Tyler Waldorf
General information
Full name Tyler Waldorf
Birthplace Manhattan, New York City, NY
Occupation Student
(at St. George's)
Family Harold and Eleanor Waldorf
Blair Waldorf
(older sister)
Cyrus Rose
(maternal stepfather)
Aaron Rose
(maternal stepbrother)
Ping and Pong Waldorf
(adoptive paternal siblings)
Romances Jasmine (girlfriend)
Friends Aaron Rose
Series information
Status Alive
First appearance Gossip Girl
Last appearance I Will Always Love You

Tyler Waldorf is the younger brother of Blair Waldorf in the Gossip Girl novel series. His character does not appear in the series' television adaption.

Not much is known about Tyler Waldorf. He isn't mentioned much, but it is apparent he looks up to his step-brother, Aaron Rose, and is a typical ten year old boy. He loves video games and has a girlfriend who idolizes Blair. It is mentioned that he once watched The Matrix with Aaron.

Fan galleryEdit


Josh Hutcherson as Tyler Waldorf

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