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The Undergraduates is the third episode of Season 4 and the overall 68th episode of the Gossip Girl series.

Summary Edit

Having made up about both attending Columbia, Blair and Serena discuss Hamilton House, a very elite sorority at Columbia that is invite only. They decide to go inside the house to check it out, both certain they would receive keys. They enter the house and, to their surprise, Juliet is the one that hands out the bids, in the form of Tiffany keys, to its members. Juliet hands Blair a key and says that it is her last one. Serena believes this is due to Juliet's jealousy over her relationship with Nate.

Later in the episode, Serena walks by the house and sees a girl that has just gotten a key. Serena goes to confront Juliet, and she blames it on Blair. She expects to see the two girls fight it out during Fashion's Night Out. With Dorota's help, Serena and Blair manage to trick Juliet in thinking they were getting into a fight, but it was actually pre-recorded. Lily comes out, who is an elite member of the Hamilton House, and forces Juliet to surrender her key to Serena.

Ever since Eva entered his life, Chuck seems to be a changed man, for the better. He decides to introduce her to his family at Fashion's Night Out. Although Lily is able to forgive Chuck for everything's he has done, Rufus and for some bizarre reason, Eric are not as forgiving, especially after Eric tells Rufus about Chuck forcing himself on Jenny at the Kiss on the Lips party (Season 1.) Eva is nervous about being a part of Chuck's life – she feels as though she won't fit in. Even more so after she runs into Blair at a boutique, who makes her feel even more insecure. After a disastrous run-in with Rufus, Chuck decides to reveal his whole history to Eva, and they share a kiss as Blair watches.

Dan has been taking care of his "son" Milo while Georgina left to take care of business(aka: abandon her son with Dan who actually isn't Milos dad) When she comes back, she reveals that Milo is not Dan's son and she had to escape Russia because the real father is married. Although Dan doesn't want to give Milo up, he has no choice. Georgina leaves with Milo.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Blair: (to Serena) Once guys has tasted caviar it baffles me how they settle for catfish.

Juliet: The girls all want to borrow your clothes, and the boys all want to take them off.
Blair: Thank you for the warning on both counts.

Chuck: You didn't leave.
Eva: I'm not going to lie. It was hard to hear the things you've done. But I've seen the man you can be. I choose to believe in that man.
Chuck: Come on, let's meet my family.

Dan: I'm truly glad that you've gotten your priorities straightened out here, but there is no way that I'm letting you take this child.
Georgina: I'm sorry Dan, but it's not your choice. He's not your son.

Juliet: Whatever twisted frenemy-slash-ex-boyfriend situation you have going on, Serena, it has nothing to do with me. I told you that the alumni committee makes the decisions—
Serena: You seriously thought we wouldn't know anyone on the committee?
Juliet: You can't. That's the secret part of a secret committee.
Lily: Unless the keymaster misbehaves. Half of the board members of Bass Industries are alumni. One phone call confirmed the obvious. That Serena has always been at the top of the list. Congratulations darling.
(To Juliet): Key please.

Dramatis Personae Edit

Starring Edit

Special Guest Stars Edit

  • Diane von Fürstenberg as Herself
  • Hamish Bowles as Himself

Recurring Stars Edit

Music Edit

  • "Oh Cherie" by New Young Pony Club
  • "Tighten Up" by The Black Keys
  • "Keep Quiet" by Hot Chip
  • "One Life Stand" by Hot Chip

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