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The Princess Dowry is the 17th episode of the fifth season and 104th episode overall.
Gossip Girl 5x17 "Princess Dowry" Preview00:21

Gossip Girl 5x17 "Princess Dowry" Preview


Blair thinks Cyrus may have found a potential loophole in her prenup. Chuck and Georgina partner up in a scheme, but it has an unpredictable outcome. Meanwhile, a family crisis brings William van der Woodsen back to the Upper East Side.


Spoilers ahead

Nate is sleeping with Lola who is really the real Charlie Rhodes. The grandma has died. Serena is sad that Lola/Charlie doesn’t want to be her BFF. Blair is trying to annul her loveless marriage. Georgina is wearing fishnets and a sweater coat. She’s going to the funeral with the fake Charlie Rhodes. The funeral seems to involve a lot of Irish whiskey, a fiddle and a lot of people. Lily is mad at her sister, Carol, who hired the fake Charlie.

In the meantime, Georgina’s husband posted that Chuck Bass said that Dan posted the Blair wedding day video. The world is atwitter. Blair is mad at Dan and then forgives him immediately. Because the royal watcher knows Blair is trying to blow the pre-nup. Georgina hears all of it, miraculously, because she arranged it all.

And now Chuck is confiding in Georgina as well. Georgina posts the picture of Dan and Blair kissing and blames Dan for it. William is the executor of the grandma’s estate and Lily might have to find a new home. Dorota made a timely joke! She said that she has so many secrets going on, she feels like she’s in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

In the reading of the will, the fake Charlie Rhodes showed up. Good thing, because most of the estate goes to Ivy/fake Charlie. Chuck says that Dan has been trying to keep he and Blair apart. Blair says she loves Chuck but she’s not in love with him.

Real Charlie Rhodes tells Serena that the whole family fights with each other and all they care about is money. Carol says William is Lola’s real daddy and Lily will be mad that they were messing around. Georgina says she can help Blair get out of the marriage, but Blair will owe her super duper big.

The wake is over, and Lily and Rufus just want a drink. But Ivy stomps her feet and tells them to get out, that it’s her apartment now. The old Gossip Girl sends her laptop with all its secrets to Serena, who is bored and needs something to do. And Blair shows up at Dan's apartment. She tells Dan that he has her heart and they kiss.

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Last.fm_play.png "We Own The Sky" – M83
Last.fm_play.png "New York City" – Among Savages
Last.fm_play.png "Paradisco" – Charlotte Gainsourg
Last.fm_play.png "Sally MacLennane" – The Pogues
Last.fm_play.png "New York, NY 10009" – Black 47
Last.fm_play.png "Dreams" – The Cranberries
Last.fm_play.png "Strangers" – Wye Oak
Last.fm_play.png "Izzy's Irish Rose" – Black 47

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  • This episode is Ed Westwick's 100th episode on the series, thanks to 4 absences in the show's first season.
  • Wallace Shawn, who plays Cyrus Rose is mentioned but he doesn't appear.



Gossip Girl 5x17 "The Princess Dowry"01:01

Gossip Girl 5x17 "The Princess Dowry"

Gossip Girl - The Princess Dowry Producer's Preview01:59

Gossip Girl - The Princess Dowry Producer's Preview

Gossip Girl 5x17 Canadian Promo The Princess Dowry00:27

Gossip Girl 5x17 Canadian Promo The Princess Dowry

Gossip Girl 5x17 The Princess Dowry - Sneak Peek01:04

Gossip Girl 5x17 The Princess Dowry - Sneak Peek

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