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Kristinexx September 14, 2012 User blog:Kristinexx

So, I'm a a Sophomore student.

I have friends, yes. But, haveing friends like them? that's kinda TOO MUCH.

I've been through hell this past few days.. I'm having a problem with my friends.

It feels like I'm not that 'IN' on their groupies anymore.

They are spoilding me. Or wait, scratch that- they spoiled me.

And I hate them for doing that.. Now what? I missed those times when they talk to me, listen to me, laugh with me, and damn! This is exhausting!

I never knew that my social life would be like this. Sucker, I know.

Just like today, it's our dismissal.. I used to have my so-called-best-friend on my side then we will go to the other class and wait for our other friends to be dismissed.

But what did she do? She freaking left me! I am not exaggerating here, its just.. I don't know.

She titled herself as my best friend. *snorts* Is that what BEST FRIENDS do? :|

I know I have a quite temper, but can you blame me?

Well, so I just shrugged it off. I have to understand her I need to..

So I waited for my friends, they are not my class mates so yeah, you know..

We went to a jeep and ride it. (Duh!)

And what's the most annoying part?


I was really offended.. Can't they see me?!

Tsk. So yeah, having a roughhhh week!!

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