows his true immature colors. The next evening, Lily is waiting for Bart at the penthouse. She figures out Bart never really fired Andrew Tyler and tells Bart's assistant that she will no longer be waiting for him and he should not come to the ball. Rufus and Lily meet up at the ball and she says she is planning on leaving Bart. Chuck sees them, calls Bart, and tells him that he needs to get there as soon as possible as Lily is with Rufus. Bart is with Andrew Tyler and after receiving Chuck's phone call, decides to hear what Andrew found out. Chuck confronts Lily and tells her that she was good for the Bass men, and he always liked her regardless of how he acted. He mentions Bart is on his way and she owes him a conversation. Lily receives a call from the hospital that Bart was in a car accident.

The Upper East Side is in grief mode in O Brother, Where Bart Thou?. Chuck is especially devastated at his father's death but still meets with Andrew Tyler to find out what his final assignment from Bart was. Andrew is hesitant about giving him the info, as another party (Lily's mother CeCe) is also interested in getting the info about Lily and Rufus' secret love child. At Bart's funeral, Chuck shows up drunk and angrily yells at Dan that Bart's death is his and Rufus' fault and that he needs to leave. At the reception, Chuck tells Lily that Bart's blood is on her hands and Lily slaps Chuck. He tells her once he receives his inheritance, she will never see him again. Outside, Blair tells him she loves him, and Chuck blows her off and leaves. Blair's mother Eleanor and Cyrus get married the day after the funeral and Chuck shows up seeking Blair's comfort. They fall asleep together and when she was up, she finds a note from Chuck saying she deserves better and not to come looking for him.

Chuck's uncle Jack Bass makes his first appearance in In The Realm of the Basses. Blair receives a text from Jack saying he found Chuck and they are heading to the van der Woodsen's penthouse. Jack found him in Bangkok and when Chuck finally emerges from the limo, he is unbathed and clearly out of it. Jack instructs Blair to tell his teachers he'll be taking a personal day. But later in the school day, Chuck comes to school and starts smoking hash in the courtyard, where Headmistress Queller catches him. The headmistress holds a meeting with Chuck and Blair to determine Chuck's punishment. She is at first hesitant to have Blair in the room but she insists, seeing as Bart is dead and Lily is grieving. Jack shows up and Chuck does not realize Jack escorted him back to New York. Headmistress Queller informs Jack, who is now referring to himself as Chuck's guardian, and asks if Chuck promises he will never do it again. Chuck agrees but lights up as he leaves the room. Chuck throws a party and Dan shows up asking questions about Rufus' secret search for his love child with Lily. Chuck says he was going to actually keep Lily's secret but since Dan buried the arson story on Bart, he would tell him and he does. Blair shows up at the party and Jack tells her that Chuck does the Bass name proud in terms of parties, and Blair says sarcastically she can see what a wonderful influence he will be. Blair and Jack find a drunk Chuck on the edge of the rooftop. Jack says this is not what Bart would have wanted, and Chuck replies his father wouldn't care because he knew the one thing his father never wanted was him. Blair is then able to talk Chuck off the edge of the roof. Blair tells Jack that he is not to be trusted with Chuck, and Jack says that all he wants is what's best for Chuck and she doesn't really have a choice but to trust him. Blair says Chuck can't know what happened on New Year's, and Jack leaves with Chuck.

Bart's will is read in Gone With The Will. Jack Bass is named Chuck's legal guardian. Bart's personal assets will be placed in a trust which Chuck can have access to when he turns 18. 29% of Bass Industries will remain in the board's hands, and 20% of the company is Lily's. Bart leaves Chuck a letter which reads:

"Dear Son,

I know I've always been hard on you but my goal was always to prepare you for this day, to help you go from being a boy to a man. Sadly, there is nothing like the passing of a father to aid in this rite of passage for his son. Ultimately I do feel that I did my job and you're prepared for this next chapter of your life. Therefore I am bequeathing to you the majority share of Bass Industries..."

Jack gets upset, as he thought he would inherit the company. Chuck is also angry that Bart decided he was only worthy when he was dead and was setting him up to fail, and offers the company to Jack. Blair encourages Chuck, saying that Bart did trust him and that's why he left him his legacy. She tells Chuck to read the rest of the letter. After Chuck reads the letter, he tells Jack that he owes him a lot for saving his life, but he wants to follow Bart's wishes and take over Bass Industries. Jack says no, saying Chuck has no experience and isn't ready and that they can discuss it again when Chuck is 18. Chuck says he is ready now and if Jack wants to stay in the city, he will find a place for him in the company. Jack angrily leaves Chuck alone in Bart's office. Jack calls Blair and says he is sorry for the way he acted earlier since Chuck is the only family he has. He suggests him and Blair throw Chuck a surprise party to show their support. Blair agrees to throw a brunch the next day at the Palace. Jack goes to Chuck's suite and offers to take him out. Chuck declines and says he already has plans with Blair. Jack asks Chuck if he really wants to be the man who has a job during the day and goes home to his wife every night. Chuck texts Blair and cancels, and goes out and parties with Jack. At brunch the next day, Jack shows up alone. Members of the board at Bass Industries come over looking for Chuck. Jack says Chuck is working upstairs and Blair will take them to see Chuck. Blair and the board find a high Chuck upstairs with hookers. Chuck goes to see Jack to confront him for setting him up. Jack is mad at Bart for leaving the company to Chuck and not him. Chuck insists on keeping the company. Jack informs Chuck that Bart placed a morality clause which states that if Chuck acts in any way inappropriately, the board has the option to replace him with his legal guardian; who is Jack.

Chuck teams up with Lily to get rid of Jack in You've Got Yale! after several failed attempts to get rid of him by himself. Chuck says that since he shares DNA with Jack, they think the same and therefore he can see what he's planning. Lily goes to see one of the board members of Bass Industries, who explains that Chuck left them no choice and they wish Lily had been left in charge, since Jack isn't trustworthy. Jack shows up after doing coke and tells Lily that even though he isn't doing a great job, it beats having a woman like her as head. When Chuck shows at Lily's later that afternoon, she tells Chuck it's time to get dirty. Lily takes a call from Rufus and Chuck gets angry, telling Lily that she only cares about herself and that Serena, Eric, and a dead Bart are proof of that. At the opera, Lily realizes she has had a plan all along to get rid of Jack. Lily brings her lawyer and they explain that before Bart died, he had been planning on adopting Serena and Eric and she had been planning on adopting Chuck. If he signs the adoption papers, Lily will become his legal guardian and will become head of the company. Chuck signs the papers and tell Jack he has officially lost the company. During intermission, a high Jack corners Lily in the women's restroom and tries to force himself on her. Dan asks Chuck where Lily is and Chuck notices that she has been in the powder room a long time. He is able to break in with the help of security and punches Jack in the face. The next day, Chuck shows up at the van der Woodsen's and Lily tells him Jack is on his way back to Australia. Lily tells him that she now interim head and that Chuck will do wonders with Bass Industries when he turns 18. Chuck tells her he knows Bart's death was an accident and wants to move back in.

In The Goodbye Gossip Girl, Chuck finds out Blair slept with Jack on New Year's. He is upset but gets over it.

Season Three Edit

It's the one year anniversary of Bart's death in The Debarted. Blair shows up at The Empire ready to comfort Chuck. Chuck decides not to deal with his feelings and instead looks forward to a day of business. Chuck is planning to buy a homeless shelter but Blair sees through his poker face and tries to make Chuck talk about his feelings. Chuck denies her and tells her he will see her later. Chuck begins to see Bart's ghost. Later at the Empire, Bart gives Chuck some advice and Chuck says he doesn't need his advice because he's doing fine. Bart says he hasn't seen anything that shows Chuck has what it takes to succeed and that Chuck has been nothing but a disappointment, has become weak, and is soft. Lily shows up at the Empire after talking with Blair to go with Chuck to the cemetery. Chuck again rejects the offer to deal with his feelings and sends her away. Serena and Tripp get into a car accident and she is taken to the hospital. Blair calls Chuck, who heads over. Once inside, Chuck relives coming to the hospital when Bart died and is overtaken with emotion. He tells Blair that Bart always thought he was weak and in the moment that mattered most he was. He admits to doing everything to prove Bart wrong and to pushing Blair away, and she tells him that he is becoming a man in a way that his father never was. Chuck agrees to go to the cemetery with her to finally say goodbye, but not before seeing a flashback of the doctor putting the sheet over Bart. When Chuck arrives at the cemetery, he sees a woman at Bart's grave crying. He assumes it's Lily, and the woman looks over and says his name before taking off into the night. She brought yellow roses, his mother's favorite. When he looks closer, he finds a locket engraved with the letter E and it has a picture of Bart inside.

In The Hurt Locket, Chuck searches for more information about the woman at the grave. He finds out from a jeweler that the woman is Elizabeth Fisher. Chuck goes to Elizabeth's hotel and leaves a message, then proceeds to wait around for her outside. After awhile, Chuck asks if she has returned yet and is told she did return and once she got his message, she immediately checked out. Chuck goes to the state dinner for the French ambassador and meets up with Blair. He tells her he thinks Elizabeth is his mother. Blair goes with him to find her. When they find her, she tells them that she was one of Bart's lovers, that she knew he had a son but knew nothing of his mother. Chuck believes her and him and Blair prepare to leave. Blair, being a smart manipulative woman, sees through Elizabeth and her lies. She tells Elizabeth that Chuck has spent his whole life believing that he killed his own mother and that if she knows anything that could ease even a second of that painful guilt, she should share. After thinking it over, Elizabeth decides to call Chuck to talk to him but he does not answer the phone.

In The Lady Vanished, Chuck pays off an employee at Elizabeth's hotel to get a key into her hotel room. He searches the room, eventually finding a picture of Elizabeth and him wrapped in a napkin. Blair goes through Chuck's phone and listens to a message Elizabeth left him, saying she is still staying at the Algonquin and leaving today but she has things she needs to tell him. Chuck returns and says her name used to be Evelyn, and she is his mother. Blair and Chuck fill in Nate and Serena on who she is. Chuck says he has no interest in hearing her out, and Serena tells him he has no idea what happened 20 years ago and he needs to hear her out. Blair tells Serena that Chuck was so hurt when Elizabeth originally sent him away that if he doesn't want to hear her story, he shouldn't have to. Chuck admits that even if Elizabeth is his mother, she never acted like his mother and the past should stay the past. Blair says that they should go to Bart's grave, leave the locket, and never look back. Nate and Serena invite Chuck and Blair to go to lunch, with a secret plan to have Elizabeth meet them there and corner Chuck into hearing her out. Chuck writes Elizabeth a check, and says he really has no interest in her or her story and only wants to know she will leave and never come back. Serena goes to see Elizabeth and tells her that no matter what Chuck says, there is no child who doesn't want to know their parent. Elizabeth explains that she was 19 when she got pregnant, and not ready to be a mother. She and Bart decided to give Chuck up for adoption. But when Chuck was born, Bart instantly loved him and couldn't give him up and asked Elizabeth to marry him. She didn't love Bart and told him so, and told him to tell Chuck that she was dead. Bart sent her money every year to keep her away but she says he didn't have to, that she would have stayed away for free. Chuck tells Blair that writing the check was a test, and the second he handed it to her he didn't want her to take it. A staff member at the Empire calls Chuck in his suite and tells Chuck that Elizabeth is waiting downstairs and wants to come up. She explains the whole story to Chuck and Blair and returns the check, saying she wants to be in his life, and Chuck remarks that he always thought his father was the heartless one. Elizabeth reveals that it doesn't matter how long it takes, she will stay in New York because she wants to know Chuck and goes to leave. Chuck stops her before she leaves, and says all the money she has should at least buy them a drink. Chuck and Elizabeth go down to the bar and they talk.

In The Sixteen Year Old Virgin, Blair calls Elizabeth and invites her to go shopping with her and Chuck. Chuck comes back to the room, and tells Blair that several employees at the Palace are suing him for sexual harassment. Chuck explains that a court case would be a PR nightmare and they will have to settle, because then the press wouldn't find out and ruin that night's Historical Society's honoring of Bart. Later that morning, Chuck, Blair, and Elizabeth are out with Elizabeth and he asks her to come to the honoring of Bart and Elizabeth replies she would love to come. The press shows up and starts demanding answers from Chuck about the court case. Jack calls Chuck and Chuck figures out he was probably behind the sudden case. At the Empire Bar, Jack shows up and announces that he's come to protect Chuck, seeing as his mother mysteriously reappeared. He says he saw Elizabeth's dead body at the funeral home, and tells Chuck to bring her to the party later, seeing as they never got along and maybe now they would hit it off. Elizabeth arrives at the Empire with a new purple tie for Chuck, and Chuck says he only wears purple because his father loved it so much. Chuck mentions Jack is back in town and Elizabeth suddenly decides that since her and Jack never got along, she no longer wants to come. Chuck asks her to have a drink with him. Blair comes to the Empire ready for the party, and catches Chuck bagging Elizabeth's glass for a DNA sample. Chuck says Jack has a point about Elizabeth; that she showed out of nowhere, doesn't know things about Bart, and when Jack, the only one who actually met Elizabeth, says he's coming to the party, she bails. Elizabeth overhears, as she came to tell Chuck she changed her mind and wants to come. She says she thought he was starting to open his heart to her like she has to him, and that she should have known he would have never let her in. Chuck is still insistent on the DNA test, and Blair is disappointed in him. At the party, Jack tries to hit on Lily and apologize for the night of opera and now he's a changed man. Rufus doesn't believe him. Chuck meets with his lawyer, who informs him that things have taken a turn. He tells Chuck that the a big time family council is organizing a boycott. Chuck says that could entice his clientele, and his lawyer says that he doesn't think the hotel is stable enough to wait and see and that for PR, Chuck needs to sign the hotel over to someone else. Jack instantly volunteers, saying that when the hotel becomes bankrupt and empty, he'll buy. He says that since Chuck took what was his, he was going to take what was Chuck's and Chuck should be grateful it's staying in the family. After Chuck explains to Blair, he gets the DNA results and tells Blair he has another option of who to sign the hotel to. Chuck goes to Elizabeth's hotel room, and apologizes and asks her to take over operation of the hotel. Elizabeth is hesitant at first, saying other people could do a better job. Chuck replies that he doesn't trust other people, other people aren't his mother, and signs the hotel over to her. After he leaves, Jack shows up at Elizabeth's hotel room with Chuck's lawyer and it is revealed the three of them were working together to get the Empire.

Security shows up in Chuck's suite and inform Chuck he needs to vacate the premises immediately in The Empire Strikes Jack. Chuck is confused, and says that even though he is no longer in charge, he is not leaving the hotel, but security tells him that the orders come directly from Elizabeth. She shows up at the Empire to explain and is about to when Jack shows up. He tells Chuck that he has been played from the very beginning and he needs to leave. Chuck is convinced that Jack is blackmailing Elizabeth, and she isn't doing it by choice. Chuck has a loyal employee from the Empire bring Elizabeth to meet with him. She explains to Chuck that she is in love with Jack, and Chuck insists that Jack is incapable of love and is using her. Elizabeth says that Jack is really a kind person and when she started the game, she told herself that Chuck was just a stranger, and that she and Jack need each other. Chuck replies that if she honestly believes that, she deserves whatever comes next. Nate and Serena attempt to set Jack up with hookers to show Elizabeth he really doesn't care about her; however, Jack figures out what they are planning and doesn't fall for it. Elizabeth calls Chuck to come see her, and tells him she signed the hotel over to Jack. She says that seeing Chuck made her realize the terrible thing she did and told Jack to choose between her and the hotel, and Jack unsurprisingly chose the hotel. Chuck asks her to stay for him because he can't handle losing his mother again. Elizabeth says she is not his mother and that she knows nothing of his real mother. Chuck agrees, saying that his real mother could have never done to him what she did. Jack calls Elizabeth from the penthouse of the Empire, and Jack is his normal inappropriate self to her. Elizabeth asks how she ever loved him, and Jack replies that's a fair question. Jack asks what she has left, seeing as she destroyed her relationship with her son. Elizabeth says she wants nothing further from Jack, and that she told Chuck she wasn't his mother. She says she's starting over and try to be the person she forgot. Before leaving, she looks at the locket with both photos.

Jack is removing Chuck's things from his penthouse in the beginning of Inglorious Bassterds. Chuck goes to see Jack and is desperate to get his hotel back. Jack tells Chuck is not the man he used to be and Bart was right, that he is soft. Jack wants to push Chuck to his limits in what he's willing to risk to get the Empire back: he wants Blair. Serena and Blair are shopping, but when Serena leaves, Jack comes to see Blair. Jack tells her he met with Chuck, and arguing and expletives took place. He says that Chuck can have his hotel back if Blair spends a night with him. Blair refuses and Jack is surprised she isn't coming to Chuck's rescue. He assures Blair that if she obliges, Chuck will never have to know, and that as long as she is on Chuck's side, he will never get the hotel back. Chuck receives a call that Jack is planning to close the hotel and it's over. Blair has a package from Jack waiting for her, with the dress she saw earlier with Serena and a note from Jack saying this is her last chance to save Chuck. Chuck tells Blair that he is everything Bart said he was, and Blair decides to go see Jack. When she arrives at the Empire, she presents Jack with a contract stating that he will tell Chuck he isn't worth losing Bass Australia over and that he will sell the hotel back at a profit to avoid suspicion. Jack signs it. He kisses Blair and tells her he told Chuck to pick either the hotel or Blair and he chose to give Blair to Jack. Blair doesn't believe him, and Jack explains that Chuck knew exactly which buttons of hers to push. He says his goal was to destroy Chuck and he had to break the bond between Chuck and Blair, and that she should be grateful one of the Bass men has moral integrity. Chuck returns to the Empire and has security escort Jack out. He tells Jack that him and Blair will get past this. Jack replies that now that Blair has seen the real him, she could never love him. Chuck finds the contract Blair had Jack sign and realizes he made a huge mistake.

Season Four Edit

Lily is planning on selling Bass Industries and Chuck is on the hunt to find the buyer. He mistakingly assumes Bart's old friend Russell Thorpe is buying the company in The Kids Are Not Alright. Russell tells him he is not the buyer and if he had known the company was up for sale he would have bought it cheap, dismantled it for parts, and sold them off due to Bart kicking him out of every deal and New York. Russell announces his plans to buy Bass Industries, referring to them as old enemies. Chuck and Raina have a short fling, but Chuck says his true loyalty lies in protecting his father's legacy. In Panic Roommate, Russell is planning to buy the Palace, but Chuck tries to manipulate Raina by telling her how the Palace is where he grew up, and the staff is his family and his secret hiding places. Russell tells Raina the board at his company is meeting to decide whether to buy Bass Industries, and they need a unanimous vote. Chuck convinces Raina not to go and ruins the deal, but Blair convinces her to give him a second chance. Raina tells Russell that when they buy Bass Industries, she wants him to give Chuck a place in the company.

During It-Girl Happened One Night, Chuck tells Russell that dismantling the Bass name would be a mistake, as it has high equity and quantifiable worth. Russell agrees to give Chuck a chance to prove it. Chuck calls Raina to ask why Russell hates Bart so much, and Raina doesn't know much, except that Lily left Russell for Bart. Chuck meets with Russell and tells him that his loyalty lies with the Bass name and not with Lily and calls the board in front of Russell to call a meeting to remove her from the board. Chuck confronts Lily who wants answers. He says that she is a a socialite and not a business woman and unreliable. Lily says all she has ever done is fight for his future and defend him in all ways. Raina overhears and is turned off by Chuck's lack of respect for family. Russell listens and says that while Chuck is serious about business, he's going to get more pleasure out of dismantling Bass Industries and is not interested in partnering with him. Chuck tries to explain to Raina that family can't come first for him since Bart was never there for him, Elizabeth abandoned and betrayed him, and Jack is his worst enemy.

In Empire of the Son, Ben Donovan's mother informs Russell of Lily's forging of Serena's signature on the affidavit against Ben. Russell says they can either sign over Bass Industries or he will destroy their entire family. Raina overhears and leaves, disgusted at Russell. Chuck tells him to chase after his daughter, but Russell holds his ground on the blackmail. Lily says she is turning herself in so no one can use the information as blackmail. Chuck thanks Lily for saving Bart's legacy and Lily replies saying Bass Industries is not his legacy.. Chuck is. Russell tells Chuck that the real reason he hates the entire Bass family, especially Bart, is because his wife died in the fire Bart set in 1987. The man that died was the security guard trying to save Russell's wife. He tells Chuck he hopes Lily enjoys rotting in jail protecting the legacy of the great Bart Bass. Chuck is shaken by the news and tells Serena to shut down the party going on downstairs. Later, Serena asks why Chuck wanted the party shut down as he's about to inherit Bass Industries and achieve everything he ever wanted. Chuck says that all he ever wanted was for Bart to let him in and know him, but all he ever did was lie to him until the day he died.

During The Kids Stay in the Picture, there is a Modern Royalty book being published and the Bass family is included. Due to Bart being dead and Jack being Jack, Chuck represents the Bass family solo and is photographed alone.

In Petty in Pink, Raina, feeling isolated due to her lost mother and anger at Russell, decides to search for her mother. Nate tells her that maybe she should ask Chuck for help, because he went through a similar search with Elizabeth. Chuck finds the research she has been conducting, and realizes that Raina searching for her mother is bad because she is dead because of Bart. He tells Nate that the search is a mistake, and Nate says while he understands what Chuck means, searching for Elizabeth gave him answers and she at least deserves that. Chuck calls his PI Andrew Tyler and asks for any and all information about the fire. Raina gets a call from her PI about a possible woman being her mother in New Jersey. Chuck offers support, as he's been through this before, and tells Raina he genuinely hopes this woman is her mother. She agrees to let Chuck come along with her and Nate to see the woman. When they meet her, the woman tells them she is not Raina's mother. Later, Nate says he is going to help Raina continue to look. Chuck tells Nate what Russell told him, that Bart is responsible for Avery Thorpe's death. He says that when they met the woman, he realized how desperately he wanted the woman to be her to prove Bart wasn't a killer. Andrew Tyler shows up with tapes from the night of the fire that Bart asked him to lock away. He has a tape from 8 PM the night of the fire of Bart and Avery having an argument; then Avery goes into the building alone, Bart leaves, and she is never heard from again. Chuck plays the tape.

Chuck is in a deep depression in The Princesses and the Frog, due to the confirmation that Avery Thorpe really did die in the fire. Chuck lies to Nate, who is still helping Raina, and says Andrew found nothing concrete linking Bart to her death. Nate tries to distract Raina and she gets annoyed that Nate won't talk about her mother with her. Andrew Tyler shows up at the Empire, with a note that fell out in his car dated the day before the fire It reads:

"You know how much you mean to me but I can't do this anymore. I'm so sorry.


Chuck realizes Bart and Avery were having an affair and the letter was her leaving him to go back to Russell. That now the motive for the fire was clear, that the tapes show opportunity and Bart already admitted to the fire but you can't hang a dead man. Andrew apologizes and says he know Chuck didn't want Bart to be guilty but that now maybe he can move on. Nate comes home and tells Chuck that Raina is dead set on finding her mother. Chuck says that hopefully she'll reach a dead end and give up on her own, and Nate replies that maybe she will find her mother and Chuck will know once and for all that Bart wasn't guilty. Chuck slides the note over to Nate. The next morning, Nate wants to discuss how to tell Raina about her dead mother, citing that she'll waste her whole life on a pointless search. The two argue because Chuck does not want to tell her. Nate goes to Raina's office, and tells her that Bart is responsible for her mother's death and that he probably paid Russell off. Raina starts in on Chuck, calling him a liar and just like Bart, and tells Nate to choose between her and Chuck. Nate chooses Chuck. Blair shows up at the Empire and Chuck drunkenly tells her that everything he believed about Bart, what he thought he needed to be for him, was all based on lies. She tells him that Louis asked her to marry him, and Chuck punches through a glass wall. Nate hears the noise and realizes he made the wrong decision choosing Chuck, and calls Raina and says he chooses her. Raina calls Jack, intent on taking Chuck down.

Jack returns in Shattered Bass. Jack tries to flirt with Raina, and she remarks that she sees the Bass family resemblance. Raina explains to him that if he helps her take down Chuck, since she has proof he's covering the truth about the fire, she will get him the reigns of Bass Industries. Nate shows up at the restaurant they're meeting at, and is surprised she brought Jack into the picture. Blair sees Jack and goes to warn Chuck, risking her well being. Jack meets with Russell, and tells him Raina told him everything. He tells him that he's not interested in teaming with Raina, that her plan is juvenile. Russell agrees and tells Jack he will help in any way possible. He also tells Jack that he wants access to Chuck's suite to get any items Bart had from Avery. Jack agrees to get him a key. Chuck is at the construction site for his new hotel, and Jack shows to pick an argument with back up from a mental hospital. Chuck punches him, angry his uncle made him choose between the love of his life and his legacy. Nate shows and is on Jack's side. Chuck leaves the key, which Jack takes for Russell, who is watching in the wings. At the Empire, Russell takes a tape of evidence and is about to leave when Chuck, Nate, and Jack appear in the elevator. They explain that the stunt earlier was a set up, that Russell using Jack to screw Chuck over didn't feel right. Chuck says that the only thing in the box was evidence against Bart but there's only so much that can be done to a dead man, there must be something else Russell wanted. They watch the tape Russell pocketed, which revealed that Bart was not responsible for Avery's death, Russell was. Russell explains that he has proof that Bart was planning the fire, and when he found out about their affair, it was a perfect set up. He really thought Bart was in the building and not Avery. Chuck says that Avery did love him, that there was a letter. Russell says that Avery was planning to leave him for Bart, the letter was for him, and that's what Bart and Avery were arguing about. They made a deal that if Russell kept proof of Bart's involvement in the fire a secret, gave him the insurance money, and went back to Chicago, Bart would take responsibility for the accident; that he felt guilty about Avery being there. Jack goes to call the cops and Russell offers them Thorpe Enterprises to keep Raina from finding out. Chuck offers him the same deal Bart did that Russell must leave New York and never come back. Russell is grateful, saying he wouldn't know what to do if Raina found out, Outside Raina's hotel, Nate and Raina argue over her anger at Chuck. Nate lets it slip to her that Russell was responsible for Avery's death to protect Chuck. Back at the Empire, Jack and Chuck talk. Jack says that Bart was a nasty son of a bitch, but that he never thought Bart was a murderer. Chuck thanks Jack for using his evil powers for good. Jack explains that it was selfish, he didn't want anyone else playing with his punch bag (Chuck) and what would he want with a company someone else half owned? Chuck replies that dysfunction is best kept in the family and Jack agrees. Jack says he's counting on Chuck to not defile the Bass name and get Blair away from a family of titled circus performers. The two shake hands.

Season Five Edit

In Riding In Town Cars With Boys, Chuck and Blair get into a serious car accident and Chuck loses a lot of blood. Diana Payne receives a call from Jack informing her there was an accident. She asks how serious and Jack says he wouldn't take this big a risk if it wasn't serious. She says she will meet Jack at the hospital.

After CeCe Rhodes' wake, Lily and Chuck talk in The Princess Dowry. Lily tells Chuck that after the accident, there was a complication in surgery and they needed a family member to give blood for a transfusion and she gave the doctors Jack's number.

Chuck invites Jack back to the city in Con Heir, intent on dedicating a wing at the hospital in his honor as a thank you for saving his life. However, Chuck begins to have doubts about Jack's story. Nate's reporter at the Spectator did some research on Jack. Chuck asks Jack about his time at Eden, a UK boarding school. Spending more than three months in the UK between 1980 and 1986 prohibits anyone from donating blood in the United States. Jack says he lied so that he could save Chuck's life. Chuck says he should have expected Jack not to play by the rules and Jack replies that it's the only way he's predictable. At the hospital, Chuck asks a nurse for his medical records but they are missing. She says the only Bass in the system is Jack, but she can't give Chuck another patient's records. Chuck finds a way to divert her attention and reviews Jack's records which reveal he has Hepatitis C and cannot give blood. Chuck sets up a blood drive instead of a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of the wing, and pays a child actor to pretend to have leukemia and need blood. Jack refuses, and says he can't give the kid his blood. Chuck admits that the kid was a set up and he knows Jack is lying. Jack asks if this is the end of his wing and Chuck says they can discuss it after he gets the truth. Chuck says that Jack is covering for the fact that Elizabeth gave him the blood. Chuck wants to thank her, but Jack replies she is unreachable and should it really matter why he's alive, he is. Jack says that the two of them are all the family they need and leaves.

In It-Girl, Interrupted, Chuck has Andrew Tyler try to locate Elizabeth. She has been living in Vienna for the past six months, but Andrew has yet to make contact. Chuck realizes that finding her took really long and that she must not want to be found. Later, Andrew makes contact and Elizabeth swore that she did not give Chuck blood. She was in a monastery in Tibet at the time and all the facts checked out. A confused Chuck asks Andrew to keep looking: he wants to know who gave him the blood.

Dan and Blair host a coming out as a couple salon in Salon of the Dead. Lola is suspicious that Serena is Gossip Girl and plans a set up at the salon to prove it. Diana shows up to the Salon and Serena asks for a minute aside. Lola follows and live streams the conversation to Gossip Girl. Serena asks where she was the night of Chuck's accident, Diana replies she was in New York. Serena asks if she know where Chuck was treated, where she was the day Chuck was born. Diana asks what she wants her to say. Serena says the nurse recognized her and Diana outs herself as Chuck's mother. Chuck sees the live stream and demands the truth from Diana, who is apologetic towards him. Chuck leaves. Later, Diana comes to the Empire wanting to talk to Nate and Chuck. Chuck agrees to hear out because even though he's angry, he wants the truth. Diana says she met Bart when he was with Elizabeth, and was instantly attracted to him due to his charm and wealth. They had an affair that ended when she got pregnant. Diana says she was mixed up with the wrong people and not stable enough to raise a child. Elizabeth couldn't get pregnant and it seemed like the perfect solution. When Chuck was born, Diana left town alone and unashamed. A few years later when she heard Elizabeth had died, she came back. Elizabeth couldn't raise someone else's child as her own, which is why she told Bart to tell Chuck she was dead, and Diana wanted to see Chuck but Bart didn't think it was a good idea. She explains that when she came back to New York, she wanted to look after Chuck and never intended for things to become serious with Nate. Chuck asks what this all means, and Diana tells him it's for him to decide.

In Despicable B, Nate calls Andrew Tyler to find where Diana is getting her backing to finance the Spectator. He finds that she is being funded by an Australian holding company, whose head is Jack. Nate repeatedly calls Elizabeth, desperate to find out if she is Chuck's real mother. He pays an employee at Diana's hotel to search her room. He finds Diana's planner but she catches him and he sleeps with her to distract her. After, he quickly leaves and takes the planner with him. Nate comes back to the suite at the Empire, and finds Chuck who has decided to have a relationship with Diana. Nate shows Chuck a picture Elizabeth emailed him of herself when she was pregnant right before he was born and tells him that Jack is backing her financially and could have paid Diana to tell Chuck whatever he wanted to hear. Chuck doesn't understand why Elizabeth denied being the donor if she was. Later, Chuck is studying the picture and sees an arm in the picture with a tattoo he recognizes. He tells Nate the only thing Diana and Elizabeth have in common is Jack. He shows Nate a picture of him and Jack on a beach together, and Jack has the same tattoo on his arm. He tells Nate that the real question is not who is his mom but who is his dad: he thinks Jack is his father.

Jack calls Diana, confirming that a sensitive operation will be taking place that night and that Chuck and his friends are distracted by thinking Diana is his mother in Raiders of the Lost Art. Diana needs her planner but finds she does not have it. She calls Nate, sure that he has it and he assures her he doesn't. Chuck is studying the book, which is written in code. Apparently Jack's assistant has not heard from him in a long time, and Chuck is positive he's in New York. Lola has told Nate that Serena is Gossip Girl and they are trying to plan a way to stop Serena from being Gossip Girl, and Lola suggests a two birds one stone approach. Chuck tracks Blair down and asks for her help because she's good at cracking codes. She agrees to help. Lola goes to the Waldorf's to see Serena and tells her she can't trust Diana because she's working to take Serena down with the real Gossip Girl. Lola tells Serena that Nate stole her day planner and if she can break the code, she'll have Diana's secret and will be able to blackmail her. Serena lies and says she saw a book of Diana's that probably has the key to the code, and tells Lola she will head over to Diana's and try to get it. After Lola leaves, Serena messages Diana that Nate and Lola indeed have her planner. Diana tells Serena that if she can successfully get her book back, she will give her Gossip Girl's real phone number and that Serena can use it to find out her identity and blackmail her into letting her keep the site. At the Waldorf's, Blair uses a Cypher Slide to try and break the code. She notices on the first Saturday of every month, there is an appointment at 9 PM. If they can crack that, they have the key to everything else. Serena shows up at the Empire and asks to see the planner. While Blair, Chuck, Nate, and Lola are distracted, Serena grabs the planner and attempts to leave but they catch her before she can. Serena explains to them that Diana promised her Gossip Girl's phone number if she gets the book back, and Chuck asks if that's more important than him finding his real father, who he thinks is Jack, and that this book is the only key to finding him. Serena agrees to play double agent. Blair sends Dorota to Diana's hotel room, posing as a masseuse to massage the code out of her. Diana lets it slip that she was in Portugal during the last appointment. Blair successfully cracks the code, the letters are phone numbers. Chuck calls the number set for that night and orders tickets for himself, Blair, and Nate. When the three of them arrive at the location, they find a high class roving brothel that Bart belonged to, the same brothel Chuck was mistakingly invited to in The Age of Dissonance. Chuck notes that it's the kind of place Jack would hang out in, and that he must be around somewhere. Diana, who is upstairs, has seen Nate and Lola on the security cameras. She assures the person she is talking to that she can handle them. But then she sees Chuck and Blair looking around and tells the person she'll call back, while she calls the head of security, who she has escort everyone out of the building. Chuck opens a door and finds Jack inside. Nate and Lola open a door and find Diana, who by this point, they have figured out is really named India. Blair opens a door and is very surprised by what she sees. Chuck demands answers from Jack, telling him he's been behind all the lies and asks if Jack is his father, to which Jack asks if he really wants to know before having Chuck escorted out. Blair confronts Jack and asks if he told Chuck what he's really hiding here. Jack tells Blair that she cannot tell Chuck, that a lot of people will be hurt if it comes out and that everything was supposed to go off without a hitch. Outside the manor, Blair tells Chuck that once everyone leaves, he needs to go back into the house. Diana and Jack are waiting for a boat to show up. Diana tells Jack that once she saw Chuck, she knew she had to get him out, and that she wants more money to keep quiet. Chuck returns to the house, and opens a door to find a very alive Bart Bass inside.

Chuck asks Bart for answers in The Fugitives. Bart says he was lucky to survive the crash, but it was no accident. Bart had information on a powerful competitor of his, information that could have put him away for a very long time. Chuck says that Bart could have just gone to the police, that there was no need for what he did. Bart replies that the competitor made it clear that both Chuck and Lily were fair game, and his threats weren't empty. He explains how he contacted Diana Payne and how her useful contacts kept him hidden. She snuck Bart back into the country when Chuck needed blood. Chuck asks for more answers and Bart replies that their time is up, and that as long as he's around, everyone is in danger. Bart tells Chuck it's wonderful to be able to see him again, he never thought he would get the chance. Security shows to kick Chuck out, and Chuck is angry his father is going to disappear and leave him alone again. Bart replies that it's for his own safety and he's sorry. Chuck meets with Andrew Tyler, and asks for him to find who was out for Bart before he died and offers Andrew triple his usual fee. Andrew refuses, saying it's a waste of both their time. Chuck then goes to Blair and asks for her help and she does. Diana and Chuck have a meeting, and they make a deal, that Diana will tell Chuck who was after his father and Chuck will get Diana to London to run a newspaper there. Diana says that after everything Bart has done for Chuck, she hopes it doesn't end in tragedy. She tells Chuck the man is named Mason Nevens, and that he is a wholesome family man who uses Diana to sleep with twins on occasion. Two of her girls are scheduled to see him later and if someone got pictures, that someone would have extremely valuable blackmail material. Lola and Nate sabotage the deal, by telling the New York Times about Diana's side business. Diana gets upset and tells Chuck the deal is off, and Chuck figures out Nate and Lola were behind it. Chuck explains that his deal with Diana was personal, as she is the one who can get his father out of hiding. Serena corrects him and says Jack, and Chuck replies that Bart is still alive. Nate overhears Diana tell Bart they are leaving immediately and tells Chuck, who tells him to stall her. Blair sets up Lola and Ivy to replace Diana's girls at the hotel, and has Chuck ready to take pictures when he arrives. However, Andrew Tyler shows up instead and tells the girls that Bart is in danger and Nevens got wise to the plan. Chuck is supposedly on the way to Bart's now and that Lola would know the way. Blair runs out to Chuck and tells him she wishes he had told her he was having Andrew take the pictures. A confused Chuck says he never asked Andrew to go anywhere. The girls and Andrew arrive at the manor and look for Bart. Before they can find him, Chuck shows up with security who grab Andrew. Bart says he was the last person he saw before the accident and that he got out right before it happened. Chuck figured out that it wasn't a competitor that tried to kill Bart, it was Andrew. Bart had hired Andrew to get intel on Nevens and he got too much. Nevens threatened Andrew and his family and so Andrew turned, but to prove his loyalty, he had to get Bart out of the picture. His people told Andrew when to get out. The police were listening behind the door, and arrest Andrew. Chuck says that now the police know the truth, Bart can stay. Bart goes to shake Chuck's hand but Chuck hugs him first. Bart is packing his things to come home, since now they have Andrew's statement, they can get Nevens. He thanks Chuck, saying that the way he took control and got him out of the mess, makes him think he did something right in raising him. Chuck says he never really raised him, and then finds a picture of the two of them. Bart says he will have to lay low, and hire security. Chuck says that the two of them can handle it together, like a family. Chuck asks what he's going to deal about Lily, and Bart replies saying he doesn't know, since their relationship was on the rocks and him and Chuck were going through a difficult time. He says that maybe what he did was easier than facing things head on. Chuck suggests they try group therapy next time.

The Upper East Side is in shock in The Return of the Ring at Bart's resurrection. Rufus' lawyer tells him that Lily and Bart never got divorced so they're still married, and that one of her marriages has to be annulled. Bart goes to the van der Woodsen penthouse to see Lily. He tells her deceiving her was the only way to keep her and Chuck safe, and Lily apologizes and says she should have had more respect for their relationship. Bart says the reason Chuck got through his death was due to Lily, and Lily says that even though Bart is back, Chuck is still her son too. Bart says part of him would like to move back in and repair their relationship, and Lily doesn't exactly say yes or no. Rufus has annulment papers drawn up behind Lily's back, and tells Bart that Lily made her choice three years ago when she decided to leave Bart and nothing has changed. Bart replies that maybe he has and that all the time in hiding made him realize what is really important; and that if Lily's happiness depends on his signature on those papers, he'll have them by the end of the day. At the Empire, Bart tells Chuck he is proud of him and all his accomplishments. Bart says he was at Harry Winston picking up a present for Lily, and found the engagement ring Chuck bought for Blair in the vault. He tells Chuck that no one does a better romantic gesture than a Bass and encourages him to fight for her. Lily comes to see Bart and demands to know about the annulment papers. She finds out Rufus had them drawn up and tells Rufus that he had no interest in saving their marriage until it became a competition with Bart and she tears up the papers. Chuck introduces Bart at the press conference on his return, and explains that now Bass Industries will truly be a family run business. However, Bart thanks Chuck for keeping his seat warm and then states that he will be the only Bass in Bass Industries. Chuck meets Bart on the roof and asks what happened to them being partners. Bart tells Chuck that Chuck said partners, not him, and did what was best for his company. Chuck angrily replies that the only reason Bass Industries still exists is because he saved it, and all he has done is work to protect Bart's legacy, Bart says that all he has done is use his money to redecorate, and that he has made terrible business decisions because of Blair, and it's immature of him to risk everything for a girl who has only ever toyed with him. Chuck reminds Bart that he encouraged him to win Blair back, and Bart explains that it was a test to see if he was ready to be a Bass and if he was ready to do the things that need to be done to be a man. Bart tells him that Bass Industries needs to be run by a man, not a boy, and that Chuck has never grown up; and that maybe now he can start. Bart ended up cutting Jack out of the company too, and Chuck decides to go to him for help as no one does revenge like a vengeful Jack. Lily ends up annulling her marriage to Rufus, deciding to stay married to Bart. Chuck and Jack end up in Monte Carlo, and they're two million away from buying themselves into the only game that can help them take down Bart.

Season Six Edit

Bart and Lily have spent all summer traveling and return to New York in Gone Maybe Gone. Vanya suggests that once Chuck returns and sees how happy Bart and Lily are, a happy family isn't far behind. Bart is skeptical. Meanwhile, Chuck meets with a woman named Amira in Dubai. Before the accident when Bart was supposedly in Miami, he was actually in Dubai with Amira working on a project. Amira claims to be his translator and has told Chuck everything she knows. Chuck says he has combed through all of the Bass Industries records and found nothing regarding a project in Dubai. Chuck returns to New York with Amira and goes to see Lily and Bart. Bart introduces himself to Amira and tells Chuck he hopes his summer was relaxing before leaving. Later, Amira is waiting for Chuck in his suite at the Empire. Bart shows up, and it is revealed that Amira has information on Bart that she hasn't shared with Chuck yet. However, she tells Bart that Chuck is very persuasive and just like Bart, and the information may or may not slip. Bart asks Amira how much her silence will cost, and she asks for ten million dollars. Chuck arrives at the Empire later that night go find Amira with a briefcase filled with ten million dollars. She says Bart gave it to her to keep quiet, and Chuck asks what she knows. She swears she doesn't know what his secret is, but she's willing to stick around to find out.

In High Infidelity, Chuck and Amira are at a dead end in the search for Bart's secret. Amira is ready to go home to Dubai, but Chuck is determined because there is a reason Bart kept the deal a secret and was willing to fake die for it. At the same time, Lily is desperate to reunite Chuck and Bart. Chuck decides to bring Amira to a family brunch, where he can drop a few names and see how he reacts. At brunch, Chuck mentions Amira knows someone who is a big name in Middle East real estate and that him and Bart must have crossed paths at one point. Bart denies knowing the man, to which Chuck replies that Amira said he knew Bart. Bart says that Amira most likely does not discuss her work with Chuck, seeing as her livelihood, if not her life itself, depends on her discretion. Amira gets a little freak out, and excuses herself from the table. Lily encourages Chuck to give Bart a chance, seeing as he risked his life for Chuck, and he is not the man he used to be. Bart confronts Amira and reminds her that their weekends together cost him enough and not to make him warn her again; and Lily overhears. Later, Bart returns to the van der Woodsen penthouse to an angry Lily. She asks him if he had an affair with Amira, and Bart admits to spending a weekend with her after he suspected Lily was with Rufus. Lily says it explains why she's extorting money from Bart, and thanks him for his honesty. She also questions how Chuck will feel when he finds out Amira's agenda, and Bart replies he suspects that why Chuck brought her. Lily calls Chuck and tells him that she's upset Chuck brought Amira to extort money and ruin her relationship with Bart. Lily tells Chuck that since Bart and Amira slept together, it has everything to do with her. Chuck is surprised, and asks Amira when she was going to tell him that she's had sex with Bart. Amira explains they only spent a weekend together, and she only kept it secret because they were investigating Bart's business, not his personal life. Chuck says Bart would never drop that kind of money on keeping an affair hidden and there must be something else connected to that weekend, and that he has her money locked in his safe. He tells Amira she cannot leave until she writes down everything about the weekend, before leaving to help Blair, who texted him. When Chuck returns, he finds Amira is on her way back to Dubai and Bart has broken into Chuck's safe and given her the money, and faked the text from Blair asking for help. Bart tells Chuck to stop looking, if anything, for Lily. Bart explains again he did what he did to keep Chuck safe. Chuck says that he wanted to believe him, to believe that Bart cared about him and had finally earned his father's love. Bart suggests giving Chuck some more property to control so they can call themselves a family again. Chuck refuses, saying it's too late, that Bart took consistently took everything from him and he was going to find his secret and return the favor. Bart brings Lily a gift, and tells her that while he understands how important family is to her, she might have to accept that Chuck doesn't want to be a part anymore. She says she's not ready to give up hope. Amira sends Chuck a photo, along with a note saying this was the only person she saw on her weekend with Bart. The photo is a security image of a man standing in the background.

Chuck calls Jack in Dirty Rotten Scandals to see if his contacts in Dubai can help Chuck figure out who the mystery man in the photo is. However, they were able to track down where they were in the picture. Chuck helps Blair plan her fashion show, as his hands regarding Bart are momentarily tied. Later, he receives a tip about who the man is and goes to see him at a gym. The man explains that while he used to work as a body guard for Bart, he was fired and Bart has all his employees sign a non disclosure agreement. He says he doesn't know who Chuck is, but he knows better than to cross Bart. Chuck drops down a bag filled with cash, stating that the gym is nice and he takes great pleasure in being his own boss, hinting there's enough for the man to buy the place. After the fashion show, Chuck shows up at the Waldorf's. He explains to Blair that the man drove Bart to meet someone named Lady Alexander, but wasn't in the meeting and couldn't tell Chuck anything more.

Chuck and Blair are searching for Lady Alexander in Portrait of a Lady Alexander. Chuck begins to suspect that Bart tipped of the man in the photo to give him bad intel, but Blair insists she's having a psychic hunch that he's telling the truth. Meanwhile, Lily is mad about being on Gossip Girl. Bart tells her that Chuck is responsible, and he'll take care of Chuck and his immaturity. After discovering Lady Alexander is actually a horse that Bart bought four years ago for just under a million dollars, they also find out Bart bought a dozen thoroughbreds from a man in Dubai whose name Chuck doesn't recognize. Blair remembers there's a horse show going on outside the city which attracts an elite international crowd, and maybe if the man isn't there himself, he has people there for him. Bart goes to see Nate at The Spectator, which is in trouble, and informs him that he's come to offer Nate some financial relief. He makes Nate a deal that if he finances the paper, Nate will publish nice and positive pieces on Lily to offset her bad press on Gossip Girl. Nate refuses the deal, and Bart hints towards Nate's fathers fraud and how he was very inventive with numbers. Lily goes to see Chuck at the Empire, and Chuck denies being behind the stories behind Gossip Girl. She asks Chuck to end the feud with his father, and Chuck refuses. Blair shows up with tickets to the horse show, and Lily invites herself. Chuck lies and tells her not to tell Bart because he's interested in buying property in the countryside and doesn't want Bart to know until it's a reality. Lily is happily surprised that Chuck is branching out and maybe the venture will ease the tension between them. She agrees not to say a word to Bart if she can come. She calls Bart, who is stationed outside the Empire, and says she is heading to the spa, and Bart mentions he's planning to have a talk with Chuck. Lily talks him out of it, and they head to the horse show, not knowing Bart is following. Chuck meets up with Shake Hassam's daughter Iman. He questions her on Lady Alexander, saying Bart paid a great deal for her, and she replies that she was sold to a family friend and put on a pasture. Bart shows up, and Iman happily greets him, calling him Uncle Bart. She mentions that her father and Bart were good friends before her father's accident, where he died. Bart takes Chuck aside, and tells Chuck to leave Lily alone and to stay out of business that doesn't concern him. Chuck says that sometimes he prefers the company of animals to people, and Bart remarks that it's another weakness he didn't inherit before walking away. Chuck tells Blair that there is no way Iman will talk, she calls Bart her uncle. Blair confronts her, and tells her that Bart is not exactly an animal lover and Iman replies that she doesn't know anything about Bart and animals, just that he was friends with her father. Blair tells her that every horse he bought from her family was probably sent to a factory, and that Chuck is the good guy. Later that night, Iman shows at the Empire and tells Chuck that she looked into where her horses went, and they never went to any farm and are nowhere to be found. Chuck mentions that Bart was not interested in horses and probably paid her father for something else. He asks Iman what it is, if it has to do with real estate. Iman replies that her father is not in real estate, but in the oil business and that Bart couldn't have been involved. Chuck asks why, and Iman says that while they have a home in Dubai, they live in Sudan. The United States have an embargo against trading oil with Sudan and Chuck realizes that if Bart was buying oil from Iman's father he was breaking federal law. At the same time, Nate meets with a loan officer at The Spectator. He shows him the doctored earnings report, and the officer pretends to believe him. While Nate goes to make copies, he calls Bart and asks if he's sure he wants to cosign since it's obvious the numbers are fake and Bart still agrees. Lily comes into the room and Bart tells her that if she wants to be with him, she needs to stay away from his son. Lily disagrees, saying she can't because Chuck is her son too. Chuck explains to Blair that Bart was buying the horses to cover up for the oil deals, and didn't fake his death because Mason Nevens was going to come after Chuck and Lily, he did it to avoid federal prison. He tells Blair that they need evidence before they can turn him in.

In Monstrous Ball, Chuck is still looking for any evidence of Bart's trading, but can't find any. Nate mentions that there has to be a record somewhere, if not in business accounts, in personal. Chuck meets up with Lily, while she is shopping, since Bart had Vanya not allow Chuck in the building. Lily tells Chuck that Bart told her she hopes that him and Chuck make peace soon so they can be a family instead and leaves. Ivy appears and offers her help to Chuck. He refuses, not wanting to hurt Lily. They make a plan to plot some evidence, since Ivy still has a keycard into the penthouse. Ivy sprays Chuck's cologne and put a copy of Bart's will on Lily's desk, and drinks a glass of scotch but Bart arrives before she can leave. She pretends to be the maid Larissa's daughter, and Bart buys it and sends her away. Bart confronts Lily at Cotillion about Chuck being at the penthouse looking at the will. He tells her he caught Larissa's daughter in the apartment and Lily tells him Larissa's daughter is four, and they realize it was a setup. Chuck shows up and says he wants to make them pay. Bart asks for what, raising him as a single parent or putting a silver spoon in his mouth. Chuck once again pleads Lily to help him, but she refuses and leaves with Bart. Chuck later explains to Blair that Lily is completely wrapped around Bart's finger and will have to expose him on his own. Lily asks Bart what Chuck was referring to earlier. Bart explains his illegal oil deals to Lily, and promises her that no one got hurt. Chuck calls Ivy, who tells him that Bart held onto an envelope very tightly, and he has a new lead.

Rufus and Ivy are hosting a gallery opening, which they find out no one of importance is attending in Where The Vile Things Are. Chuck is reviewing security footage from the van der Woodsen building looking for Bart and the envelop he held closely on to. He found the envelope had the seal of the First International Bank of Sudan; the financial documents for his illegal oil trade but Chuck can only assume, as Bart had already closed the accounts. Chuck also found that Bruce Caplan, the Bass business manager, dropped the envelope off. Nate and Chuck devise a plan for Nate to ask Bruce some business questions for the Spectator and hopefully something will slip. Meanwhile, Rufus finds out Lily is hosting an art benefit at the same time him and Ivy are, which explains the no shows. Nate invites Bruce over and asks how he should go about hiding confidential information. Nate, knowing Bruce was never going to give him information, takes his phone. Rufus and Ivy arrive at Lily's benefit location to purchase all of the artwork and cancel the party, but the PR manager refuses to cancel, saying it's too late and he can deliver all the art after the benefit. Rufus suggests holding his art opening at the benefit to raise more money and get exposure for his artists. While going through Bruce's phone, Chuck and Nate find a note in his calendar labeled "Bass Traffic". Chuck, finding a reference to the movie Traffic, recalls how the head of the illegal drug cartel stored the records in the back of a painting. Both realize the van der Woodsen apartment has tons of paintings. Chuck is still banned from the building, but Nate decides to go over. Lily arrives at the benefit location and demands to know what is going on. The PR manager is surprised at Lily's reaction, wanting to know why she would be opposed to raising more money. Lily decides to donate a Richard Phillip's painting from her own collection, wanting to beat Rufus and Ivy's fundraising record. Nate looks behind all the paintings at the van der Woodsen's and finds nothing. While looking, Serena comes downstairs and Nate lies and says he's writing a story about Lily's artwork for the Spectator. When she leaves, Nate realizes the painting of the rainbow lady along the staircase is gone. At the benefit, Rufus tells Lily that Ivy is using CeCe's money, and Lily becomes furious and attempts to outbid Ivy for the painting. Suddenly Chuck appears and outbids the both of them. The three of them begin to argue and eventually lose out to Rufus. At the same time, Lily receives a text from Bart telling her that she cannot sell that painting, as it's where his records are. Chuck convinces Ivy to sell him the painting, for double what she paid, and she has it delivered; but not before she takes the records from the back. Back at the Empire, Chuck explains to Nate that the records have to be there since Lily was too determined to get that one painting back, and then they discover that the back is gone, and someone else has the evidence.

In Save the Last Chance, Bart tears apart Chuck's suite looking for the evidence but comes up empty. Ivy shows up and tells the Bass men that she has the evidence and will give it to whoever hurts Lily enough to leave her with nothing. It is revealed that Ivy is working with Dr. William van der Woodsen. Bart tells Lily what Ivy wants for the evidence, and that Chuck will most likely take her up on the offer. Lily is cavalier about the situation, confident that Chuck would never actively hurt her. Bart says that if Chuck gets the evidence, he will use it and Lily agrees to ask Rufus to help get the evidence. Rufus refuses to help Lily, but after leaving, spots Ivy and William leaving lunch, though he does not recognize William. Bart goes to see Nate at the Spectator, and informs him that he is financing the newspaper and will make life hell for Nate if he does not help get rid of Chuck. Nate still says no, and Bart tells him that he knows Nate faked the numbers and if he still refuses, he will turn Nate into the police. Meanwhile, Chuck tells Ivy his plan is to set up the evidence to make Lily an accomplice to the oil trades and send her to federal prison too. Ivy agrees, also asking for public humiliation along with prison. Chuck replies that that will not be a problem and tells her to bring the evidence to Blair's fashion line debut party that night. When Ivy returns to the Humphrey loft, Rufus tells her that he saw her with a man and tells her to get out, to which Ivy happily obliges. Dan, who is seeking Chuck's forgiveness, calls Chuck and tells him that he searched the loft for the envelope and didn't find it but saw it in Ivy's bag. Chuck tells him that his back up plan to have the feds at Blair's party there to arrest Ivy when she brings the evidence, because he really would never hurt Lily. Bart calls Ivy and informs her of Chuck's entire plan, courtesy of Nate. The feds leave when Ivy doesn't show, Chuck's first clue that something is wrong. Bart shows at Ivy's hotel room, and announces he's divorcing Lily and that Ivy may leak the divorce papers to whomever she wants. Ivy is unimpressed, saying that Lily has had so many divorces one more won't make a difference. She tells Bart to take off his clothes, while taking off her own. Chuck meets up with Nate, who confesses that he was blackmailed by Bart into telling the plan. At the same time, Ivy tells Bart that she wants to take pictures to make it look like they had sex to make Lily believe she lost two husbands (Rufus and Bart) to her. Bart agrees, but only if he gets the microfilm evidence first. Ivy gets the envelope when Chuck bursts in. He tells her that Bart will screw her over and that it is not too late to do the right thing. Bart tells Chuck that it is too late, before discovering the envelope is empty. Rufus shows up at the van der Woodsen penthouse, and surprises Lily with the microfilm. Ivy goes into panic mode, as Bart and Chuck both threaten her if she can't produce the microfilm. She repeatedly calls William, who is nowhere to be found. Dan shows up as Rufus is leaving and tips off Chuck that Lily has the microfilm. Chuck shows up at the penthouse and begs Lily not to burn the microfilm, and that Bart is a ruthless criminal and that there will be nothing to stop him from hurting anyone. Lily doesn't believe Chuck. He tells her that he saw Bart in a hotel room half naked with Ivy. Angry at what she thinks is a lie, Lily burns the microfilm and states that it's to make sure no one else can threaten their family ever again. William shows at Ivy's hotel room, and she tells him everything; including when Bart received Lily's call that she burned the evidence. Bart calls Nate and reminds him that he owns him, and he is indebted to him. A happy Blair shows at the Empire, ready to celebrate her fashion success with Chuck. He sadly tells her that now that the evidence is gone and Lily and Bart chose each other, he has failed and they can never be together now.

It's Thanksgiving in It's Really Complicated, and Chuck is in a deep depression after losing the evidence and Lily and Bart are flying to Malcolm Beach for a little R&R. Nate is desperately searching for any way out of his life sentence to Bart and discover that Bruce Caplan is dead, and died only a few days after he met with Nate by falling off the Bass Enterprises yacht. Nate tells Chuck that Bart most likely figured out it was Bruce who tipped them off to the microfilm and had him killed, Chuck replies that even if it is true, there is no evidence and thus is irrelevant. Meanwhile, Blair shows up at the Empire where she finds she is banned. She calls Nate to come meet with her, where he tells her his theory on Bruce's death. She agrees, as Shake Hassam, who sold Bart the oil, also died in a freak accident. She devises a plan in which she disgusts herself as a stripper to get into the Empire. She succeeds and tells Chuck that he can come to Serena and Dan's Thanksgiving dinner since Lily and Bart will be gone. He agrees to come. Unbeknownst to Blair and Chuck, Bart and Lily's flight has been delayed due to a tropical storm and they return to the penthouse. Lily confronts Chuck and tells him that she hopes the Bass men can solve their differences, but both Bart and Chuck don't think so. Chuck attempts to leave but is blocked by Blair, who convinces him that if they can find the slightest thread to tie both deaths together they have what they need. Skeptical, Chuck agrees that it could work but it's taking a big risk. Blair tells him that the only person they need to convince and get on their side is Lily, as real deaths and real people getting hurt would affect her. She also tells Chuck that she asked Jack to bribe people for Bart's computer passwords and Nate is upstairs trying them all to get onto the Bass Industries server. While serving dinner, Blair casually mentions Bruce Caplan's death to Lily, who had no idea, and that it's weird Bart didn't mention it. Upstairs, Nate and Chuck are in and they find that Bruce drowned with rocks tied to his ankles and Shake Hassam's car mysteriously went up in flames. Lily is growing concerned, and asks Bart what's going on. Chuck provides the evidence that both men died in transportation Bart provided, and Lily excuses herself from the table but is followed by Bart. He tells Lily that Chuck is just playing games, but Lily is angry that Bart lied about no one getting hurt. Bart grabs Lily forcefully and tells her again that no one got hurt, and that Chuck will only stop if he stops him, before leaving the room. Later, Lily meets Chuck downstairs and she acts apologetic towards Chuck but stops when Bart comes in. Dan leaves the dinner but is stopped by Bart, who tells him he was impressed with his writing about his friends and if he needs anything, to call him. After everyone has left, Lily tells Bart she is going away to a spa for a few days and Bart lets her go. On her way out of town, Lily calls Chuck and tells him that she was a fool for trusting Bart and she's scared to be around Bart. She also tells Chuck that she went through the microfilm with CeCe's jewelers loop before burning them and will send Chuck anything she remembers. Bart calls Nate and tells him that unless he wants to be arrested, he better be at his office in the morning.

In The Revengers, Dan is trying to buy an apartment in the same building as the van der Woodsen's. However, he is told that he can only get in with a good reference. Chuck tells Blair he has been talking to Lily, who has given Chuck everything she knows, which isn't much. Blair has an idea that maybe they can bluff the information into getting the evidence from Bart, but Chuck is hesitant because he wants to keep Lily safe. They go to Serena for help finding Ivy, who is the last one who saw the microfilm. Serena calls Ivy who is staying at CeCe's Hamptons house and they make a plan to meet for lunch. Meanwhile, Nate is meeting with Bart, and gives him Chuck's phone and plants the seed that he called Ivy a few times. Ivy shows at the Oak Room and meets with Serena, Blair, Chuck, and eventually Nate. They tell her that they are going to use her to be the goat, or bait, to bluff evidence by pretending she made copies of the microfilm. On schedule, Bart calls Ivy and tells her he is coming to see her. Chuck tells Ivy what exactly the microfilm is, and that if she can get him talking, he is bound to say something that ties him to the trades. At the same time, the police show up and arrest Nate for fraud. The group realizes Bart probably figured out Nate was playing double agent and that by arresting Nate, it forces Chuck to go see Bart and make a deal. After, Dan meets with Bart at the van der Woodsen's and asks for him to be a sponsor. Bart proposes that if Dan writes good press about him, he will write Dan a great recommendation, to which Dan agrees. Chuck asks Bart what he needs to do to get Nate out of jail, and Bart replies that the only way is if Chuck goes to Moscow alone forever and never comes back. While waiting with Ivy at her penthouse, Blair receives a text that the samples for Waldorf Designs' new collections have arrived and are a disaster. She leaves for the atelier, but her car stops randomly and Bart jumps in. When the car circles back around to the atelier, Chuck is waiting for Blair but finds Bart in the car instead. He assures him that Blair is unharmed, but that could easily change unless Chuck leaves for Moscow. After she leaves, she calls for her car and realizes Chuck is leaving. Dan arrives at the van der Woodsen's with his article on Bart. Earlier he had sent the nice chapter on Serena to the penthouse hoping she would read it and forgive him for the nasty one. However, Bart has accidentally intercepted the chapter and read it, and is disappointed in Dan and expresses it. Dan explains that in trying to write the ultimate expose on Serena, he realized he was still in love with her. Bart tells Dan to use Rufus as a cautionary tale that being a nice guy isn't enough to end up a winner. He also lets it slip that Serena is preparing to move to Los Angeles soon. Meanwhile, Blair shows at the tarmac where Chuck is about to leave for Moscow and desperately tries to go with him. He refuses and the two kiss before he gets on the plane. Afterwards, Blair organizes a scheme to end all schemes at Bart's honorary party for being New York Real Estate's Man Of The Year along with Georgina, Ivy, Sage, and Serena. She has Serena play dumb and allude to a slideshow where the security photo of Bart in Dubai with holding the envelope with the Sudan bank seal is, Georgina hand out programs with a list of horses he bought to cover the oil deals, Sage steal Bruce Caplan's phone and repeatedly call Bart with it, and Ivy serve drinks with envelopes that may or may not have copies with the microfilm to Bart. Blair brings Iman Hassam, who knows about the murder of her horse Lady Alexander and her father, Shake Hassam. Bart throws his phone in water, and takes Blair aside. He tells her that he is onto her, and she catches a news story of a missing Bass Industries plane and Bart mentions he hopes it wasn't the one Chuck was on. Dan is set to introduce Bart to receive his award, and he begins speaking of an icon in New York and a personal inspiration before introducing Chuck. Chuck comes onstage and accuses Bart of trying to having him killed. Security then escorts Chuck out, and Bart comes onstage and tells the crowd that Chuck has long struggled with substance abuse problems and his outburst was due to that. Bart corners Dan and tells him he overestimated him. Nate and his father show up and ask Bart what it will take to get him off the loan, and Bart says nothing because he is getting too much pleasure out of watching Nate squirm. Bart meets with Chuck on the roof to talk privately. Chuck begins to record the conversation and Bart becomes angry that Chuck didn't hold up his end of their deal by going to Russia. Chuck replies that he was never meant to make it to Moscow as he was put on the plane to die. Bart neither confirms nor denies and states that accidents can happen; as he speaks he edges Chuck closer to the balcony. At the same time, Blair is desperately trying to find Chuck and figures out he's on the roof. Chuck again asks why Bart wanted him killed, and Bart responds that Chuck is still the biggest failure of his life. Chuck gives Bart a multitude of reasons why he is not a man, and the two escalate into physical blows which ends with Blair arriving and Bart hanging onto a bar on the edge of the building. He begs Chuck to save him, saying he would never really hurt him and is all talk. Chuck doesn't believe him, and Bart falls to his death.

In New York, I Love You XOXO, the episode starts off the moment the last episode ended. Chuck and Blair flee the scene, and security discovers Bart's body. Chuck has Arthur hide him and Blair in the trunk of his limo and they head to a bed and breakfast away from Manhattan. Ivy calls William and tells him that since Bart is gone, it's safe for him to come back to the city. A news reporter tells the crowd and cameras that Bart is officially dead, and that this is the culmination of bizarre events; that the news report that a Bass plane had gone down was false and that Chuck had had an outburst at the event, and that he is a person of interest in the case, but not yet a suspect. The police visit Nate at the Empire and Eleanor, Cyrus, and Dorota at the Waldorf's, all of whom give no information on Chuck and Blair's whereabouts. Via a tracking system in Chuck's limo, Jack Bass tracks them down and shows up at the bed and breakfast to help. The three of them discuss the night's events: Jack asks if they killed him, Blair says it was self defense, and Chuck doesn't feel guilty but isn't sure he's not. Jack brings up spousal privilege, so if it comes to testimonies, Blair cannot be forced to testify against Chuck. Blair loves the idea, but Chuck is a little hesitant. Jack says it is twisted, but very them and leaves. Chuck and Blair discuss it briefly and he proposes on the spot, and Blair says yes immediately. Nate receives a call that since Bart's name was the only other one on the loan for the Spectator, if Nate can pay off what he owes, it will be all his. Jack, Chuck, and Blair go to a courthouse to get married. Jack gets the license backdated to avoid any speculation that they got married just to get spousal privilege, and Blair is ready to get married then and there. Chuck is skeptical, as he doesn't want his life with Blair to start this way and there is no way she can be happy with a quickie wedding. She admits that her wedding to Louis was enough of a princess wedding for her, but Chuck insists that everyone they love be at the wedding and they leave. Jack meets Georgina for the first time, and he asks her to come and help with a scheme, to which she agrees. Meanwhile, Lily returns to Manhattan and runs into William in the lobby of her building, and he expresses his condolences and offers support. Ivy catches up with them and begins to tell Lily that she has been working with William to ruin her life and that the two are in love. William plays dumb, and Lily doesn't believe Ivy. When Lily leaves to get the doorman, Ivy asks what's going on. William explains that he was using her the whole time to get what he's wanted the whole time: to be with Lily, and she was a great help with getting Bart out of the picture. Security escorts Ivy out and Georgina and Jack show up to bring Lily to the wedding. They also go upstairs and get Dan and Serena, and eventually to get Nate. Everyone, including Chuck and Blair, meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to finalize wedding plans. Two girls, Allie and Thea, follow the group into the museum, overhear the conversation, and send a tip to Gossip Girl. When GG doesn't post the tip, Thea decides the next best option is to call the police and report where Chuck will be. However, Chuck and Blair successfully marry before the police show up and Blair officially becomes a Bass. It is revealed that Dan has been Gossip Girl the whole time, and everyone meets at the Waldorf's. When Chuck and Blair show up, they say that there was no proof Chuck was even on the roof and no witnesses, so Bart's death will be ruled as an accident.

In the five year time jump, Blair and Chuck are living in a townhouse with their son Henry Bass. It is also shown that Jack is in a relationship with Georgina.

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