• I about fell out of my chair reading the positive description of Dan's personality. A "good guy type"?? The guy is self-righteous, judgmental, AND he's fucking GOSSIP GIRL! He wrecks people's lives, ffs!

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    • Thats true but I just felt I had to say this... Serena HATES Dan after his expose on her but they all post things into gossip girl about each other, Dan was just doing that without gossip girl's help... Even though he is 'her'...

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    • Dan is Very determinated he has special goals In life and once he became an "upper east sider" he would do what It takes to achieve them. But I think he is a sweet and Good guy that first of all is ignored and after that he gets more confident and Dont allowed people to tell they are better than him. He developed as a person as he grew up In that type of society.

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