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There Might Be Blood is the 9th episode of the second season and the 27th overall.

Spotted at Minh: Jenny Humphrey buying sixteen yards of tulle. But since when does Eleanor Waldorf pay for her purchases with a penny jar? They say a stitch in time saves nine. Will it save little J?

-Gossip Girl

Summary Edit

Serena invites Aaron Rose to be her guest at a charity gala honoring Lily and Bart Bass, but after discovering a secret that Aaron has been keeping from her she begins to question whether Aaron is the guy she thought he was. Hoping it will help her chances of getting into Yale, Blair reluctantly agrees to babysit the 15-year-old daughter of a prominent Yale donor, Jenny Humphrey plans a guerrilla fashion show with Agnes that will help her launch into the fashion world. Vanessa finds out about Nate Archibald and Jenny and when her brother Dan finds out he kicks Nate out of the house. Rufus and Jenny butt heads, which leads to Jenny running away.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Blair: Having sex for the first time shouldn't be part of a competion to beat Muffy the Lacrosstitute. It should be with someone you love.
Gossip Girl: I spy with my little lie someone getting busted.
Chuck: While there are very few things I consider sacred, the back of the limo is one of them.
Emma: Bass. Oh my god, I read about you in Gossip Girl. You're like the devil.

Chuck: Finally some truth in advertising.

Dramatis Personae Edit

Starring Edit

Special Guest Stars Edit

Recurring Stars Edit

Music Edit

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