Well, my fellow Gossip Girl fans, the last season of our beloved show has finally begun! For five seasons, you've stuck by the gang as they've faced drama after drama, and we want to see how the story ends!

So if you haven't seen the episode yet, here is what happened:

  • Blair and Chuck are firmly back in each other's lives in Monte Carlo.
    • Though the rest of the episode revealed that they'd made another pact, it was actually a fairly sensible agreement: "We have things we need to do on our own, but when we are in that next place, we will be together for good," as Blair said.
  • Dan's plan to write a tell-all book with no fake names: EUGHH! In this episode, we saw him turn to the dark side and truly rely on Georgina for guidance, which was super disappointing (COME ON, LONELY BOY)!
  • The gang eventually found Serena, but only after Nate traded a HUGE story (that would have possibly revealed identity of Gossip Girl) in exchange for info on her whereabouts!
    • It turns out she had changed her name to Sabrina after starting a new, clean life with a guy named Steven
  • They left without her, but, by the end of the episode, Serena returned to the city with her new beau in tow!

It seems like Nate is coming the closest to revealing Gossip Girl's identity, but hopefully the reveal isn't saved until the very end!

What did you think about last night's episode? Leave your own thoughts and reactions about Gone Maybe Gone below! Did any of your predictions for the premiere come true?

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