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After the shock of Lily handing herself in, the Press is having a field day by bombarding the Penthouse with Papparazzi. And whilst Serena is used to the attention Lily is seen finding it too difficult and with both William and Rufus arguing it seems the only good thing happening to the family is the Modern Royalty photoshoot in which the Rhodes' have a picture.

But the Rhodes aren't the only ones having a picture taken, Raina has been asked as well as Chuck. (Although Blair and Nate haven't - an unexplained thing)

A week has gone by since Dan and Blair finally kissed. Blair has been hiding out in her bed since then, afraid to face what the kiss meant to her.

Meanwhile in the Loft Dan has offered the place to Eric whenever he needs it but when Eric quizzes him on why he hasn't offered the same to Serena who needs it as much as him Dan confesses to kissing Blair Waldorf only to have Eric ask him that question. "Do you like her?" Dan repeatedly rejects the idea. But when he mumbles something about how Blair smells nice, Eric calls Dan out, declaring "Man, you're ass backwards crushing on Blair Waldorf!"

Chuck has Epperly be his spy and get Blair to the photoshoot. Once there, Blair confesses to Epperly that she recently shared a "life changing" kiss with someone. Epperly immediately reports this to Chuck. He goes over to the Loft to see if Dan might know who Blair kissed. By the end of the conversation, Chuck realizes it was Dan. So then he calls Epperly and tells her to trick Dan into coming to the photoshoot.

Whilst all this has happened Lily's sister Carol and her daughter Charlie have both turned up. However nobody except Serena knows that Charlie has landed in the 'toxic' world of Manhattan and she offers to show her round her world for a day so that she can make up her mind whether she likes it or not.

However, Lily has been delivered some dissapointing news by this time - due to the scandal the Rhodes' portrait is off. And it's up to William to save the day as he thinks he can get the women of the family back onto the system again.

With both Blair and Dan off to the photoshoot Blair decides to pack her La Perla underwear. She is quizzed by Dorota who assumes it's for Dan especially when Blair says it's the kiss that has helped her make up her mind for good. Blair tells Dorota that the kiss supposedly made her realize she wanted to with Chuck.

Dan and Eric decide that when Dan is invited to the photoshoot it must be Blair who invited him, unaware of Chuck and Epperly's scheming.

Once at the photoshoot it becomes apparent something is wrong, Rufus is quick to judge William when it turns out the revised portrait is just Serena, Eric and their Dad. Charlie has gone missing after her mom found her and said that she was going home. But why? Well because Serena discovered that Carol had been living off CeCe's money all these years rather than being the estranged daughter she had pretended to be.

When Dan approaches Blair at the photoshoot, he discovers she wasn't the one who invited him. Blair is quick to figure out it was Chuck who set Dan up. She confronts Chuck, angry at him for trying to humiliate Dan, and he tells her he wanted to prove that Dan wasn't good enough for her. Chuck says he only did it because Blair said the kiss was life changing. Blair claims the kiss made her realize she wanted to be with Chuck. She said that the kiss with Dan had meant less than nothing and, while clearly upset by Blair saying that, Dan pretended to agree. Blair tells Chuck off and walks away.

Whilst this has been going on Vanessa has arrived at the photoshoot and much to Blair's annoyance won't leave even though she knows Serena and the van der Woodsens are at the shoot.

When Dan comes over to talk to Blair about the kiss Vanessa is listening in on his conversation and hears everything. Dan then tells Blair that the kiss meant nothing to him either even though he had already admitted to Eric he loved Blair. Dan tells Blair that her prince is somewhere even if it isn't him or Chuck, while looking over Dan's shoulder at Serena - tells Dan that his princess is out there too, he just needs to be ready for her. Dan looks back and sees his ex-girlfriend which gives Vanessa time to escape and call somebody.

She tells them that Dan and Blair kissed, they'll deny it but for once she is telling the truth because not even she could come up with a scandal this big.

Back with the van der Woodsens Charlie turns up and tells her mom she knows before leaving with Blair and Serena for a girls night in she appears to finally be shrugging off everything her mom has forced her to do.

The next day at the van der Woodsens Charlie tells Carol that she's staying in New York and Carol tells Lily she has to be kept an eye on for reasons she hasn't yet told anyone. Lily agrees and everyone sits down for their own family portrait everyone's there - except Chuck and Jenny both of whom happen to be elsewhere - and as the portrait is taken the phone rings. But Lily leaves it for another time because then, to her, family is most important.

Then, right at the end of the episode a mysterious Prince clutching Blair's shoe exits a taxi - is he back to find Blair once more?

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Dorota: "Humphrey more labrador than toad."

Blair: "Dan Humphrey may not be royalty, but at least he's not a child."

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