Season One Edit

Social Gathering (Pilot) Edit

Kiss on the Lips Party (Pilot) Edit

Bart Bass' Annual Brunch ( The Wild Brunch) Edit

Ivy League Mixer (Poison Ivy) Edit

Nate & Chuck's Lost Weekend (Bad News Blair) Edit

  • Summary: To celebrate making it through Ivy Week, Nate and Chuck host a Lost Weekend celebration; where the guys host a weekend long celebration complete with drinking, drugs, and women. The party is crashed by the return of Carter Baizen, which threatens Chuck's leadership role.
  • Host: Chuck Bass
  • Location: The Palace Hotel, Suite 1812
  • Notable Attendants: Nate Archibald, Carter Baizen

Blair's Sleepover Soiree (Dare Devil) Edit

The Masquerade Ball (The Handmaiden's Tale) Edit

Night in Tangiers Party ( The Handmaiden's Tale) Edit

Chuck's Victrola Celebration (Victor Victrola) Edit

  • Summary: Chuck plans an elaborate party held at the club Victrola in hopes Bart will let him invest in the place. Blair shows up in Nate's place after they break up to escape.
  • Host: Chuck Bass
  • Location: Victrola
  • Notable Attendants: Blair Waldorf, Bart Bass

Blair's 17th Birthday Party (Seventeen Candles) Edit

The Dispensary Cotillion & Debutante Ball (Hi, Society) Edit

Holiday Bazaar & Charity Auction (Roman Holiday) Edit

Christmas Eve Soiree (Roman Holiday) Edit

Constance Billard Pool Party (School Lies) Edit

Jenny's 15th Birthday Party (The Blair Bitch Project) Edit

The Nelly Yuki Sabotage Party (Desperately Seeking Serena) Edit

Jenny & Asher's Party (All About My Brother) Edit

Lily & Bart's Rehearsal Dinner (Woman On The Verge) Edit

Spotlight on the 90s Concert (Woman on the Verge) Edit

Lily & Bart's Wedding (Much 'I Do' About Nothing) Edit

Season TwoEdit

The White Party (Summer Kind of Wonderful) Edit

  • Summary: The first party of the season thrown in The Hamptons. It's sponsored Vitamin Water and considered to be very exclusive. CeCe brings along Dan, who comes to The Hamptons to win Serena back. Meanwhile, Blair tries to make Chuck jealous with her new boyfriend and Nate tries to make his new lover jealous with Serena.

Blair's Welcome Back Party (Never Been Marcused) Edit

Blair's Back to School Party (The Dark Night) Edit

Eleanor Waldorf's Fashion Show (The Serena Also Rises) Edit

Dean Berube's Private Party (New Haven Can Wait) Edit

  • Summary: The dean of admissions at Yale holds an exclusive party annually to his favorite prospective Yale students after interviewing them. At the party, Blair uses Serena's past to try and make sure she doesn't get into Yale.
  • Host: Dean Berube
  • Location: Dean Berube's house
  • Attendants: Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf

Lily & Bart's Housewarming Party (Chuck in Real Life) Edit

Rufus's Art Opening (Pret-a-Poor-J) Edit

Annual Philanthropic Award Gala (There Might be Blood) Edit

Jenny's Guerrilla Fashion Show (There Might be Blood) Edit

Blair's 18th Birthday Party (Bonfire of the Vanity) Edit

The Snowflake Ball (It's a Wonderful Lie) Edit

Bart Bass' Funeral (O Brother, Where Bart Thou?) Edit

Chuck's Return to New York Party (In the Realm of the Basses) Edit

Chuck's Celebratory Brunch (Gone with the Will) Edit

Constance/St. Jude's Play: The Age of Innocence (The Age of Dissonance) Edit

Van Der Bilt Family Reunion Reception (The Grandfather) Edit

Jenny's Sweet Sixteen (Remains of the J) Edit

Tripp and Maureen's Rehearsal Dinner (Seder Anything) Edit

Cyrus' Seder Dinner (Seder Anything) Edit

Van Der Woodsen Co-Op Meeting (Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) Edit

Prom (Valley Girls) Edit

Graduation Luncheon (The Goodbye Gossip Girl) Edit

Nate's Graduation Party (The Goodbye Gossip Girl) Edit

Season Three Edit

Van Der Bilt Polo Match (Reversals of Fortune) Edit

Georgina's Rooftop Party (The Freshmen) Edit

Sotheby's Art Auction (The Lost Boy) Edit

Fleur Film Premiere (Dan de Fleurette) Edit

Lily & Rufus' Wedding (Rufus Getting Married) Edit

NYU Freshman Parent's Dinner (Enough About Eve) Edit

Chuck's Halloween Party (How to Succeed in Bassness) Edit

Tripp's Election Party (The Grandfather: Part II) Edit

Cotillion & Debutante Ball (They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?) Edit

Tisch Cabaret (The Last Days of Disco Stick) Edit

Van Der Woodsen Thanksgiving Dinner (The Treasure of Serena Madre) Edit

French Ambassador Dinner (The Hurt Locket) Edit

NYU Dorm Beach Party (The Lady Vanished) Edit

  • Summary: Vanessa's dorm at NYU throws a beach party for everyone and both her and Dan attend and struggle with seeing the other date someone new.
  • Host: NYU Dorms
  • Location: New York University
  • Notable Attendants: Dan Humphrey, Vanessa Abrams

Bart Bass Dedication Gala (The Sixteen Year Old Virgin) Edit

Eleanor's Fashion Show (The Empire Strikes Jack) Edit

  • Summary: Eleanor is hosting a fashion show in the hopes of scoring a deal with one of the biggest retailer chains in the country. She tells Blair to bring her friends, but Blair struggles with the order, as she hasn't made any. Meanwhile, Jenny makes her return to the fashion industry but is thrown for a loop when her old friend Agnes returns as well.
  • Host: Eleanor Waldorf
  • Location: Unknown
  • Notable Attendants: Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Nate Archibald, Jenny Humphrey, Agnes Andrews, Jack Bass

Nate's 19th Birthday Party & Assassin Game (Inglourious Bassterds) Edit

Dorota & Vanya's Rehearsal Dinner (The Unblairable Lightness of Being) Edit

Dorota & Vanya's Wedding (The Unblairable Lightness of Being) Edit

Brooklyn Art Party (Dr. Estrangeloved) Edit

Columbia Alumni Gala (It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World) Edit

Library Benefit (Ex-Husbands and Wives) Edit

Season Four Edit

Fashion's Night Out Luncheon (Belles de Jour) Edit

Fashion's Night Out (The Undergraduates) Edit

Chuck's Charity Gala (Touch of Eva) Edit

Hamilton House Party (Goodbye, Columbia) Edit

The Observer's New Yorkers of the Year Party (Easy J) Edit

Blair's 20th Birthday Party (War at the Roses) Edit

Winter Opening for New York City Ballet (Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore) Edit

Chuck's Masquerade Party (The Witches of Bushwick) Edit

Bass Industries Holiday Party (The Townie) Edit

Russell Thorpe's Midwestern Mogul Party (The Kids Are Not Alright) Edit

W Magazine Party (Damien Darko) Edit

W Magazine Party (Panic Roommate) Edit

Chuck's Valentine's Day Fundraiser (It-Girl Happened One Night) Edit

Eric's 18th Birthday Party (While You Weren't Sleeping) Edit

Chuck's Bass Industries Celebration (Empire of the Son) Edit

The Pink Party (Petty in Pink) Edit

Monegasque Cocktail Party (The Princesses and the Frog) Edit

Blair & Louis' Engagement Party (Shattered Bass) Edit

Constance/St. Jude's Alumni Fundraiser Gala (Shattered Bass/The Wrong Goodbye) Edit

Season Five Edit

Hollywood Hills Party (Yes, Then Zero) Edit

  • Summary: Serena is given a list of tasks by her supervisor, Marshall, to finish before the party. Meanwhile, Nate and Chuck arrive in LA and Chuck is invited to the party by a woman. Once at the party, Serena's job is put at risk and Nate meets a mysterious woman.
  • Host: Diana Payne
  • Notable Attendants: Serena van der Woodsen, Nate Archibald

Monaco Independence Day Feast (Beauty and the Feast) Edit

  • Summary: To prove Blair has an eating disorder, Beatrice has the feast moved to New York from Monaco. At the feast, Blair battles morning sickness and reveals her pregnancy to Dan.
  • Host: Father Smythe
  • Notable Attendants: Blair Waldorf, Louis Grimaldi, Beatrice Grimaldi, Dan Humphrey

Jenny Packham Fashion Show (The Jewel of Denial) Edit

Dan's Book Release Party (Memoirs of an Invisible Dan) Edit

Waldorf Yom Kippur Dinner (The Fasting and the Furious) Edit

The Spectator Launch Party (I Am Number Nine) Edit

Blair's Wedding Shower (All the Pretty Sources) Edit

CeCe's Studio 54 Party (Rhodes to Perdition) Edit

Charlie's Debut Party (Riding in Town Cars With Boys) Edit

The Spectator's New Years Eve Party (The End of the Affair?) Edit

Blair's Bachelorette Party (Father and the Bride) Edit

Pre Wedding Breakfast (G.G.) Edit

Blair & Louis' Wedding (G.G.) Edit

The Spectator's Valentine's Day Party (Crazy Cupid Love) Edit

CeCe Rhodes' Wake (The Princess Dowry) Edit

Ivy's CeCe Rhodes' Cancer Benefit (Con-Heir) Edit

Kiki de Montparnasse Fashion Show (It-Girl Interrupted) Edit

Blair & Dan's Salon (Salon of the Dead) Edit

Lily's Press Dinner (Despicable B) Edit

New York Public Library's 2012 Young Lions Fiction Award Cocktail Party (Despicable B) Edit

  • Summary: Dan is nominated for an award and invites Blair to the cocktail reception as his date, but is unaware that she is determined to become high brow at any cost.
  • Host: New York Public Library
  • Notable Attendants: Dan Humphrey, Blair Waldorf

Diana's Brothel Party (Raiders of the Lost Art) Edit

Shepherd Divorce Party (The Return of the Ring) Edit

Season Six Edit

David & David's Wedding (Gone Maybe Gone) Edit

Conservancy Gala (High Infidelity) Edit

Blair's Fashion Show (Dirty Rotten Scandals) Edit

Cotillion and Debutante Ball (Monstrous Ball) Edit

Lily, Rufus, & Ivy's Art Opening (Where the Vile Things Are) Edit

  • Summary: Rufus and Ivy sabotage Lily's art opening as payback for her doing the same thing and taking their guests, and end up competing for one of Lily's beloved paintings; along with Chuck.
  • Hosts: Lily van der Woodsen, Rufus Humphrey & Ivy Dickens
  • Notable Attendants: Chuck Bass

Blair's Pop Up Shop (Save the Last Chance) Edit

Serena & Dan's Thanksgiving Dinner (It's Really Complicated) Edit

New York Real Estate's Man of the Year Party (The Revengers) Edit

Chuck & Blair's Wedding (New York, I Love You XOXO) Edit

Dan & Serena's Wedding (New York, I Love You XOXO) Edit