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The Return of the Ring is the 24th episode of the fifth season and 111th episode overall. It is the Season 5 finale.


When Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she's never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in Blair's latest nightmare. Meanwhile, Nate invites Lola to move in with him, and Lily makes a big decision about the future of her marriage. Finally, by episode's end, Blair will make a choice between the two men in her life... will it be Chuck or will it be Dan?


Blair was freaking the ef out. Her very private diary entries were posted on Gossip Girl for all to see. Sorrrrrry! (But like how could I not post them?) B was livid at Serena. How could she do this to her? Serena admitted she was never going to publish them. She just wanted to know she could. Plus, S was upset about the whole Dan thing. But how was she to ever think that I, GG, would steal her computer with everything on it? (I'm so stealth!) Blair could not believe this was happening. There was only one thing to do: damage control. The minions had to help her apologize to everyone she had written negative remarks about. And let me tell you this, it was a lot of people/places/things. Donations and apology notes would do the trick right? You better hope so, B.

Unfortunately for Serena, Blair wasn't going to let her off the hook for uploading the diary entries. She demanded Penelope to find out every secret of S'. Uh oh. When Serena learned her invitation to The Beautiful and the Damned movie premiere (the film she worked on last summer) had been rescinded, she just knew Blair was somehow behind it. Turned out, Blair had sent in to GG a journal entry Serena had supposedly written admitting she's never read The Beautiful and the Damned. I posted it, natch. Revenge's a bitch and her name's Blair Waldorf. B thought the cost of one summer job and losing some work contacts was nothing compared to exposing all of B's secret thoughts. Sorry, but Blair's not sorry.

Due to her private journal entries being exposed, Blair just knew her relationship with Dan was going to be over. Now she and Serena would both be alone. Serena blamed Blair for causing her to be single. Because seriously, B had Chuck, B had her prince, B didn't need to take Dan too. Serena thought Blair was still in love with Chuck but just wouldn't admit it. And with that, Blair told Serena to pack her things and leave her key with Dorota. Move out! Whoa!

Too bad for Blair that I released this journal entry of hers: "What if I never love anyone more than I love Chuck?" Yikes! Guess that answered who's in Blair's heart. When Dan saw it, he was obviously shocked. Blair confronted him and said it was just a fleeting thought she had before their hotel incident. But their elevator sex fixed it. Dan thought this was more about feelings then sex. After all, he did tell her he loved her and she pretended she didn't hear it. Dan thought the reason Blair couldn't say she loved him was because of Chuck. He didn't want her coming to Italy with him if they weren't on the same page. So Dan gave Blair an ultimatum. She had to tell him how she felt that night. At the Shepherd's divorce party. Clock's ticking, B.

But little did Blair know, Chuck was getting advice from his not so dead father. Bart was proud of Chuck for all that he had accomplished with Bass Industries in his absence. Chuck thought he had made some mistakes. Most importantly, he lost the woman he loved, Blair. Bart didn't understand what his son was waiting for. No one did a grand romantic gesture like a Bass. Ahh!

All the while, Lily was dealing with the fact that, you know, HER HUSBAND WAS STILL ALIVE!!! Bart was thankful to Lily for adopting Chuck after his fake death. In fact, he'd love to try to repair their relationship. Too bad she was still married to Rufus. Oh yeah, Rufus. Well, when the Brooklyn rocker found out Bart was alive he was set on doing one thing: Making sure his marriage to Lily would still be legal. Since Bart and Lily never got divorced, they were technically still married. One of her marriages would have to be annulled. Since Rufus wanted to make sure it was his that survived, he went to Bart with annulment papers. He told the not dead guy that Lily had chosen the man she wanted to be with and that man was Rufus. Besides, three years ago, Lily was going to leave Bart for Rufus anyway. Bart said all he wanted was for Lily to be happy. He'd get Rufus the papers by the end of the day. Wowza!

Nate wanted Lola to move in with him for the summer. But before he could ask her, she told him that she got a job as a swing in a touring company of Wicked. Whatever that means. Lola needed to take the job because with her mom in jail she couldn't afford to live in the city for the summer. But then William van der Woodsen came to town and told his daughter that half of CeCe's estate would be transferred to her. Nate was happy. This meant his GF could stay in NY and they could be together. Aww. But before Lola decided what to do, she needed to see her mom. So she went to visit her in jail. Ew. Carol was optimistic about getting out. Abrams and Wiel, a great law firm, had taken on her case pro bono. Things would be sorted out soon. Yay! Lola was skeptical about this pro bono business and went to see Aunt Lily. Lily said she didn't do anything for Carol but she would be more than happy to help. Hmm seems a bit nice after all they went through. But then Lily received annulment papers from her lawyer. And they were signed by Bart. Lily was confused. As she went to process the information, Lola caught a glimpse of the envelope. Sure enough, Lily's lawyers were Abrams and Weil. Something's fishy!

Lily was way surprised to receive the annulment papers. When she asked Bart about it, he told her Rufus had come to see him. Lily was irate. Rufus had the legal document drawn up before even talking with her?! The nerve! It'd be Lily's choice who she stayed married to. And with that, Mrs. Rhodes van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey ripped up the annulment papers. Craziness!

Blair was way confused by her love life and turned to her mother, Eleanor. The truth was she didn't know what she wanted. Dan was her best friend. With him, she felt strong and safe. But with Chuck she felt vulnerable. He's devastated her yet she's never been happier than with him. This all made Blair feel weak. Eleanor told her that even moguls have hearts. And seriously, there was no woman in the world more powerful than Blair Waldorf. Eleanor had so much confidence in her daughter that she wanted her to take over the company. Whaaat? Eleanor was going to retire. OMG!!! B as head of Waldorf Designs. <3 it!

Serena wasn't going to let Blair have the last word. So she hired the minions to work for her. Geez, those girls know no loyalty. S had Kati go to the Empire where she took a picture of Chuck holding that famous diamond engagement ring. Turned out, Bart had been at Harry Winston earlier that day to pick up an apology gift for Lily. He got the ring out of the vault. Perhaps it was time for Chuck to make the grand romantic gesture. And what better way than with a diamond, right? S also had Penelope go to the Waldorfs with the intent to not let Blair leave the penthouse. Oy! What does she have planned?!

At the Shepherd divorce party, Serena waited with Dan for Blair. Where could that girl ever be? When the GG blast went out with the picture Kati took of Chuck holding the ring, Dan was obviously upset. And S fed into it. Chuck would never make such a bold move unless he was sure of Blair's response. When Dan wanted to leave, Serena accidentally? bumped into a waiter causing a ton of drinks to spill over her and Dan. Oops. She knew of where they could go to clean up and the two found themselves in The Campbell Apartment (fun fact: this is where Serena and Nate banged on the bar!). S received a text from Penelope that B was on her way to the party (you suck at your job, P!). That meant that it was time for Serena to kick it up a notch. She quickly got out of her wet dress. Sexxxxy. Serena told Dan the Blair he loved was the one in his book and that B only used Dan since she knew S loved him. And with that, S kissed Dan. Then they started making out on the bar. What else is new at the Campbell Apartment?! When they were finished, Dan noticed S' camera was on. It had been recording them. Oops again. Dan spotted a text from Penelope about keeping Blair at home. Dan could not believe this. S knew where B was the whole time? What was S gonna do, post their sex video on GG? What a manipulator! Before S could defend herself, she showed Dan a text from Kati. Turned out, Blair had left her house. But she hadn't come to the divorce party. Nope, Blair was with Chuck at the Empire. Eek!!!

At the Bass Industries press conference, Chuck announced that the company would be a family business. But when Bart took the podium, he had a bit of a different idea about the future. Starting today, Bart would be the only Bass in Bass Indsutries. Chuck was confused. He thought they were going to be partners. All Chuck did was protect the company and Bart's legacy while he was gone. WTH, dad?! Bart thought otherwise. Chuck was weak for Blair Waldorf. He traded her for a hotel deed, let the company fall apart when he ran away to Europe and then almost bankrupted it trying to save her from her marriage. Chuck's willing to throw everything away for a girl who's tormented him. When Bart gave Chuck back the diamond ring, it was a test. And Chuck failed. Bass Industries needed to be run by a man, not a boy. That's gotta hurt!

Blair saw the press conference go down. So unpretty. She confronted Chuck and told him she loved him. She's in love with him. There's nothing she can do to stop it. They should be together. Who cares about Bass Industries anyway? Blair was going to be head of Waldorf Designs. They'd be okay. Chuck told her this was what he wanted. But only before he lost everything. The sole reason Waldorf Designs had a future was because Chuck gave up his. Chuck had nothing and Blair was not enough. Besides, C didn't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. He was Chuck Bass!

One week later, everyone was cementing their summer plans. Chuck was off to meet Jack. I know, weird! You see, Bart had cut Jack out of the company too. Chuck thought Uncle Jack was the perfect partner to help him get back what he deserved. Now that should be interesting.

Lola was off to tour with Wicked. She told Nate she donated the money she inherited from CeCe but in reality she gave it to, ready for it?, Ivy Dickens! CeCe had actually left it to her anyway. But Ivy did make one promise to Lola. She would take down Lily. Ahh!!!

Since Lily could only have one marriage with one man, guess which one she chose? OMG Bart! She signed the papers and annulled her marriage to Rufus. Now Lily and Bart were off to the Hamptons for the summer to make things better. Um, good luck?

Blair had been e-mailing Dan trying to apolgize for everything. But he was having none of it. Understandable, I guess. When Serena came to the loft, she was beyond sorry for all that went down. She deleted the sex video, no one would ever see it. But the truth was S loved Dan. She was pretty sure that he never would have done anything with her if he still didn't have feelings for her too. So maybe, they could, you know? But Dan said he and S would never be together. Ever. And now that their parents were splitting up, he never had to see Serena again. Harsh.

As for Blair, she was off in Paris with Eleanor. She hadn't spoken to Serena. But whatever. No, Blair was looking forward to discussing heel heights and hemlines at Waldorf Designs. Nothing was holding her back. You go, B!

Nate received a package from Diana Payne. It contained a flash drive with a note that said, "Could this be your GG?" Nate put it in his computer and watched a video of someone in a hoodie stealing a laptop at the Vardin Manor. Oh no, I'm trembling.

Weirdly enough, Dan had someone he was going to take to Italy with him: Georgina Sparks! I know, still hate her! Dan needed G's help. He wanted her photographic memory in order to help him write the book about the Upper East Side that he should have written from the beginning. Oh shiz!

Poor Serena. Rejected from Dan, no BFF. She was at an all time low. So I only kicked her while she was down. I promised to never write about her ever again on Gossip Girl. But here's my final remark about Serena van der Woodsen: she was doing cocaine with some random guy on a train. Way to go out big, S!

Chuck and Jack were in Monte Carlo together. They were gambling up a storm and were ahead a lot of money. That's probably because Jack knew how to count cards. But then the craziest thing happened: Blair showed up (Jack had called her, aw?). Since Chuck had fought for her all year, it was time for Blair to fight for him. And guess what? She was in it to win it. Oooh!!

My, my, my. You people make me love what I do. Never change. Now I know I was away for some time but I'm going to take another break for the summer. But rest assured when I'm back I'll be better than ever. See you in the fall, my loves.

XOXO Gossip Girl

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  • Bombs - Golden State
  • Get Alone - Ten Brutes
  • Give It Back - The Ting Tings
  • Hurricane - MS MR
  • In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix) - Zola Jesus
  • Misery Train - Conduits
  • Space - Magic Wands
  • We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae) - Fun.



  • The ring is the one chuck got to propose to Blair.
  • The divorce party is the wedding that Serena and Nate slept together at all those years ago.(Pilot)
  • Serena is pissed about not getting the job she wanted so she planned with the minions to get rid of Blair so she could steal away Dan.
  • Rufus had annulment papers drawn up for Bart.
  • Bart got rid of Chuck from Bart Enterprises.
  • The end seemingly takes us back to the first season like a do over, however it's said that the next season will be even more dramatic than ever.
  • This is the fifth season finale to feature Serena, Blair, Dan, Chuck, Nate, Rufus, Lily and Georgina, the second to feature Eleanor and Ivy and the first to feature Lola.
    • This is the second season finale not to feature Vanessa and Jenny, and the third not to feature Cyrus.


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