• I am currently on the 4th season of GG and I'm up to the part of Dan getting his life together after he lost Milo. What I don't get is why everyone just let Georgina take Milo away. She said it was because "He's not the Father" but, he is Milo's legal father as he signed the birth certificate so why didn't they call her on kidnapping? I know it's only a show but how is that not kidnapping? Wow I hate Georgina!

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    • Its not kidnapping because its her son ( maybe ? )

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    • Legally, Dan has full right's to Milo as his name and signature is on the birth certificate. So if Humphry really wanted to keep Milo is his life and not let Georgina take him legally he has full rights to prevent that. By law it's his son, even if it is not biological...

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    • Yes by law Milo is his son but Dan probably realized all the complications that came with taking care of a child, especially at such a young age. Milo wasn't his real son and he was well taken care of with Georgina so Dan had no choice but to let him go.

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